UFC 167 By The Numbers: Georges St-Pierre


UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St-Pierre has been a mainstay for the UFC over the years, providing the organization with a clean cut, poster-boy type figure and likely helping a lot with the promotion’s expansion.

His 11 year MMA career and 10 year dominance of the UFC has provided fans with some amazing fights to watch, but has also earned GSP some incredible records; and some new ones are on the horizon ahead of his UFC 167 clash with Johny Hendricks.

Lets take a look at the records which could be broken at UFC 167:

Most wins in UFC bouts: currently tied

St-Pierre holds an amazing 18 wins in the UFC, which include payback for his two losses to Matt Hughes and Matt Serra. He ties this record with UFC hall of famer Matt Hughes, and should he win at 167; will become the most successful UFC fighter ever.

Most wins in title bouts: currently tied

St-Pierre holds 11 wins in UFC title bouts, a fete only ever matched by current Middleweight title challenger Anderson Silva. Unbeaten since 2007, St-Pierre has a great chance at becoming the greatest UFC champ of all time, this may be temporary as Silva vs. Weidman II approaches, but an amazing record nonetheless.

Could surpass BJ Penn for most total octagon time

St-Pierre has spent an incredible 5 hrs 3 minutes and 12 seconds in the UFC’s octagon during his illustrious career. Seconded only by the legendary BJ Penn, St-Pierre requires only another 39 seconds of action to surpass this record; meaning he will be the most experienced UFC fighter (time wise) should he avoid a very early KO at 167.

Also noteworthy is the fact that St-Pierre is only two fights behind Randy Couture’s record for most UFC title bouts. GSP is currently at 13, while Couture’s record is 15. Another big factor is the pound-for-pound list where GSP currently resides at number two, another UFC title defence, win and record breaking bonanza would surely put him above Anderson Silva (for the meantime).

A win at 167 would also improve St-Pierre’s streak to 12, moving him above Royce Gracie in the list of longest win streaks in the UFC and placing him a clear second to Anderson Silva’s 16 fight tear (which has been halted).

To put things in to perspective; Should St-Pierre defeat Johny Hendricks, he will be (potentially) the most experienced UFC fighter ever, hold the most UFC title fight wins, and hold the most UFC victories of any fighter.

With stats like that, its hard to argue against St-Pierre getting that number one p4p spot with a win over ‘Bigg Rigg’.

  • Huge fight for GSP. It seems like everything has lead to this, it'll be really disappointing if he loses.

  • GSP for the win

  • Hendricks with a devastating KO! GSP will have at least 15 takedown attempts. His strategy is a given! There is no way he will trade with Hendricks let alone he hits like a ____!

  • haha, koscheck said the same things the second time they fought. Truth is, gsp is a better stricker then hendricks. Waaay less ko power, but better technical punching. you will probably see him jab and evade for the first 2 round… after 1-2 round, hendricks ko power drop a lot.
    I don't think GSP will really shoot until 3rd-4th round