UFC on FOX 7 Pre-Fight Staredowns


It’s fight week once again and our friends over at MMA H.E.A.T. were on hand for the UFC on FOX 7 staredowns in Northern California. Check out the video below.

Frank Mir and Daniel Cormier appear in a pretty intense staredown with some jawing in between. Could this be an indicator of how their co-main event will play out? 

  • What was DC saying to Mir??

    • Something like "You messed up bigtime". That's what Dana said

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  • Mir and Jones are my favorite American fighters….hope Mir catches him!!

  • dc and mir looks like they are gonna make out, i still love matt brown for his antics. he is such a good entertainment before the fight i love his style of not being a frend to his enemy. This is what the people to be more excited for the fight, i think dc is gay, he's saying to mir the they gonna make out after the stare down.

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