UFC Champions Injury Update: GSP, Jones Status Up In The Air, Pettis Needs Surgery, Velasquez Does Not


MMA fans everywhere have been anxiously awaiting the next announcement concerning UFC Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre.

Truth be told, man of the hour St. Pierre is only one of a growing handful of elite but-injured UFC champions. On last night’s “UFC Tonight,” Ariel Helwani had an update for all of the champs currently on the shelf for one injury or another.

He spoke up first about the 170-pound champion’s situation:

“I spoke to Georges’ manager just a couple of days ago and he told me that it is quote-unquote possible that that fight on Saturday night was the last of his entire MMA career. He says Georges is in good spirits, he’s healthy; he actually went to the hospital after the fight. He was cleared an hour later. He said everything Georges said in the Octagon and after on Saturday night, he meant it. This wasn’t something that just came out of nowhere; it had been building up over time. They’ll talk about his future, but right now, that rematch is not set stone according to his camp.”

Interesting. Dana White seems to think he’ll have a date in two weeks.

Helwani also touched on the current status of UFC Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones, who was rumored to fight Glover Teixeira in the main event of UFC 170 before withdrawing due to lingering injuries:

“(Jones’ manager) Malki Kawa said that his foot that he injured against Alexander Gustafsson, that left foot, is still not healthy. He wants to pretty much shut it down for the rest of the year, take a mental and physical break, and then get back to training around January. He wants to get back in the cage around March or April.”

Helwani went on to update the status of UFC Heavyweight champ Cain Velasquez, who suffered a shoulder injury in his one-sided throttling of rival Junior dos Santos at UFC 166 last month:

“Well, Cain Velasquez, Kenny, partially tore the labrum in his shoulder in that fight against JDS back in October. He told me that in a couple weeks he’s going to sit with his doctor to find out what kind of timetable he’s looking at as far as recovery is concerned, but he will not need surgery and that is the good news. There are some rumors out there that his fight against Fabricio Werdum will take place in Mexico next year. He told me he can’t and will not confirm those rumors, but he did say that it has always been his dream to fight in Mexico.”

To wrap it up, Helwani detailed the unfortunate details about UFC Lightweight champion Anthony “Showtime” Pettis’ knee injury that forced him to withdraw from UFC on Fox 9 on December 14:

“It is official, Anthony Pettis will need surgery on that injured left knee. The surgery is scheduled for December 12 in Los Angeles. He is in good spirits, says he guarantees he’ll be back by the summertime.”

So that’s quite the injury wrap-up for ailing UFC champions, although nothing all that concrete has been confirmed. We’ll just have to wait patiently for some of the best fighters in the world to get healed up from their recent wars. It’s hardly optimal but everything will be okay. Even more great battles await the champions upon their return.

Outer Photo: David Banks for USA TODAY Sports

  • jones has not been champ as long as gsp but it seems he can do whatever he wants. Gets banged up in close fight, takes rest of the year off. Doesnt think Gus deserves rematches, he gets glover. Thinks his pinky is broken doesnt fight rashad, month later fights rampage

    • I still can't believe Jones is above GSP pound for pound. GSP has 9 title defences, the most wins in UFC history, and apart from his last fight and his two losses, has dominated every one of his opponents. Jones is really good, but he should be 3 or 4 pound for pound

      • Jones' is already catching up to GSP in wins in the UFC, he also already has the most LHW championship defenses in history, he's battered EVERY one of his opponents and finished all except 2 in title fights.

        • How you got weaked for mentioning some basic info about jones shows his haters hard at work.

      • The difference is… Bones finishes the majority of his opponents and that counts for something. Should he be #1? hell no…. IMHO Silva is still #1, he has build a legacy that is so strong, that 1 single loss does not change his position and now that both GSP and Bones got BEAT UP in their last fights, which they should've lost, it shouldn't even be a debate who the true #1 Pound for Pound King is.

        • @TheXperience, That's the truthhhhh. Anderson Silva is number 1 to me. Unless he gets beat up by Weidman in the rematch he'll remain number 1. I do believe Jones' is number 2 though. He's thrashing of ex champion after ex champion is incredible. I actually have Aldo above GSP too. With a convicing win over Cruz I'll have Barao above GSP also. I think finishing fights is important.

          • I agree 100%.. i have Bones #2 too followed by Aldo at #3 and then GSP at #4… and it's no hate. I love GSP, he just needs to start finishing opponents and after his fight with Hendricks, there's no way he tops Aldo on that list.

          • Exact order for me too. Finishing is a real win.

          • Completely agree with you guys (Silva and The X)

            Silva is the still the P4P King.

            1. Silva
            2. Jon Bones
            3. Aldo
            4. Georges Safe-Pierre

    • That is because he wants to get the records the easy way. I am not a hater towards Jones in case anyone says that. Its just my point of view.

  • p4p is old and boring now and always contentious. One thing we can all agree on though is how good all of the top fighters are considering how stacked most divisions have been. Who cares who is #1 p4p it means nothing other than the opinions of fans. I recall a time when a certain Brock Lesnar was hailed as God pretty much, so fan opinion really counts for little other than ticket sales.

  • If GSp's manager is talking about him possibly not returning it could mean one of two things.
    He is stalling to get GSP a bigger cut of the PPV for a rematch or he is serious and GSP has been spooked out by the beating he recieved. Noone forgets a beating.

  • I thinik Aldo needs to be above the *****.

    • Bo/ne/r

    • You certainly have a strong case for that. I just wish Aldo didn't seem to have weakening cardio. Aldo is 1 of my favorite fighters, but lately he's been just been winning the 1rst 3 and then trying to coast to a win because he seems to gas early. I think Mendes is a serious threat to Aldo.

      • You might be right man, about Mendez. Hopefully Aldo's cardio gets better.

      • I think the same.

  • Damn!! looks like Silva/Wiedman & Rousey/Tate are gonna save the rest of the year. The after that its up to the lighter classes to do work until these guys heal up.. *****, man, thats a lot of injuries going on.