UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta speaks out about ‘Meat-Gate’


The media storm surrounding Fallon Fox has been nothing short of astounding. The controversial transgender MMA fighter has certainly landed with a splash, causing ripples through the MMA community. Especially considering the whole Mitrione situation.

‘Meat-Gate’, as its been dubbed, has shown the UFC‘s new zero tolerance policy to fighters breaking the code of conduct. Mitrione was suspended from the UFC shortly after calling FF a ‘sociopathic freak’. UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta has piped up with his two cents on the situation via MMATorch :

“Whatever your thoughts are on the whole transgender issue, I’ve listened to (Mitrione’s comments on ‘MMA Hour’) and in my opinion, it came off as a bit mean-spirited, and is something I think warranted review. Obviously, this is not the easiest issue and a lot of people are questioning both sides of this thing. A fair debate and discussion of the issue should be allowed. But when you call her disgusting, and Buffalo Bill, that’s another matter. It warrants review. I think it’s the same thing the NFL would look at and the same thing that any professional organization that is at the level we’re at would at least take a look at.”

Fertitta has responded in a manner expected of a man in his position with utmost professiomalism. He acknowledges that there are two difficult sides of the tale, but simply notes that name-calling is not to be tolerated for athletes in a professional organization like the UFC.

Just for extra reading, check out the UFC‘s official code of conduct below:

Ufc Fighter Code of Conduct by yahoosports

  • Good info!

  • FF kind of put Her self in the line of fire choosing an extremely male dominant sport with a lot of testosterone..

  • The fact that "she" has finished 2 fights brutally should be taken into account. "She",I believe, is going to injure someone badly. Andy Kaufman would be proud of this intergender future champion, we just need Jerry Lawler to publically slap the taste out of "her" mouth.

    • Because she is so much stronger than most 145 pound women competitors?? Cmon man. I know its an awkward situation but she might actually be "that good"

      • Is Fox allowed to fight Men or Women because she takes estrogen? Like he/she gets to choice? If that is the case it is unfair. If he/she must only fight women then…
        Chris Cyborg who takes testosterone should only be allowed to fight Men and not be allowed to fight women.

        • Mr Murphy,

          Great argument.

          I also find it interesting that when Chael was critisizing Brazil, the Nogueiras etc… he was not suspended as according to the terms of the contract that is derogatory and therefore not allowed.

          Perhaps the real issue is that the derogatory statement Matt made was not selling tickets.

          I actually like Dana and the UFC, however this smells of sheer hypocracy.

  • Right or wrong, Meathead should have kept his mouth shut.

    Mind you, I'm all for equality, and all that crap, but fighting in the octagon against women when you still have a lot of the physical abilities of a man seems going too far.

    If fighting is the important thing, Fox should have put off the operation until after 'his' MMA career was over. If switching gender was more important, then you 'she' should be okay with giving up fighting.

    Or start fighting dudes. If Fox wants to compete in MMA, he/she shouldn't be getting a competitive advantage from the operation.

    • Men have one more rib than men, Mr/s Fox should have to have the rib taken out if s/he wants to have no unfair competitive advantage.

  • A whole week of MMA news on Fallon Fox. Whether meathead commented or not, eventually someone would have opened the can of worms so i guess its better to get the ugliness out of the way. I think Mike Tyson said alot of worse stuff in his career. There are people who support Fallon Fox and people who never will…No point deb ating any further if two adults agree to fight eachother. Whose business is it anyway to judge ? As Dana says, if you don't like it don't watch it.

  • OOOOooooooohhh….he called her a sociopathic freak, big frigging deal.

    • Freedom of speech!!!

    • im also pretty sure the "sociopathic freak" had to do with Fox wanting to beat up women, not that he is a transgender

  • hate speech is not free