UFC on Fox 9 Main Card Results: ‘Mighty Mouse’ And Urijah Faber Score Impressive Finishes


UFC on Fox 9 is scheduled to go down tonight in California and it promises an exciting night of lower weight class action. At the top of the bill is a Flyweight Championship rematch between Demetrious Johnson and Joseph Benavidez. Chad Mendes will battle Nik Lentz, Joe Lauzon takes on Mac Danzig and the co-main for the evening is a Bantamweight scrap between Michael MacDonald and Urijah Faber.

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What a great night of fights so far, and first up on the main card is a 155lb. scrap between Joe Lauzon and Mac Danzig.

Round 1: They come out measuring and its Danzig with the early takedown, Lauzon with a butterfly guard and he swivels for an arm. They scramble to the feet but Danzig clinches JL against the cage, dirty boxing from both guys. They separate and its Danzig landing big punches and knees. Now Lauzon has Mac against the cage and he rips to the gut. Now Danzig spins him and he has double under hooks, but Lauzon creeps out and lands a double leg, he winds up in guard as the round ends, close but I’d give it to Mac.

Round 2: They trade jabs to open the round, Lauzon with some nice punches. Danzig is moving well and wings a leg kick, they clinch and JL lands a sweet knee. MD with a right hand knee combo, and two nice jabs from MD. Danzig is looking slick, but his hands are very low. A beautiful elbow by Lauzon on the break, they clinch and trade gritty body shots and now Lauzon with a takedown. Closed guard from Danzig on the mat, he has a sticky bottom game. Lauzion tags him with hard elbows and now Danzig is cut up. Blood is pouring from mac’s eye as he lands an elbow from the mat, what a brutal fight. Big elbows from Lauzon and he gains mount as the round closes. 10-9 J-Lau

Round 3: They touch gloves and swing like crazy, Mac lands a head kick and a left hook. Nice jab by JL, and another. Bit of an eye poke as they trade, Danzig takes a minute. They touch up and Lauzon stalks Mac. Beautiful jabs rock Danzig’s head, but he answers in kind. This is a tough fight as Lauzon lands a brutal elbow/knee combo and takes Danzig down again. Half guard for JL and he rips elbows to the head and takes a crucifix mount. He rocks Danzig with elbows as he is unable to defend his head. He moves to mount and Danzig is looking pretty fudged up, Lauzon with an S guard now as he looks for an arm, Danzig fakes and offers the arm and turns in to JL’s guard. Front choke attempt by Danzig but JL reverses to Danzig’s guard. Now side mount for JL and MD is cut up real bad, elbows to the suede form JL again and the fight is going to the judges. A decision win for Lauzon in my opinion

Result: 30-27 x3 for Lauzon and he gets his tenth UFC win

The second bout of the card features a Featherweight scuffle between Nik Lentz and Chad ‘Money’ Mendes and I predict a first round KO for Mendes here.

Round 1: They come out swinging like lunatics, Mendes with big hooks to the head. Carny takes it and lands a few solid head shots. Lentz is bleeding from the nose already as he wings a wild uppercut and Mendes takes him down. Butterfly guard from Carny who is being bested here so far. They scramble to the feet, and its Mendes with a huge left hook. Damn Lentz can take a shot! He wings a headkick, Mendes avoids. Another takedown by Mendes now, mission control from Lentz. Money lands a big uppercut as they scramble but Lentz is game as he counters. Mendes sacks another TD, the round ends 10-9 for Mendes

Round 2: Nice movement by Lentz but no connection on his punches, Mendes with a left hand. CM switches to southpaw and back, low kick by NL. Nice popped jabs by CM, and a right hand. Jabs and low kicks by Mendes as Lentz switches to southpaw. A clubbing right by Mendes to the dome, Lentz eats it well. Another takedown by Mendes, and he is very active, NL picks for a guillotine choke but Money is wise to it. GnP by Mendes, Lentz wraps him up in his guard though. Huge elbow by Mendes and Lentz bucks him off. Big right by Mendes and Lentz goes down but pops back up, Mendes with yet another TD and he secures another 10-9 in my opinion.

Round 3: Nice low kick by Mendes who is moving very well, but Lentz lands a big body kick and a right hand. Mendes switching stance but he eats a huge shot that drops him, but Money pops up instantly. Mendes looking gassed out as Lentz stuffs a takedown. Money may have spent his stamina here. Lentz is connecting very well but Mendes lands a head kick. Eye poke by Mendes but NL is OK, Lentz pops a jab/left hook. Mendes sinks a single but Lentz is up, and another single by CM but Lentz bucks him. Right hand by Mendes, and another takedown for CM, he has Lentz in a guard choke now lands a mean right hand on the break. Tough fight for both guys, I’d give it to Mendes.

Result: Mendes takes the decision somebody give this guy a title shot!

