UFC on FOX 8 Belfort vs. Rockhold-Will you be placing a bet next Saturday?


The bookmakers at tomwaterhouse.com have the betting odds almost tied for the epic middleweight battle between UFC veteran Vitor Belfort and Strikeforce champion Luke Rockhold. The fight is scheduled next Saturday in Brazil and the winner of this matchup will be in poll position to face the winner of Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman. Lets take a look at the betting odds more closely.

Luke Rockhold (10-1-0) vs.  Vitor Belfort (22-10-0) 

Vitor Belfort: 1.92

Luke Rockhold: 1.84 

Decimal Betting Odds Explained

Luke Rockhold is favoured to win the fight at 1.84 odds. If you bet $100 on Rockhold at 1.84 you’d win $184 back, which includes your $100 investment and $84 in profits. If you bet on the slight underdog Belfort for $100 you’d win back $192, which includes your $100 investment plus $92 in profit.

ROCKHOLD –28 years of age – 6 ft 3 and 77 inch reach

Brown Belt Brazilian Jujitsu. 

Most impressive wins came againstRonaldo Souza, Keith Jardine, Tim Kennedy 

Why is Rockhold the betting favourite? Strikeforce Middleweight Champion with an almost impeccable record, well rounded fighter.

Advantages: youth, endurance, height, and a 3 inch reach advantage 

Potential weakness – Hasn’t fought the level of competition Belfort has faced. Rockhold made his professional debut in 2007.  Despite the critics, Rockhold has been at the top of the food chain under the Strikeforce banner, holding the Middleweight title. 

What to expect in the fight: Rockhold’s record shows that he can win via submission, TKO or even through a well fought decision. In the past, the rear naked choke has been one of Rockhold’s go to weapons. Rockhold has finished six of his opponents via submissions, four of which by way of the rear naked choke. Belfort however boasts a great jujitsu game of his own, almost tapping out Jon Jones via a vicious armbar attempt at UFC 152. Rockhold also carries the experience of five round competition where he won a uNanimous decision victory against Ronaldo Souza.

Controversy leading into the fight:  Rockhold is claiming Vitor Belfort does not pass the “EYE TEST”, Referring to Belfort’s physique and controversial use of Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) as reported by Yahoo Sports.

BELFORT36 years of age-6 ft and 74 inches reach (Black Belt Brazilian Jujitsu) 

Most impressive wins come against: Wanderlei Silva, Michael Bisping, Anthony Johnson, Rich Franklin, Tank Abbott, went 1-1 against Randy Couture.

Advantages:  Hometown advantage for Belfort

Vitor Belfort has fought the highest competition imaginable both from the past and the present. Names like Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, Chuck Liddell, Kazushi Sakuraba, Tito Ortiz, Dan Henderson, and Alistair Overeem to name a few. Watching the highlight reel of Vitor Belfort stopping Wanderlei Silva in round 1 at UFC Brazil via vicious strikes is a memory hard to forget. What is so impressive is that this fight occurred in 1998 and Vitor is still at the top of the division after a devastating knockout win over Michael Bisping.  Vitor Belfort can get the job done via KO/TKO or submission. Belfort’s quick hands may come as the advantage in this fight.

Potential Weakness– Age and previous injuries are potential weaknesses. Vitor however is claiming to come into this fight extremely well prepared and healthy and has been actively pursuing a rematch with either Jon Jones or Anderson Silva.

Lowkickers, do you agree with Luke Rockhold coming in as the favourite, and who would you like to see win?



  • This is Belfort by KO all day

    • If Belfort is really the betting underdog, then I most def would put money on him.

  • Rockhold of course, younger, hungrier, mentally stronger, taller, more athletic, bigger reach, and wants to prove he can be a major force in the UFC.

  • Great breakdown, Enjoy.

    My assessment of it is this, Belfort's level of challenge has been significantly greater than that of Rockhold's. Belfort has far more experience in The Octagon, on top of which, this is Rockhold's debut in The UFC, which, as we all know, causes problems for most / many.

    For me, placing Rockhold as the favorite is simply picking the "new" kid on the block, because he's new and because he has the SF 185 belt. It's certainly not based on the level of talent he's faced.

    I think Belfort will continue his win streak @ 185 and will do so, handily.

    • PS – The fight is next Saturday (May 18) not this Saturday (May 11).

      • Thanks Truth for picking that up. be interesting to see if the odds change but I would have thought Belfort would have come in as the favourite purely on what you mentioned.

        • NP Enjoy.

          Yeah, if VB ends up being the underdog it could end up being a blood bath for the odds makers. I truly believe that Vitor is destined for another shot. With that said, the fight I want to see Vitor get is another shot at Anderson. I really want that fight.

          Anyway and again big guy, great breakdown. It was a good read.

  • AGE:

    Advantage – Vitor Belfort.

    (TRT joke)