UFC Fight Night 43 Twitter Highlights: Well, That Was Unexpected


UFC Fight Night 33 is in the books, and the Auckland, New Zealand-based card was a lot more exciting than it looked on paper. Perhaps even more surprisingly, Nate Marquardt looked to be back to his former ‘Great’ self, as he dismantled and finished the -220 favorite James Te Huna in the evening’s main event.

Take a look at what social media outlet Twitter and the minions that use it had to say about the morning’s proceedings, but first let’s see who probably made the worst prediction of the evening (SBN’s Luke Thomas):

  • I don't understand the tweet about Vitor, Nate and Jesus??!!! Could a native speaker explain?

    • What he's trying to say is that "Jesus" in other words their "faith" is their drugs… and it's not the TRT making them win fights. (Nate used to be on TRT as well).