UFC 166 Post-Fight Media Scrum: Dana White Reflects On An Insane Night of Action


UFC 166 is in the books from Houston, Texas, and the card will go down in history as one of the best UFC events to date. The event was highlighted by Cain Velasquez’ one-sided destruction of former champion Junior dos Santos. 

Gilbert Melendez and Diego Sanchez put on one of the most hard-fought wars the Octagon has ever seen, and Daniel Cormier stayed undefeated against Roy “Big Country” Nelson.

As usual, UFC President Dana White was on hand to discuss the many relevant topics that arose from last night’s epic event. Our friends at MMA H.E.A.T. were on hand to record all of White’s reactions. Check out the full unedited srcum below, and give your thoughts on the aftermath of UFC 166!


  • Ariel asking his usual stupid questions.

    • lol, always sticking his nose into it (pun)

  • I like the repoter vids with Dana, sometimes he lets people in on things when he shouldn't. Not so much this time, but does often cover things we do think about.,

  • "That's how mexicans fight" Oh so no one freaks out because it's a positive stereotype? Come on Dana that was just a stupid comment.

    • Have to remember, Dana would sell his mother for a million dollars. He's milking the Cain win for all it's worth. You can tell he's an elitist, when he says the Mexicans are broke after the fight against Mayweather. He knows the Hispanic market doesnt bring the money to MMA yet, and he's pushing hard for it. I've always said, Dana is only motivated by money, and nothing else IMO.