UFC Fight Night 26: Shogun vs. Sonnen Staff Predictions


Mauricio “Shogun” Rua vs. Chael Sonnen:

Mike Drahota: This bout is one that has a good amount of backstory to it, in that Sonnen hasn’t really run his mouth about Shogun too much, but rather Rua’s training partner and friend Wanderlei Silva. It’s no secret that Shogun will attempt to use his vaunted striking to earn a finish while Sonnen will use his trademark wrestling to smother Rua. Shogun appears motivated and well trained for this bout, and he’s a scary man when in that state of mind. That’s why I’ll pick Rua via R1 TKO (strikes).

Rory Kernaghan: Sonnen vs. Shogun could be labeled as a ‘Last Stand’ fight for both these veterans. They each are in desperate need of a win; often this principle brings out the best in fighters. I expect Shogun to get the better of Sonnen on the feet, and handle his takedown attempts as they come. Look for Rua to finish Chael with some heavy G n P. Rua by TKO round two.

Brian Cox: In all likelihood this is apt to be a one-sided affair. Rua has a lot of tools, more than Sonnen. I believe he’s going to look to keep the fight standing and make Sonnen trade with him. That said, can he? Regardless of whether or not his star is waning, Sonnen is still a great wrestler and one that brings the fight to his opponent. Should he be able to get Rua down and keep him there, he could grind out a victory, but probably not a finish. All considered, I think Shogun is the more dominant fighter. I’m picking Shogun Rua via TKO in the 2nd round.

Alistair Overeem vs. Travis Browne:

Mike Drahota: I like this fight because I think it’ll great for the fans. Both heavyweights will come in with a lot to prove. Overeem needs a win to stay afloat in a not-so-deep division, while Browne looks to rise towards the top. ‘Don’t blink’ is an altogether overdone MMA cliché, but it actually strikes true in this case. Browne looks to be in great shape for this fight, agile and fast for a big Heavyweight. I think that’s where his advantage will be, but it’s a close one, because I’m pretty sure Overeem will fight much smarted than he did against ‘Bigfoot.’ Still, I have to go with Browne via R1 TKO.

Rory Kernaghan: Overeem vs. Browne is not going to last more than one round, I would bet my mortgage on that, if I had a mortgage. The general opinion is that Browne will take Overeem out with ease, but I have a different opinion. Overeem is looking in incredible shape, and has spoke openly about the lessons that he learned from the Bigfoot fight. Look for ‘The Reem’ to fight smart. Browne is very dangerous, but I think a renewed Overeem will flatten him in the opening stanza. Overeem by KO round one.

Brian Cox: This is a big fight in the heavyweight division, and a huge fight for Alistair Overeem. Should he lose this fight, his career will be in big trouble. For Browne, this fight is a heck of an opportunity. Should he be able to defeat “The Reem,” Browne could find himself a fight away from a title shot. Both are large, powerful men with KO power. I give the skills advantage to Overeem and the cardio advantage to Browne. At the end of the day, I believe that Overeem will take this fight because I believe he’s focused on winning and has put his ego in check. I’m picking Overeem by KO in the 2nd round.

  • Sonnen via decision similar to Marquardt win.

  • D

    Let's put things in perspective. Sonnen is not exactly "in desperate need of a win" after coming off losses to the #1 and #3 pound for pound fighters in the world. Should he lose this fight, he can go back to 185, where he will instantly be a top 10 fighter again.

    That said, Shogun won't be able to stop Sonnen's takedowns, and he does not have much of a ground game other than leg locks. If he's in shape, he will lose a decision. If not he will lose via TKO or arm triangle in the 4th or 5th round.

  • As long as Shogun puts the TRT Godfather out of his misery, I'll be a happy man.

    Shogun via triangle choke – round 3.

  • Shogun and The Reem

  • Here's my staff prediction…."She'll think mine is too small" 8((

    I got Shogun on this and hope Travis pulls the win over Overroid. Guessing Conor will prevail. Thiago will probably catch Matt Brown with Matt's brawl style leaving a big opening. J-Lau wins and I hope Mike Brown gets a win. Ohhhh I smell pasketti………

    • awww fugggg, I didnt know Thiago was out….damn I work too much.
      On that note, "Pick listings are incorrect" lol guarantees no winner.

  • Chael and Reem

    Chael because he's an elite grappler vs a elite striker. In that case the grappler is always expected to win. Also, Chael has way understated striking. Anderson's ultimate power and skill is his ability to erase Chaels ability to knock him on his *** more then anybody else, from the worlds memory. Also it's not 2005 anymore, why does everybody remember the pride shogun? He's good, but not the machine he was when he soccer kicked guys into oblivion.

    I'm picking Reem. I doubt Reem will pull his poor man's Spider silvia on Brown or ever again. I expect a nasty liver shot and a ugly nasty KO either at the end of the first or early in the second. There are HW's that can spank Reem. Brown isn't one of them.

  • I wish it would be draw because they are my very best favorite fighters of mma, Maurice Rua was the reason I started watch mma. The controversial desicion against Machida made me follow and wait for the rematch with Machida. And Chael made mma very addictive after his fight with Anderson. I wish it could be a fight of all time again!

  • If it was a 3 round fight, I'd be more tempted to pick Shogun, but I think Chael will be able to stay away from Rua's power and grind him out.

    Overeem has is a more experienced and technical striker than Browne, and if he gets him in a clinch, he'll knee him into oblivion. But I think Travis is smart enough to avoid the Reem's strengths, as well as being just as strong, but bigger and with less muscle mass. Overeem will fade and Browne gets the KO.