UFC 178 Media Day: Los Angeles Q&A Session


Just one day removed from Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones’ brawl at the UFC 178 Las Vegas media day, the two will go head-to-head at the Nokia Center, in Los Angeles, California. Whether or not the two will collide in similar fashion to what transpired yesterday is yet to be seen, but you can guarantee that the air will be thick with tension and animosity between the two arch nemesis’.

The scrap lit up the web like a pumpkin at Halloween, and has been the subject of some pretty hot debates in the time since. Whether you agree with the fracas or not, you have to admit that it really did add fuel to an already volatile fire at UFC 178. ‘DC’ and ‘JBJ’ will throw down for real on September 27, but will the fireworks of last night continue in L.A.?

With the NSAC already sniffing around for video footage, I would suggest that a repeat performance of yesterday (Monday, Aug. 4, 2014) would probably be a little idiotic. That being said, you know I’ll watch the replay 20 times over should it happen again. So tune in at 7 PM ET/4 PST/Midnight GMT for the full live streaming UFC 178 Q&A from Los Angeles. The stream comes courtesy of UFC.com

  • Good God!

  • Why are they doing this again? This fight sells its self. Holy excessive promoting.

    • They've always do this stuff… they're just starting to broadcast more of it. They're giving the fans more and more access to what goes on behind the scenes and everything leading up to the events, which is cool.

    • Did you really just accuse Dana White of doing his job too well?

  • D

    Connor McGregor is 3-0 in the UFC against unranked competition.

    So was the "Ultimate Fighter Reject" that Poirier stopped in his last fight.

    • Yes and who did Dustin Poirier beat to get to number #6. Mmmmmm lets see, Erik Koch(he had just been TKO'd), Diego Brando(Ultimate Can Reject) and Akira Corassani(lol). So I would think Hollaway, and Brimage are more impressive. Hollaway has look great lately and is only young. Brimage looked great last fight against Doane. Akira has no legit wins and Koch just got KOed by the Detroit superstar….

      • Yes, Koch got knocked out before he fought Dustin, but by whom? Look at his record.. he's only been beat by the top guys. There's no shame in getting finished by Lamas… Lamas is a LEGIT animal! Hit a bump in the road against Aldo but other than that, he was on a tear…

        Before Koch faced Lamas he had a very nice streak going, including a KO win over Raphael Assunção, who is Top 3 bantamweight right now.

        Akira was 9-1 in his last 10 fights before he fought Dustin. So yes, Dustin's #6 ranking makes a whole lot more sense than Connor's spot.

        If they absolutely HAD to put Connor in the top 10.. he should've came in at 10 and not get up higher until he beat someone that means something. How he jumped Jeremy Stephens in the rankings is mind blowing to me. It's a fucking circus!

      • D

        There's so much stupidity in what you just said.

        First of all, Dustin Poirier was in the top 10 long before those three wins you just dismissed.

        Beating Brandao, your "Ultimate Can Reject" was the reason Connor is getting a shot at a top 10 guy.

        Erik Koch was top 10 at 145 at the time Poirier beat him. Nobody else you mentioned and nobody on Connor's resume has ever been top 10 in any division. Of the wins you mentioned between Connor's and Poirier's resume, he is far and away the highest level fighter.

        You're impressed by Connor's decision win over Hollaway, but Poirier stopped Hollaway in the first round.

        As far as Brimage, he was an also-ran on the season of the Ultimate Fighter that your "Ultimate Can Reject" won…and he lost that fight against Doane.

        Akira has the same number of "legit wins" as Connor right now. They both beat 3 unranked guys in the UFC.

        • I got the Ultimate can reject from you. I know Brandao and Koch are great fighters, but they both lost recently in brutal fashion. The Hollaway Conor vsed was a far improved version then what Dustin beat, Hollaway had 4 fights after the loss to Dustin. Conor also tore his ACL in the 2nd round and still dominated Max, so yeah I was impressed. The wins on Dustins resume are not that impressive. The point I was trying to make is the rankings themselves and how Dustin got to 6 is the same way Conor got to 10. Me and many other people thought Brimage won that fight, it was very obvious.

          • D

            If you would have actually watched the video that this whole conversation is based on, you would know that the "Ultimate Fighter Reject" line was something that McGregor said in reference to Corrasani.

  • I hope someone asks how many eyepokes Cormier will have to swallow.
    We could make a poll out of it 🙂