UFC Fight Night 26 Main Card Play-By-Play And Live Results


Check out the UFC Fight Night 26 Main Card Live Results and Play-by-Play as the action unfolds from the TD Garden in Boston, Mass.:

UFC Fight Night 26 Main Card results:

Chael Sonnen def. Mauricio Rua via R1 submission (guillotine)

Travis Browne def. Alistair Overeem via R1 KO (front kick and punches)

Urijah Faber def. Yuri Alcantara via unanimous decision

Matt Brown def. Mike Pyle via R1 KO (knee and punches)

John Howard def. Uriah Hall via split decision

Michael Johnson def. Joe Lauzon via unanimous decision

Joe Lauzon vs. Michael Johnson:

Round 1: The two fighters started out tentative, with neither landing too much early. Johnson scored a decent inside leg kick and jab. Johnson looked to throw to the body, but Lauzon backed him up a bit. Johnson rocked Lauzon with a straight left and continued with pressure, wobbling his opponent. Johnson landed some brutal uppercuts and a knee to floor Lauzon as the round closed, signifying a clear 10-9 round for the Blackzilian.

Round 2: Lauzon looked to press the action up against the cage early on, suppressing Johnson’s speed advantage for the moment. Lauzon pressed forward as Johnson seemed to slow down slightly. Lauzon landed a left hook only to be answered by some uppercuts from Johnson, but noticeably containing less power. “J-Lau” landed a knee from the clinch, and continued to maintain Octagon control. Johnson scored a quick double leg as the round closed out, perhaps signifying him the round. Very close one though, tough to call.

Round 3: Both fighters appeared to slow as the final stanza kicked off. The exchanges became less crisp and frequent, but Johnson continued to maintain an ever-so-slight advantage. Johnson began to pick up the pace with varied combinations, swelling up Lauzon’s face. Johnson’s speed rang true, and his boxing was always ahead of Lauzon with a diverse array of strikes. A late takedown put a seal on the deal. It was a great performance by Johnson in an upset of a tough fighter, as he won a unanimous decision, strangely with a 30-25 score thrown into the mix.

Uriah Hall vs. John Howard:

Round 1: Hall immediately shot for a takedown and got Howard to the ground. Hall failed to do much with the positional advantage, and the fight went back to the feet. Howard landed a leaping left hook to Hall, and the fight went up against the cage. Hall pulled off a nice reversal to press the advantage. Howard continued to land leg kicks, and Hall landed a knee and some punches later on. A close round, perhaps going to Hall 10-9.

Round 2: Hall landed a front kick as the second round began, but Howard answered with a flurry of his own. Hall looked for another takedown, only to be answered by a guillotine attempt from Howard. Howard went for his own takedown against the cage, eventually settling to land some dirty boxing shots against the cage. Another spin came from Hall before Mario Yamasaki restarted the fight in the center of the Octagon. Hall completed a slick reversal to Howard’s back off of a kimura attempt. Howard went back to leg kick as a lead-in to his boxing, and landed a good takedown to land in Hall’s guard. Howard landed ground-and-pound and controlled the position as it ended, appearing to win the round 10-9.

Round 3:  Hall landed a leg kick as Howard looked to go to the body early on in the last round. Hall pressed the action up against the cage, kneeing Howard’s legs. Another restart saw Hall look for a high kick to no avail, but hit Howard with a knee. “Doomsday” scored another takedown. Hall got up but was tied up by Howard against the cage. Hall eventually gained his second takedown of the fight. The bout closed with some theatrics as Hall spun on the ground while Howard attempted a flying punch to land in full mount. It was a very close bout, but Howard took home the split decision victory.

Mike Pyle vs. Matt Brown:

Round 1: Uriah Hall and John Howard may have put on a close back-and-forth battle, but that was not the case when streaking Welterweights Matt Brown and Mike Pyle met in the center of the Octagon. Brown pressed forward with his vastly improved striking early, hitting Pyle with a body shot and then a hard right hand followed by a brutal knee. A few ground shots later, and “The Immortal” had locked up his sixth straight win in the incredibly tough UFC Welterweight division. 

