UFC on FOX 6 Pre-Fight Press Conference: Intense Staredowns


UFC on FOX 6 pre-fight press conference took place this afternoon in Chicago, Illinois. All main card fighters, from Ricardo Lamas to Demetrious Johnson, were present on the stage, answering on questions from fans and the media.

As expected, the press conference also provided some intense staredowns, especially between Quinton Jackson and Glover Teixeira, who will square off in the co-main event action. Speaking about Jackson, Rampage spent majority of the press conference playing his Playstation Vita device.

Tomorrow, all UFC on FOX 6 fight card participants will get on the scale as part of the official weigh-in procedure.

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  • I was expecting more from CERRONE!!!!!!!

    • Probably a good thing we didn't get more, we know what happens when he gets too emotional in fights

  • WADR That Press Conference SUUUUUEUEUEcKED

  • Damn how flyweights are small compared to others. I bet no single human being could think that they can kill you whenever they want you.

  • Rampage seemed to enjoy his computer games during the press conference.

  • Obvious Rampage has an attitude. When he started being a jerk, I'de have said, nevermind let me ask Cerrone a question instead.

  • P.S Glover will whoop him.

  • I've been a Rampage fan since I saw him in King of the Cage but I just have thie feeling he's going down in this one. I honestly think his days as a top fighter are over and he should retire for sure. I hope I am wrong in a way but I just have this feelin'.

  • I've lost all respect for Rampage.

    If he doesn't want to fight for the UFC then why doesn't he want to fight for his fans???

    I guess and hope he gets knocked out in the first thirty seconds.

  • Antony Pettis is such a man. He decided did not wait for Edgar vs Maynard epopee, and decided to fight for fans.

  • Rampage in pure douche fashion. End his career Glover..