Next up Urijah Faber and Michael McDonald at Bantamweight

Round 1: Here we go! Faber with a wide stance, Urijah scores a takedown, lands in an open guard. MM going for mission control, now he traps Faber’s arm. UF tries to power out and lands right hands to the gut. MM has a tight ground game. Big right to the head by UF, and now the body. McDonald is nullifying Faber right now from his back. They trade elbows on the ground, Dean stands them up. Faber lands a leg kick, as does MM, front kick by Faber and a head kick. Knee by MM but UF lands a nice right hook, nice right from both guys. Faber switching stance a lot, huge right hand from Urijah and MM is wobbled. A left hook ends a 10-9 round for Faber.

Round 2: Faber bounces well, lands a nice low kick. Mcdonald stuffs a takedown attempt. And Faber lands a sweet kick to the ballbag. McD recovers and they go again, front kick and a HUGE right hand by Faber. McDonald is wrecked and wobbling all over, he counters though and recovers very quickly. He was almost out on his feet there, Faber stalks him with a left hook. MM stuffs a TD attempt, Faber goes to the body. Faber rocks McDonald with a huge left hook, now a right and he is out! No Faber follows him down and sinks in a Guillotine choke and McDonald is out!!! WOW!

Result: Faber wins by round two submission!

It’s main event time! Demetrious Johnson takes on Joseph Benavidez for the 125lb. Championship.

Round 1:

It’s on! Nice low kick by Benavidez, he has a tight defense by the looks of it. MM moving well on the outside, JB rips a right to the gut. Nice head kick by JB, he is landing well so far and now a left hook. MM is being backed up here but still moves well. WOW!! He catches Benavidez coming in, a clean HUGE right hand to the head and Benavidez is out cold.

Result: Demetrious ‘Mighty’ Mouse Johnson defeats Joseph Benavidez by KO (punches) round one.

  • What a performance by Faber definitely deserves winner of Cruz/Barao next

  • Faber destroyed McDonald! What a performance. Mendes didn't look like himself, I didn't see the post fight interview if there was one, if so what did he say about his performance?

    • Sinus infection, that ***** and explains how gassed he seemed he did well considering the circumstances

      • well said

      • Yeah I wasn't sure why he looked so drained so quick. I thought that body kick did more damage than originally thought. DJ putting the Might in Mighty 2nite. Faber is for realllll the next in line. McDonald will be back. I'm shocked at how Faber dominated him. Super impressed with Abel Trujillo, and Edson Barboza. After getting rocked the way he came back was legit. The undercard delivered BIG, I thought it was 1 of the best prelims top to bottom I've ever watched. Thank you UFC for another memorable night of fights.

  • Wow! Never saw Mighty Mouse getting the knockout, what a performance. I feel bad for Benavidez, I really thought he would give the champ a hard fight

    • nope cant no one fawk with the might mouse and his gold cheese@!

    • It looked like it was going to be a great fight until that punch.

  • Mighty Mouse is an absolute BEAST!!! He better go up in the pound for pound rankins.. I've been saying it for a while. He's probably one of the most complete and THE most technical fighter in the UFC period and now he's starting to knock motherf*ckers OUT??? It's sick!! Who is gonna beat him?? On top that he's just 27 years old he's not even in his prime. That belt aint going nowhere anytime soon! I'm just blown away by what i just withnessed…

    Dissappointed in McDonald. I picked him to win the fight and he just looked flat! He looked like he didnt belong in there with Faber and it just makes no sense. If his gameplan was to just stand there and try to counter an animal like Faber, he might wanna find another team, cause his performance was just absolutely ridiculous. Happy for Faber though! Always rooting for the California Kid!

    The Blackzilians were very well represented today as well…!

    • Yep, Yep and Yep. I picked Faber to beat McDonald but did not realize he would out everything him. McDonald is the better striker but Faber negates technical and great striking with lightning speed. He was too fast. I picked Joseph to beat DJ by KO I think and had the exact opposite happen. I felt DJ could only avoid the power for so long until he gets caught. DJ will only lose the way Silva did, getting caught.

      • Cruz is coming back to a nightmare of a division. I think Faber, Barao and maybe even McDonald will take him.

        • Zip

          Yup, can't wait for it to play out. Couldn't agree more.

    • Zip

      Indeed, he should be ranked among the top five, but an argument could be made, top three.

    • He'll definitely move up in the P4P rankings, I think the only 1 with a shot to beat him is Dodson. They're looking farther apart than ever though. Mighty Mouse is truly improving every time out and he was already ahead of the pack. Impressive stuff last night. Faber is really still getting better also. He's got such a hunger and drive at this stage in his career that it's inspiring. It's not only that he's getting better. He's getting faster, more explosive, quicker reflexes even. Unbelievable showing from Faber. Michael McDonald will be back. He's still young in the sport and his 2 losses are to Barao and Faber, no shame there. I'd say it shows how good he is to have faced those 2 at his age. He's no doubt a future champion, and I'd say a p4p top 10 eventually.

  • Faber vs Cruz once again to settle the beef once for all y'all!