Urijah Faber vs. Yuri Alcantara:

Round 1: Alcantara came out and threw the former WEC champion Faber to the ground early, achieving a full mount. Alcantara looked for a submission but couldn’t lock it up. Alcantara scrambled to land some hammerfists before transitioning to Faber’s back. More punches and elbows landed from the Brazilian. Faber turned the tables with a strong takedown of his own to land some big elbows. Faber continued his ground-and-pound assault, gaining the advantage in strikes landed. “The California Kid” ended the round on top, marking a good comeback that most likely on him the round 10-9.

Round 2: Alcantara came out looking for a kimura early on, but Faber countered nicely by spinning his opponent back to the ground. He landed more shots to Alcantara, and then stood up to land a knee. The fight went back to the ground and Faber scored more points. Alcantara couldn’t get out from underneath Faber, who looked to grab ahold of a choke. Elbows rained down from Faber then punches. The fight went back to the feet, but Faber took Alcantara down again and swarmed as a dominant round for the Team Alpha Male leader came to a close.

Round 3: Faber landed a good right hand as the last round began, looking to have a ton of energy still left. Alcantara sprawled to avoid a takedown and was successful, but Faber eventually dragged him to the mat. Faber continued to smother his overmatched opponent on the ground as Alcantara attempted some ill-fated submission attempts.  Faber ended up on top to earn a well-deserved unanimous decision victory. 

Alistair Overeem vs. Travis Browne:

Round 1: The hulking Overeem pressed the action up against the cage early on, scoring some knees. Looking to score to the body, Overeem began to land some vicious Muay Thai knees and ground punches. Browne was nearly finished, but somehow remained in the one-sided fight. The bout continued on against the cage wall until Overeem grabbed a single leg. Overeem landed some good punches while Browne hit home with a couple of kicks. Overeem looked to have expended all of his energy, and in a split second, Browne came back with a wicked front kick followed by a hammerfist to finish “The Reem.” It was an incredible win for the Hawaiian-born “Hapa.”

Chael Sonnen vs. Mauricio “Shogun” Rua:

Round 1: Sonnen immediately rushed forward and secured his trademark double leg, but Rua scrambled to regain his footing. He even fought back by taking Sonnen down, where Sonnen went for a guillotine choke. The two fighters clinched, and Sonnen gained the advantage with a throw. Sonnen landed insignificant shots from the top and passed to side control. Sonnen continued to smother ‘Shogun,’ eventually jumping into a guillotine choke. ‘Shogun’ struggled to get his neck out of the hold, but ultimately had to tap, netting a huge win for Sonnen.

  • So is Chael ranked number 3 now? He did a good job of finishing Shogun. Shogun although no slouch on the ground could not master his way through like the Spider. Wand is in trouble with a fight against Chael for sure. He will likely take the fight but he will probably need his friend Anderson to avenge his loss.

  • Conor did awesome and is extremely dynamic and accurate. He is a striker like Anderson but seems to be lacking not so much ground control abilities but submission experience as he seemed a bit slow once there unless it was Holloways defense was so good and technical I couldn't see wizardry. When Conor entered I thought GSP or Silva entered the stadium by the crowds reaction. He may get a short route to a title if he remains that popular. I just hope he gets there when he's actually ready for it.

  • I was scared for Faber but man he put a clinic on Alcantara.

  • Reem stoppage was a bit premature considering how long the ref let Reem T-off on Brown when Brown was dropped.

    • Reem was out while brown was not.

