UFC Announces Dublin Event For July 2014, Conor McGregor Will Fight On Home Territory


The UFC’s plans for yet more overseas show’s has been, as we learn that the promotion has plans for trips to Dublin, Stockholm and Istanbul in 2014 and Glasgow, Scotland in 2015. UFC exec Garry Cooke announced the news to Talksport, claiming:

“It’s exciting times ahead,” Cook said. “We’ve got a busy year planned and we are so excited about every event, starting this weekend. And what a way to finish the year: Istanbul will be terrific.”

Even better news for fans of Irish UFC star Conor McGregor is that he will take part in the Dublin card. ‘The Notorious’ has been sidelined with a knee injury since facing Max Holloway in August 2013, but has remained in the media by starting numerous beefs with his fellow fighters.

McGregor spoke with MMA Severe to discuss the UFC’s plan to visit Ireland this year:

“I’ve literally just heard the news and I’m definitely on that card,” says McGregor. “July 19th gives me plenty of time, that’s nearly too much time. I wanted to fight on the Independence Day weekend card in Las Vegas, that’s something that I really wanted, but fighting on UFC card in Dublin is a dream come true and I don’t give a shit who they put in front of me, I will run through anyone.”

McGregor has been exchanging a lot of heated words with Featherweight standout Cole Miller. ‘Magrinho’, who referred to McGregor as ‘nothing more than a show pony’, is 3-1 at 145 pounds since 2013. McGregor seems to think that he will be facing Miller in Ireland, as he continued:

“They’re saying Cole Miller are they? It probably is him. I haven’t heard anything, I’m sure I’ll know as soon as I check my emails, but that sounds alright to me, Honestly, I feel like I can predict the future. I dare you to doubt me. I’m gonna beat whoever they put in front of me in Dublin and then I’m going to go and get that belt.”

“We’re gonna showcase Irish martial artists to the world, it will be an amazing event. I want to put on a show for everyone, and that’s what I’m gonna do. I told you I’d get there and steal the show, I told you I’d drag the UFC back to Dublin and I told you that my team mates would be on that card with me.”

McGregor’s return is only made more exciting by the fact that he will be fighting in front of a home crowd. Many fans regarded ‘C-McG’ as a breakout star in 2013, with some even pegging him for future title glory. A scrap against Cole Miller would seem to make sense right now, so who do you think would take the win in that fight?

One thing is for sure, I think that McGregor is a lot better than Miller’s recent opponents. The AKA product has beaten Andy Ogle and Sam Sicilia in recent times, but the same could be said for McGregor; I think that Miller is a lot better than Max Holloway and Marcus Brimadge. The only discernable fact is that the Irish phenom is on a 10-fight tear right now, and I don’t see Miller threatening that to be honest.

  • He's going to run through cole miller if it is indeed him. I don't think he can predict the future to well though. He's not getting the belt any time soon. Aldo is staying down for right now maybe only for 1 or 2 more fights who knows. After Aldo leaves Mendes is the heir to the throne. He's going to have a rough journey even to get near the belt.

  • Yeah I mean McGregor is very, very good, but fighting guys like Miller in a division as stacked as featherweight is going to take years to get a legit title shot.

    There are just too many highly-ranked contenders waiting for a shot at that belt.

    Example, Lamas got worked by Aldo. However, can McGregor really stop a guy like that from taking him down and winning a clear-cut unanimous decision?

    We'll see.

  • He is too marketable to throw to the big dogs so soon and have a chance of ruining the cash cow he is/will be.. he is very good no doubt but i feel ufc will "guide" him safely enough to the top to get the maximum return from him

    • UFC doesn't give any new UFC fighters with 2 fights a top contender. It has nothing to do with him being a cash cow. You have to earn those big fights no matter who you are.