UFC on Fuel TV 8 attendance & bonuses: Hunt and Silva both win KO of the night


Dana White wasn’t present at the UFC on Fuel TV 8 post-fight presser, so we’ll just have to see what the boss has to say regarding the resurgence of the former Pride fighters and their victories at a later date.

Aside from that all you have to know is that a lot of reporters asked questions in Portuguese, Wanderlei was pretty much the only one talking the entire time and all of the numbers and post-fight bonuses were announced, check them out.

Attendance at the Saitama Super Arena was 14, 682

Fight of the Night:

Wanderlei Silva vs Brian Stann

Submission of the Night:


Knockout of the Night:

Wanderlei Silva and Mark Hunt

  • I wasn't sure who would get the KO of the night since both the last 2 fights were awesome, glad to see they both got it with the lack of a sub.

    Lots of decisions and splits decisions (ties), really glad the final 2 fights didn't disappoint!

    • Ya I think that amount of split decisions might be the most in one event ever.

      On a side note, I think that's a yet again a testament to bad judging. If the judges disagree 4-5 times in one night, then you've got a HUGE problem.

      • It's called a close fight, ie. drawish.

      • Your right Bryan, as I said last night…. the Judges in Japan last night like splits more than a Chinese gymnastics team!

      • What was the gate Bryan?

    • the skyscraper was not in shape, he's a shame in the sport of mma, getting knock out by a gas 5'10" sumua guy by just standing in front of him.

      • Quite the ignorant comment there, Hunt has never gassed in a single fight ever, he gets tired even looks gassed but never is. This fight looked like so many other Hunt fights I have seen in the past expect with much better ground game from Hunt.

        • hunt is a very lousy fighter in the ground but he's a heavy fighter if he gets in top of you, your bye2x.

  • Had Rani Yahya vs Mizuto Hirota gone an extra round, I think Hirota would have taken the fight. Rani was gassing bad in the third.

    Hunt's performance was really impressive considering the ground n pound he took from Struve. interesting to see who is next for Hunt. Cormier is booked, along with Mir, Cain, Bigfoot, Dos santos. Reem. Maybe he will get matched with Roy Nelson next.

  • ufc shines and proves why they are the home of elite MMa fighters…

  • Anyone got any ideas on whats next for Hector Lombard. 1-2-0 in UFC?

    I think a fight against Mark Munoz would be extremely good considering both guys are coming off a loss and Lombard already wants to fight Munoz.

    • Well a title run isn't next anyway. After his excuse for the Boetsch fight and backing it up with the win against Palhares he gave us something to get excited about but last night he showed that the Boetsch fight wasn't all about the injury.

      I also greatly overrestimated the grappling differential between Yushin and Lombard, I thought Lombard would be able to stay standing easily.

      • @ Keith

        Lombard is proving to be a bust. 🙁

        185 has but one hope and one challenger – Chris Weidman.

        If Weidman can't beat Silva or (even) give him a good fight, then it is hopeless for that division, in terms of ever producing a legitimate / worthy challenger. 185 is surely the most boring and un-competitive
        division in The UFC.

        • PS – Sorry, I should have added BelforT(RT)'s name, along with Weidman's.

        • Wait for Uriah Hall. That kid is really good. Better than anyone on TUF by a long shot. I wouldn't be surprised if he get's a big fight coming out of the show, wins impressively and then challenges for the title.

          It's not unrealistic.

          • @ Bryan

            I don't think that's unrealistic, either. He's a very talented guy or at least from what I've seen of him, he seems to be.

        • I have never believed that about the MW division Truth, Silva is so good and champ for so long it makes the division appear boring. If Silva wasnt champ that belt would be a hot potato imo. and its not fair to call someone a unworthy challenger after Silva beats them. He has beat everyone there and guys leave that division because they have no hope of beating Silva which makes it appear weak.

          • If I was in the middleweight division knowing how good Silva was i would probably ask Dana if he can start a table tennis championship

          • @ David

            I'm not saying that after being beaten a fighter is not worthy, I'm saying that I believe many of them were not worthy going into the ring, to begin with. And by that I mean, they simply didn't have the skill set to give The Man a reasonable challenge.

            And in terms of the division itself, it keeps eating itself. It can't seem to produce a series of guys who have extended win streaks. It seems like every time someone gets on a roll, he then stumbles. For me as a fan, it's frustrating.

            As it stands right now, the best hope in the division is Weidman and Belfort. Of those two, one is injured and the other won't get the fight, TRT or no TRT, because and for some reason, The UFC is not looking at or for Silva / Belfort 2, which personally, I'd love to see.

            With that said, even of the two available fighters, both fighters are only riding 1 fight win streaks in The Division. Weidman's other 4 UFC wins, not withstanding.

            And regarding people leaving the division, which they have, to me that's evidence of the division being weak, at least mentally. That's one of the reasons I like Weidman so much, he moved down and into the challenge. He's the only guy I've heard who actually talks about beating The Man. I've heard him say, that he's not doing this for a challenge or for "the honor" of fighting him, which I've heard from other fighters. He talks about beating him. He's so convinced of it, he's offered Silva an immediate re-match. That's confidence.

            My belief – Weidman will finish what Sonnen started.

            On the whole question – you raise a very good point, in terms of how you feel about The Division. I wonder if there would be some way we could codify it, via metric(s)?

            I mean, if we can rank the fighters in The Divisions, they why not rank The Divisions, themselves?

            What Division really is the weakest?

          • The weakest division has always been HW. IMO its just a natural thing the bigger the guy the less skill, and technique they can get away with not having by substituting it with their size and power.

          • @ David

            I think I'd rank HW in the second spot, I'd also say this about The Division, I would easily give it the award for "most improved", because it used to be pretty sad, man.

            For me and like many fight fans, regardless of the trade-offs, there's nothing better than watching the "good" HWs' get it on. Paraphrasing Frank Mir…the other divisions are entertaining, but there's always going to be some guy sitting in the audience saying…yeah, but I would beat him in a fight….yeah…they don't say that about the heavy-weights. 🙂

    • Hector needs to lose some muscle and fight at WW he always walks in losing the tale of the tape at MW.

  • Of course 185 is uncompetitive…..it is the home of the Goat!!

  • David on the spot in his last statement….185 has a lot os talent but again it is the home of the ********Goat!! Btw….Weidman tkoed Uriah already.

  • Alex Caceres vs. Kyung Ho Kang in the prelims was my fight of the night, stan vs wandi was fun but a rather poor display of mma. I also think Hyun Gyu Lim's knee ko of Marcelo Guimaraes was KO of the night together with Hunt. Also thinks it's a shame to give the guys getting paid the most on the card more money.