    • That was different. Reem went wobbly very obviously as everyone said "OOOOOHHH!!" Then he fell flat on his back with both arms at the sides. Completely defenseless to those hammer fists. The worst spot Brown got in was being down on 1 knee. But don't get me wrong. I thought they were going to stop it when Brown was getting destroyed. That dude ate some serious bombs in the body and head, and we could all tell he was seriously hurt after that one long flurry. When he finally stood up the look on his face was like holy crap, how am I still alive? lol

      • It was also weird when Travis Brown started throwing those front kicks. They would sort of land and the Reem just kept standing there and the kick would land again. It was like Reem was not able to see them coming at all, and kept thinking he won't throw 3 front kicks all in a row. That's exactly what Brown needed though in order to confuse Overeem for a moment, land a few strikes of his own, and get a little more time to recover and set up the big kick that ended it.

        In my opinion that was the greatest comeback I've ever seen in MMA.

        • That was most def. a great comeback! Can't say i was impressed with Travis overall performance but he pulled it off and that's good for him. I don't see him beat Cain or JDS but the man deserves a shot… might have to rematch bigfoot first though…..

          The Reem came out hard… striking looked sharp and then about 2 min. into the first round he couldn't finish Travis cause he was already f*cking GASSED! How in the name of flying f*ck do you get gassed in the first half of the first round! It's embarrassing!! It was clear that his striking looked polished again… he came out aggressive and put it on Travis but it's obvious his cardio is HORRIBLE! One thing that i noticed when i watched the fight 2 more times is that Overeem was already rocked by a few kicks that Travis threw before that… He was gassed and still a bit recovering but decided to close the distance and try to put hands on Travis and Travis (probably knowing he had success with that one kick he landed earlier) landed another one beautifully!! He caught Overeem like Silva caught Vitor and Machida caught Randy… it's a thing of beauty!

          It's clear Overeem has ZERO chin left… which is a huge disadvantage in the Heavyweight division cause even with a strong chin it's hard to survive and with the lack of cardio his reflexes are off, so he can't protect himself very well once his tank is empty. If he can't improve his cardio, he should retire.

        • Look for Pat Barry vs Congo… if that was the great come back you ever seen. Then make sure you wear a diaper when you watch that fight. Because you WILL crap your self if that was the best comeback you ever seen. lol

          • yeah forget about that one… thats most def nr1

          • REEM! lol sorry man, had too do that.

          • I've seen Barry vs. Congo. I love pat but that still wasn't as good a come back as this. Congo was hurt but he didn't take the punishment from Barry that Browne took from the Reem. Plus Congo was much more close to being out, was very dazed, and just got incredibly lucky with that punch. Browne really fought through adversity.

    • D

      Overeem was completely unconscious for several seconds. He got up immediately when he regained consciousness, but he was done, no question.

  • Michael Macdonald was super slick and extremely talented and Matt Brown is looking worthy as well. All in all the best performing card in my opinion this year yet.

  • Didn't see that coming at all, glad I'm not a betting man like Silva.

  • Michael Johnson made Joe Quit for the first time ever. That in itself speaks volumes of his new abilities.

  • Just some thoughts now that i have watched the event live :

    Overeem officially *****. He completely gassed himself out after the first flurry of knees and kicks he threw.It is mind blowing that this guy does not work thoroughly on his extremely poor cardio.
    Furthermore , although he got tagged with a solid front kick to the jaw, i can't help on thinking that he has no fighting heart anymore, or that his chin has completely gone.
    Props to ''Hapa'' for his will, heart and toughness.He endured what Overeem would never have been able to, and came back to win the fight

    Chael looked awesome.(Huge Chael fan anyways!).He seems to be putting in the hard work to add submissions to his game and become the complete package of a very high level Grappler-Wrestler .Also,although theoretically a middleweight, he seemed much bigger and stronger than Shogun.

