UFC Fight Night 28 Prelims Results And Recap


UFC Ultimate Fight Night 28 is underway, and the prelims provided an exciting array of fights. As always, the Brazilian crowd made plenty of noise and yet another quality Brazilian UFC event.

First up was Yuri Villafort vs. Sean Spencer in a Welterweight tilt, and this was a great opening bout. Spencer, a golden gloves champion, displayed crisp boxing in the opening stanza. The second was a similar story, but Villafort started to land with his low kicks. The third round was a great slugfest; plenty of good exchanges and Spencer takes the decision win.

Ivan Jorge and Kieth Wisniewski opened the Fox Sports prelims in another WW battle. Wisniewski has a nasty clinch and he used it to keep the shorter Jorge at bay in the first round. After a clinch fest to open the second, KW started to land some good kicks. He dazed Jorge, who then scored a takedown and clinched up for the remainder. The third round was all Jorge, as he landed brutal knees and punches in the clinch. Jorge steps in as a late replacement and takes the decision win.

Still at Welterweight, Joao Zeferino welcomed Elias Silverio to the big leagues. Silverio looked calm in his debut, defending JZ’s takedown attempts and landing some solid kicks. The second saw Joao rocked with a big right hand from Elias, who has a clear advantage on the feet. In to the third, and they come out swinging wildly. Silverio starts to light his man up, scoring takedowns of his own too. Damn, Silverio is a powerhouse at 170. Silverio takes the decision with a solid debut, look out for this kid.

Down to the Bantamweight division for Lucas Martins vs. Junior Hernandez, Martins is dropping down from 155 to welcome Hernandez to the UFC. I’m picking Martins in this one. These guys came out like a pair of lunatics, rock ‘em sock ‘em robots style! They ping each other with big punches before Martins lands a huge head kick, then a right, and Hernandez is out! No he is hanging in there, but Martins sinks in a choke and Hernandez goes to sleep. Slick BW debut for Martins, who improves to 13-1.

Lastly on the prelims was Felipe Arantes vs. Kevin Souza at Featherweight. Souza has some very fluid, accurate striking that he uses to work Arantes’ body. Souza’s footwork is very good, but his hands are very low and his chin is high. Arantes scores a takedown and spends the last moments of the fight trying to work ground and pound, even getting a crucifix position.

More striking on the outside from Souza in round two, this kid is a slick boxer. Arantes wants this fight on the mat for sure, but Souza sprawls well. Arantes has no answer for Souza’s footwork and boxing; the second round is all Souza. The third is a clear cut round for Souza as his right hand starts to land. Arantes is hanging in there but Souza is lighting him up. A very impressive debut for Souza, taking on a tough guy in Arantes. Decision win for Souza.

Facebook Prelims

Sean Spencer def. Yuri Villafort by decision

Fox Sports 1 prelims

Ivan Jorge def. Kieth Wisniewski by decision

Elias Silverio def. Joao Zeferino by decision

Lucas Martins def. Junior Hernandez by submission (RNC) 1:10 round 1

Kevin Souza def. Felipe Arantes by decision

A great night for the prelims fighters at UFN 28, with some strong performances by UFC debutants. UFC jitters are fast becoming a thing of the past. Let’s hope the main card delivers.

  • I thought Villefort won 29-28 tbh, anyone else catch that fight?

    • it was a close fight, both very tough guys

    • Naw i had Sean taking that 29-28, he was just more active and consistently landing shots. He should up his kicking game or he'll have some serious problems with some of the tall more well rounded guys in the UFC.