UFC on Fox 8 Results: Mighty Mouse Retains Title


The Main card of UFC on Fox 8 a great card on paper, and it did not disappoint. From the awesome Fox UFC Saturday intro ad with an awesome voiceover (prizes for telling me who did the voiceover) to the kick ass performances from the athletes on the card, overall it was a good card.

It was certainly a fun card to watch. To kick off the festivities Jessica Andrade made her debut against former Bantamweight title challenger Liz Carmouche. Carmouche proved to be too much for the promotional newcome, after a back and forth first round Carmouche earned a TKO win in the second. She spent most of the second round in full mount or on Andrade’s back, scoring vicious elbows and forcing Herb Dean to step in and end the fight.

Robbie Lawler faced Boby Voelker in the Welterweight division next, and it was an absolute barn burner. Voelker was bloodied up early in the first after some big knees from Lawler. ‘Ruthless’ mixed it up with head kicks, flying knees and punches in the opening stanza. At the opening of the second round, Lawler landed a brutal head kick that put Voelker in lala land. A great KO for the 12 year veteran Robbie Lawler.

Rory MacDonald and Jake Ellenberger squared off in a highly anticipated and influential Welterweight tilt. After two very tentative rounds, Ellenberger scored a takedown in the third to end a pretty boring fight. The story of the night was MacDonald’s jab and a lack of any sort of action. MacDonald takes the decision and moves in to a great position in the title race and 170lbs.

Demetrious Johnson and John Moraga squared off for the Flyweight title in the evening’s main event in a spectacular fight. Mighty Mouse displayed excellent speed and footwork, outworking Moraga and scoring some big takedowns. After a near submission finish in the second, DJ once again attempted a kimura in the fourth round. Moraga defended and Johnson swithced to an armbar. He locked it in tight and finished Moraga to defend his undisputed title. A testament to the skill of the 125lb. division, in the form of a slick submission finish by Johnson.

Full results

Liz Carmouche def Jessica Andrade by TKO (strikes) round 2

Robbie Lawler def Bobby Voelker by KO (headkick) round 2

Rory MacDonald def Jake Ellenberger by unanimous decision

Demetrious Johnson def John Moraga by submission (armbar) round 4

  • Ronald McDonald by decision….hmmm bigmac or happy meal.
    Robbie is a bad ***
    Mouse won as I expected…
    Hewoman won this time.

  • Mighty Mouse keeps climbing that P4P ladder. Beautiful performance, dominating all areas of the game and getting the latest finish in UFC history with a brilliant kimura attempt that he transitioned in to an armbar form his back.
    Eager to see a Johnson v Benavidez rematch.

    I am not surprised by the co-main just dissapointed. I think we found out Ellenberger's limit – destroying everyone except the top few guys and it is a lot due to his own fault of not just going balls out when he needs to.
    MacDonald had sound performance. If you say he made it boring,was he suppose to go bomb for bomb with Ellenberger? How do you think that would work out? Rory sniped him from the outside and completely shut down one of the most dangerous and offensive guys in the sport.

    I wouldn't mind seeing a MacDonald v Lawler fight. I don't think Lawler will be satisfied with getting jabbed apart and if he continues his incredible form then he might be able to do something about it.

  • Oh and John Albert should not be in the UFC, he gives up in every fight but it was so blindingly clear in this one. Probably a nice guy but if you have a great offensive position and give it up, just to look for a way out the fight and get choked…. don't take the spot of someone who really wants it and wouldn't even consider giving up during a fight.

  • Dana White looked pissed off at the post fight press conference. I guarantee Dana will punish Rory for not making the fight exciting, even though he is only half to blame. By punish I mean not throwing him any promises of a title shot until he destroys someone convincingly….That fight had the GSP safety trademark all over it…No backstage bonuses there boys !

    By the way what happened to Chiesa, did he do a Forrest Griffin run off at the end. What about tapping out at the final seconds….man that ***** !

    Robbie Brawler has to fight a top five guy next. I hope they match Robbie with a stand and bang guy next because thats his type of fight.

    • Who's up for Lawler vs Diaz II?
      That would rock!

  • Mighty Mouse is a really good fighter but Im finding a lot of the 125 fights to be kinda boring. Not throw nothing but a jab the entire fight boring but I dunno maybe the speed to power ratio is to far apart.

  • Hats off to Rory; hey Jake did the media invent the piston jab slamming you in the face or were you just exposed as a one dimensional fighter that can't adapt in the ring?

  • Both Rory and Jake looked horrible… that sh*t was embarrassing!
    Mighty Mouse looked amazing, he most def. goes UP on the P4P ladder in my book.
    Robbie looked like a contender! He looked incredible.. and Guillard looked SHARP!!!

  • MacDonald had some serious back acne… Hopefully that is just a sign of his young age, not a sign of "enhancements".

    • Did you see his abs? Something weird there.

    • ROIDS. I've been saying that for a while now.

  • Rory and Jake should be ashamed of themselves. They want title matches? Then fight like it!!! They might have well just have stood in the center of the cage and shook hands for 25 minutes. You say Rory had a great jab? Big deal. His arms are a foot longer than Ellenberger's. Where's the hunger?!?

    I would give a title shot to LAWLER before either of them. He fought to WIN, and win decisively. He shows heart and hunger for victory, not point sparring.

  • I like Rory and Jake, but damn if fighters talk **** before the fight, they should make sure to put on a fight, the match up was appealing on paper and hyped up by the fighter's trash talk and then…this…

    • To be fair it was hyped mainly by Ellenberger, the guy who refused to attack in the fight

  • Moraga had nothing for mighty mouse and it looked like one Johnsons easiest matches yet, heck he even finished the guy. Rory was right to get the win but did he even fight anybody? The jab was as simple as a reach advantage and nobody won a fight there just a cheap points match with no risk whatsoever. Just out there playing tag and the longer arms won. Both need to get in line behind Maia.

  • ^ Co-sign…

    • Ok,you can get the loan.

  • Rory was just trying to impress Georges Safe-Pierre, that's all.

  • The front page pic of Mouse and Dana…looks like Danas trying to strangle him haha