UFC 167: Georges St. Pierre vs. Johny Hendricks Full Fight Video Highlights


It was a controversial ending in Las Vegas, to say the least, at last night’s UFC 167. Record-setting UFC Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre retained the belt, but many felt that it was indeed Johny Hendricks who should have walked out of the MGM Grand Garden Arena with the belt in hand.

Even Dana White thought it was a clear victory for Hendricks, who battered the champ unlike any man had done over the course of a full five championship rounds. Hendricks knew it was his bout but took the loss in stride.

Below are the fight video highlights for this polarizing bout, courtesy of Fox Sports. Check them out and see if you think anything changed. Is there anything else for GSP to do in mixed martial arts? Does he owe embattled challenger Hendricks an immediate rematch?

  • I can't remember a worse decision, even Melendez vs henderson and the first shogun vs machida weren't this bad. I had it the same as Dana, I only gave George the third. Mad respect for Johny.

  • GSP corner *****, GSP should have been throwing Jabs follow by headkicks all night!
    instead he throw lowkicks and got counter everytime! also he kept using the weakest front kick to the body just a waste of energy, GSP had better cardio so jabs to score points headkicks to hurt Hendricks then clinch to get Hendricks tired and push in the last 2 rounds for a takedown and a submission! but i guess getting beat up was better. So much for smart gameplans from GSP .
    Carlos Condit for Champion!

    • hendricks was not looking for submission…
      I think the biggest mistake Hendricks did was in a 4 round, when he had GSP takendown, He should had gnpounded GSP but instead of that he stood up…

  • the biggest problem in the scoring fight is term of "10-9"
    What does it means?
    Hendricks got 10-9 for dominant round 2 and 4
    GSP got 10-9 round 3 for Jabing more times..