    Speaking of Shogun , imo he needs to drop down to middleweight.This guy has been fighting in the wrong weight class for quite some time now in the UFC and was getting away with it but not anymore.
    Nowadays the top Light heavyweights are huge.(Jones,Gustaffson,Texeira)
    Shogun didn't look good at all and he hasn't been looking good for quite some time now, even in his wins.
    I'm a huge fan of him as well ,but he either puts in the effort to drop to middleweight and start over or he should retire.He has accomplished everything there is to accomplish in MMA being the Pride and UFC champion and i don't thing he has anything else to prove
    Finally Conor McGregor looked awesome, can;t wait to see him fight again

    ps.Chael needs to fight Wanderlei now and maul him into oblivion as well

    • Reems never made a come back after getting hurt, he has no heart unless hes winning. Even the early days showed the same Reem, all badazz if hes bullying, but turns to water when he gets hurt and never comes back.

  • Oh.., Uriah Hall was a disappointment as well..

    • Uriah is in the wrong f*cking camp!! I totally understand that his ground game was his weakness and he wanted to work on that but a STRIKER like Uriah shouldn't be in a wrestling based camp! He needs to be around top level strikes like himself that challenge him on the feet and force him to pull the trigger. The minute the fight started and he went straight for the takedown i knew he would most likely loose the fight. He needs to get way more aggressive and offensive to be effective as he has shown on TUF.. with that said i gave it to Uriah 2-1 though… but it was close.

  • As a solid Rua fan, hats off to Chael, I was kind of nervous when Sonnen tweeted he wanted to fight Rua right after Norguira was unable to fight. I never really was at ease with this match up,but damn Mrs. wandy might let wandy sleep in the couch after that.

  • trt wins the main event..good job cheal for using trt again.

    • Ahhh another TRT whine. Guess someone has to do it.

  • Oh and Chael…. Chael is a f*cking gangster!!! He came out like a beast and slayed Shogun! He ran straight through him! He talks a lot of sh*t but he came out and backed it up! Love it…

  • Am i the only one that was not impressed by Conor? dont get me wrong, he's good but he's really not all that GREAT. The whole hype around him makes u think he's ready for a title fight or something….. He's not even close to being ready for that.

    • Hes new to the big stage and is only like 25. I think you'll see some serious improvement after his knee heals.

      • Oh yeah i'm sure he will… I was not impressed with his over all performance but i became a fan of him as a fighter cause that's 1 thing you can't deny. The man is a fighter.. and i love his attitude. After watching the Post Press, i put him on my "1 too watch" list…

        • I think he needs more sub experience but his striking is at a very elite level.

  • I'm a pretty big Uriah Hall fan, but he almost made it look like he was trying to lose his last two fights. Especially this one. Who told him he needs to be a wrestler now? It's not like his striking is bad. Jeez

    • He joined a wrestling based camp! and now he's gun-shy…. he just can't pull the trigger! He needs to switch camps ASAP!!! Munoz is a great coach and i'm sure he really helped Uriah to improve his wrestling… but Uriah's biggest weapon is his striking! He needs to be with a striking based team that has a great wrestling coach…. He'd be better off with a team like AKA or with Duke Roufus

  • I am a ******** Shogun fan, It's always difficult to accept a Shogun loss, but this time, it wasn't that hard at all, I just don't know where Shogun is headed to right now, I guess people are right, it isn't 2005 anymore, I'll always be a Shogun fan, and a Luazon fan too, Chael was fcuking awesome, man. I thought Conor was ok, but was expecting more.

    • that was "hard.core"… Hall needs to wake the fcuk up, wasting his talents man.

  • Why isnt MacDonald on a main card, ridiculous. Kid has serious striking.

    • I'm sure he will be with his next booking.. he looked amazing and so did Michael Johnson… he looked sharp as f*ck!!

  • Reading all of this… I watched him in Pride when he would get destroyed.

    Reem NEVER had a good chin. He was just a very dynamic holland style kickboxer. My perception was he went on the juice and moved up to a weaker div to cover his weaknesses.

    I wasn't surprised as much as new fans. But I dont see them cutting him, i saw brown as a soft fight. I'm expecting him to fight Big Nog or something crazy where it's a gimmie for Overeem to get his win back.