UFC on Fox Sports 1:Boston Set To Proceed As Planned


According to The Boston Herald, UFC on Fox Sports 1:1 will go on as planned for the UFC after a legal issue threatened to remove all fighters without a social security number from the card. Massachusetts’s commonwealth law states requires this, an aspect that is not essential to fight in all other states. While it could have potentially cost the UFC and the city of Boston millions in revenue, Dana White made a trip to his hometown to sort out all the red tape:

“We ended up getting everything straightened out. The fights will happen. The card will be great. It’s going to be good. There’s always something. It literally never ends. There’s always something, something that pops up or whatever. We’re pretty used to dealing with this stuff.”

So the August 17th card will go on as planned, which comes as great news for East Coast fight fans. Former UFC light heavyweight champion Mauricio “Shogun” Rua will take on former title contender Chael Sonnen in the main event, while Alistair Overeem will seeks a return to winning ways when he faces off with Travis Browne at heavyweight.

Both Rua and Overeem were among the fighters potentially unable to fight in Boston due to their foreign heritage, but the UFC has taken the legal steps necessary and obtained the vital temporary work visas for the fighters involved. UFC on Fox Sports 1: Boston is set to be a major event for the debuting network that has high hopes for the future.

White has been on hand to say that he wants the card to be a major spectacle for his hometown in the wake of the horrific Boston Marathon bombings, so it’s great news that the card can proceed forward.

  • That's great. If only there were a live stream for FoX. If anyone knows a LEGAL stream please post up. I'm fixing to move and don't have satellite right now. 8(

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