UFC on FOX 7: Road to the Octagon


Here’s some quality programming. One of the best lead up videos I’ve seen since Rousey vs Carmouche.

Benson Henderson, Gilbert Melendez, Daniel Cormier, Frank Mir, Nate Diaz and Josh Thompson, this video goes through the camps, hard work and mindset of each individual fighter leading into this weekends fights.

  • @Keith Ferrel- LK would not let me send you a PM. So in response to a recent comment. Yes Wonderboy dominated Anderson Silva in striking practice. Yes Wonderboy is arguably one of the best in the world at striking having 60 something wins. 0 losses, and over 40 by KO. The Matt Brown fight was an MMA fight. And if you watch again it's very clear that after a minute or less of feeling eachother out is when Brown realizes he's screwed and starts going for take downs. Then Thompson got gassed from grappling and it changed everything. Brown realized very quickly that this guy was different standing up than anything he had seen. Cardio and ground game are what made his striking less dangerous in rounds 2 and 3. And being slow he still rocked Brown and was beating the crap out of him.

    • that's not how I remember the fight and sorry but I do not believe he dominated him in practice. Even if he did, in competition Anderson Silva takes it to the next level.

      Wonderboy has a great record but he's doesn't exactly have an all-star record of opponents.

      Simple question. Do you think he is a better kickboxer or as good as Giorgio Petrosyan?

  • And Mayweather is irrelevant for comparison. He doesn't kick, or do anything other than punch. Thompson is an incredible striker if he's purely striking and doesn't get quickly gassed from wrestling and grappling.

  • Another great Road to the Octagon, incredible stuff.

    Something that makes MMA special to me more than other sports is that each fight has a story behind it and you can make a video like this which shows how much drama, intensity and desire is put in to a single night of competition, while you couldn't do this for a regular NBA game as they have another 81 that are pretty much the same thing.