UFC on Fox 5: Henderson vs. Diaz Fight Week Interviews


This week, Karyn Bryant and MMA H.E.A.T. caught up with all of the main card fighters in Seattle. Lightweight champion Benson Henderson was on hand to address the challenges that Nate Diaz brings to the table in terms of mind games and trash talk. Diaz spoke of his first title bout and the advice that his brother Nick gave him. Mauricio Shogun Rua responded to a prediction that Dominick Cruz made of how Alexander Gustafsson will knock him out. Gustafsson talked about his great raining camp at Alliance MMA with Cruz and Phil Davis, and appears quite calm headed into Saturday. Finally, BJ Penn speaks of his lost motivation and admits his training was bad. He states that after a break, he will come back strong.

  • oh man, penn and macdonald are pumped. macdonald is a creepy motherphucker!

  • Diaz brothers interviews are like a nightmare. Put them in the ring with a bull and their focused. Put them in front of a camera…..chirp chirp… Someone needs some public speaking classes.

    • whats your problem? they are fighters. there job isnt to speak well.

      • lol Its a sport not a bar room brawl. Their jobs are to inspire, let people know they are not neanderthals, and showcase their skills. The Diaz brothers are intelligent in and out of the ring. They just need weed to focus.

    • yeah if talking isnt your strong suit then just watch what you say… Nick and Nate
      try way to hard to be""HARD"" to be gangsta…..is a really good fighter both it sucks that they always hit towards no one respecting them but they give no respect to anyone…and sorry but for all the younger kids….watch him talk is an example on what drugs can do…..and or lack of education..,..saying that is most likely why he has trouble speaking but ..weed is why he is looking around like someone is going to get him ,.just looking paranoid……. =]