UFC 166 Prelims Results: Hector Lombard Demolishes Nate Marquardt


The UFC 166 facebook prelims delivered in a big way, and hopefully the Fox Sports 1 section will continue the trend. First up was George Sotiropoulos against KJ Noons at Lightweight. I’m picking Noons for the win here.

Is it me or does G-Sot look like a 72 year old business man? Noons stalks from the get-go, jabs to the head and gut. G-Sot circles to the right, he might want to mix it up a little. More jabs from Noons, GS needs to do something as he circles some more.

More jabs from KJ, and a right to the gut. And GS lands with hooks, finally. He starts moving well but eats some lefts, KJ catches a finger to the eye. Herb Dean calls time, Noons is ok. They restart and Noons is pissed off, chasing GS and landing big hooks. And they trade! The round ends 10-9 for KJ.

Round two now, and KJ is looking for a right hand here. G Sot wings a high kick, KJ is getting caught a it here, lands a body shot of his own. Noons should try to time a left hook here, in my opinion. Fast hands from KJ, and a nice right hand as GS shoots. He lands a TD but Noons is too slick.

They stand again Noons is looking for the jab, but GS lands to the stomach. They trade left hooks and KJ is looking a bit tired. Another left hook by GS and he might have stole that round at 10-9.

Round three is underway and they trade hooks and uppercuts, KJ shoots and is stuffed easily. KJ changing levels with the jab right-hand combo but he is tired. G Sot is cut and Noons throws a nice right hand that rocks Sot, big knee from KJ and GS is busted up badly. Noons stuffs GS’ takedown attempt, he is owning this round.

Slick punches from Noons, GS misses a spinning heel kick as KJ jabs some more. GS with nice leg kicks, and then a big head kick that slams Noons’ chin. KJ lands with more straight shots as GS looks to counter. They trade like lunatics as the buzzer goes and it was super close. Really could have gone either way, as KJ takes a unanimous decision win.

On to the Women’s Bantamweight division now, as Sarah Kaufman takes on Jessica Eye. They go at it, Eye has a good lead jab as Kaufman looks for a combo. They clinch against the cage and trade punches and knees. Eye is fast with her punches, Kaufman sucks it up and these ladies are training. Apparently Mike Golderg started training MMA at age 19, no wait.

They trade big again and SK is landing now, stalking eye. Eye lands a nice combo against the cage now, SK needs to work really. They clinch again and trade some more leather to end the round. 10-9 Eye.

Round Two and they are at it again, Eye taking the better of the striking , SK lands well though. Great jab by Eye, SK counters over the top and this is a cool fight. Leg punch by SK who is cut now, switch kick by Eye and now they trade like crazy.

They trade knees in the clinch and Sarah is controlling well, SK is busted up. They pop jabs and SK uncorks a nice right hand. Superman punch from SK, who steals a 10-9 round.

Round three is on and SK is looking slightly purple in the face. She stalks Eye, landing some big head shots. She is timing Eye’s jab well, countering with the straight right. She rocks Eye, who looks tired now, as SK is relentless. SK plods in like a bull, looking for power punches. They clinch up, SK controlling the action with hard elbows, but Eye counters.

Huge series of rights from SK, and Eye is wobbly! She is reeling as Kaufman unloads, but winds up recovering. She counters SK with a right, but eats a huge right and they brawl hard to end the scrap. Tough to call but I’d say 10-9 Kaufman. The judges give it to Eye, bad call in my opinion.

Nate Marquardt and Hector Lombard fight for their jobs at Welterweight now, Marquardt’s key to victory is ‘bring a light sabre’. I really hope this one delivers. The Great is the underdog here, he is moving well early as Lombard stalks him. NM clinches but eats shots, HL swarms with huge punches and Nate is spinning. Lombard follows him to the mat and lands four huge hammerfists for the first round KO win.

Last on the Prelims are Tim Boetsch and CB Dolloway at Middleweight, and it’s been a quality night so far. They touch gloves and start trading, CB jabs and moves, Boetsch lands with kicks. CB lands with headshots and TB is swollen. CB looking for counter punches as TB wades in, CB getting the best of the exchanges.

TB with a takedown but Dolloway stands up, CB has nice boxing but Boetsch lands too. CB goes to Nick Diaz mode, taunting and dropping his hands, but also landing heavy strikes. He keeps the pressure on and steals a 10-9 round.

Round two is more of the same; Boetsch is plodding and CB looking to counter. CB with a takedown now, and he reigns down gnp, passing to side control/half guard. He sprawls now and looks for a Peruvian neck tie, but TB slips it. Now Boetsch locks up a choke and CB escapes. TB is controlling the grappling now, pushing CB against the fence.

They separate and CB is busted up, he is taunting a la Anderson Silva. CB lands a double but TB picks for a Kimura. CB steps over the arm and Boetsch gives it up, and the round ends. A close one.

Final round and they trade kicks and punches, oh and a nasty eye poke on Boetsch as he spins away in pain. That’s two nasty eye pokes tonight and TB’s eye is bleeding. This isn’t looking good, no they let him continue. Boetsch looks pissed off as he lands huge hooks to the nugget, he is bullying now.

Another eye poke from CB, they should deduct a point now really. They restart after a point deduction, could have big implications in a close fight. CB with a takedown now, he lands pitter-patter shots from guard, passes to half guard and now mount! Elbows now but TB bucks out, pushing CB against the cage. They separate and trade punches, 60 seconds left now and they are swinging wild.

Foot stomps in the clinch by TB and they scramble to the mat. The round ends and I can’t score this one. With the point deduction we may see a draw here. The Barbarian steals a split decision and the main card is at the door!


KJ Noons def. George Sotiropoulos by decision

Jessica Eye def. Sarah Kaufman by decision

Hector Lombard def. Nate Marquardt by KO round one

Tim Boetsch def. CB Dolloway by decision

  • I also think Sarah won. Tim lost in my opinion even with a point deduction but could have been a draw with point deduction. Glad KJ won and felt he deserved it overall. Hector nearly created shockwaves from his afterburning punches.

    • I dont think Sarah won at all… Tim lost though, like u said even with the point deduction. Granny-Sots looked a mess, he should hang it up…

      • The girls were close I guess it it could have went the other way. I never saw a point in the fight that Tim started to win.

  • How do all the Lombard trash talkers like that one?

    • Lombard is a f*ckin DESTROYER! The way he handled Nate was scary… !!

      • Lombard looked great, I will say Nate looked scared and mentally beat from the start.

  • Lom-freaking-bard…AWESOOOOOMEEE!!!

  • Tim definately lost even with the point deduction, sarah lost fair and square, to a 125er, also whichever judge gave diego 1 round is nuts, yea he rocked gilbert but he recovered right away and was avoiding sanchez's punches and countering in multiples alllll night.

    • Yea, Gilbert pretty much dominated and won almost every exchange. Love to see Pettis vs Melendez. Pettis was taking note for sure.

  • "30-26, Boetsch"
    +1 Funny