TUF cast finally revealed, season 17 could be the best yet


If the list of names recently provided by the UFC are any indication, this season of TUF could be one of the very best yet. With a bunch of faces familiar to hardcore fans, including both experienced fighters and new prospects, the Middleweight division is about to get interesting.

Many of this seasons participants are walking in with some serious resumes and legitimate experience, which is sure to make for some quality match ups and competitive fights. When paired with a coaching duo consisting of Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen, be prepared for some serious drama and entertaining situations to unfold.

One member in particular has been quoted by Dana as being “scary” and has apparently been sending his opponents to the hospital. There’s been speculation on who this mystery fighter may be. But after scrolling down the list and doing some research, I believe that fighter to be none other than elite kickboxer and former WCL fighter Uriah Hall.

If you haven’t already done so, I advise you look up some of his handiwork on the youtubes. We’re talking Machida style patience, Jones/Silva level creativity and a prime Wanderlei type of tenacity and killer instinct. With his only career losses coming from Chris Weidman and Constantinos Philippou.

Other notable fighters include Kevin Casey, Nik Fekete and Zak Cummings. Casey is a Jiu-Jitsu black belt under Ceaser Gracie, who has fought twice in Strikeforce including a 3rd round TKO loss to Matt Lindland.

Nik Fekete previously defeated Strikeforce 205er Ovince St.Preux with a decision win, and Zak Cummings has already faced MMA veterans Tim Kennedy, Ryan Jimmo, and Terry Martin.

The also includes some international fighters as well from Australia, to Britain, to South Africa, Sweden and for the first time in TUF history, Jamaica.

The full list of fighters taking part in this seasons Ultimate Fighter is below:

Dylan Andrews (16-4-1)

Kito Andrews (9-2)

Luke Barnatt (5-0)

Leo Bercier (7-2)

Ryan Bigler (9-3)

Kevin Casey (5-2)

Adam Cella (4-0)

Zak Cummings (15-3)

Andy Enz (6-1)

Nik Fekete (5-1)

Kelvin Gastelum (5-0)

Uriah Hall (7-2)

Collin Hart (4-1-1)

Clint Hester (7-3)

Jake Heun (3-2)

Mike Jasper (6-0)

Nicholas Kohring (3-0)

Robert “Bubba” McDaniel (20-6)

Fraser Opie (10-5)

Mike Persons (3-0)

Jimmy Quinlan (3-0)

Scott Rosa (4-1)

Joshua Samman (9-2)

Gilbert Smith Jr. (5-1)

Eldon Sproat (3-1)

Tor Troeng (15-4-1)

Eric Wahlin (5-1)

Timothy Williams (7-1)

  • Okay I am buying into the hype and the only thing that is gonna get me through the Chael Sonnen scenes is knowing how bad Jones is going to destroy him and expose him for the fraud he is. I won't be surprised if he 'gets an injury' after all his camera time on the show and he has to pull out of the fight. Then retires and becomes a commentator. That's the best thing he could do for himself and save the humiliation. Other than that the fighters look pretty crazy and I can't wait to see the fights on the show.

    • I havent watched the last 2 seasons of TUF, this one has me interested how ever any beef I see between Chael, and Jones will be skeptical of since i have seen video on inside peoples phone of them getting along just fine and joking around like they are buddies.

    • I know Chael seems to be a Douche in interviews but the respect him and
      Jones show each other is cool was surprised

  • kelvin gastelum reppin my hometown!! i hope he made it to the finals!

  • I have uriah Hall as the guy everyone is frightened to fight in the house…He has been credited with being exceptionally athletic with Ko power. just my gut feeling.

    • Your gut feeing based on the fact that it is stated right in the article above? Wow, you are amazing.

      • @cagerage:…I agree with Bryan… I have checked out all the fighters myself on youtube when the cast was announced on UFC and he looks most dangerous in size, physicality, athleticism. nobody knows officially yet who it is though….So I have the same gut feeling.

  • I know that Chael will bring a fight.

  • love him or hate him, chael sonnen brings it and will never back out of a fight.

  • Sonnen won't bring shit. He's too small all he does is double leg that won't happen on jones

  • Josh Samman is from my home town Tallahassee, FL

  • I'll admit I'm not familiar with much of these names but something that is obvious right away is how green these fighters are in their MMA career, so many guys haven't even had 5 wins yet.
    I know guys like Cain and Jones can come in that early and destroy everyone but they are rare talents and having 4 guys that have only 3 wins might not make for the best cast.

    We saw last season many young guys freezing when in the actual fights and couldn't pull the trigger, they were just not ready for that big moment and probably would've been better 3 or 4 fights down the line.

    That said this is supposed to be an amazing season and I for one can not wait!!

    • season 10 was even shallower with the exception of rothwell and nelson

      • Rothwell?

        • DS think your getting mixed up with Rothwell and Madsen, I used to get mixed up with them as well to be honest.

          They may have not looked great on the show but to contradict myself, Mitrione and Schaub have looked real good since the show… not that good lately though (both on two fight losing streaks)

        • You guys are right Ben wasnt on tuf 10 for some reason I was thinking about him and roy from the IFL, but it was only Roy