UFC 166 Open Workouts: Cain Velasquez, Daniel Cormier, Junior Dos Santos & Roy Nelson


72 hours out from one of the biggest fights and best cards in UFC history, Cain Velasquez, Daniel Cormier, Junior Dos Santos and Roy Nelson, took to the stage at the “House of Blues” in Las Vegas for open workouts.

The four heavyweights are set to pair off against one another (Velasquez vs. JDS & Cormier vs. Nelson) Saturday night at UFC 166, in what fans are hoping will turn out to be two all-out wars.

All four fighters looked good, but Nelson & JDS stood out.

Roy looks to be in great shape and has lost a lot of weight. Sadly, the weight loss appears to be related to “Big Country’s” loss of appetite. Apparently Roy has someone that’s close to him that’s currently hospitalized and as Roy is concerned about his friend’s health, he has hasn’t been able to eat. Regardless of cause, Nelson looked to be at a good fighting weight; our prayers and wishes go out to Roy’s friend.

Junior Dos Santos was the only fighter who actually did a stiff session. Where the other three came out and did a little shadow boxing or wrestling, “Cigano” came out and hit the pads heavily and looked, as always, very impressive in doing so. One thing is assured; Junior is in very good spirits and was in a very relaxed and playful mood.

The workouts are below:

  • JNR is READY !!! I don't see Cain dominating this fight. I think Jnr will catch him with some heavy punches and finish by TKO.

    • I agree mate. I dont think we will see a repeat of their second fight. In sticking, I think JDS is better and undoubtedly more powerful. If JDS connects in the first two rounds, I don't think Cain will be able to pull though the third.

      I like Cain a lot and to me it doesn't matter who wins the fight as I will be equally happy or disappointed in either case. But in all honestly, I think JDS will be victorious this time.

    • Oh really? wow…you r so smart dude…can I be your friend??

      • Dude, wrong number! This page is not for making friends. Try a gay dating website instead. I am sure you'll find your perfect match.

        • hey hes not gay for tryna make friends, tuputamadre, u have a friend here waiting for a request 😉

        • Mmmmm sorry, my mistake, I thought you was smart enough to see that it was "ironic"….cuz man how can you think jds will win? I mean all he got is that uppercut…cain has a lot more tools than that…but hey its ok I will see u here after the fight. Am looking forward to see u sad…sorry in advance 🙂

          • " mistake, I thought you was smart enough"….HAHAAH HAHAH HAHAH "were smart enough" ….facepalm!

          • ian

            Obviously Latin as you can see by his user name, same as me, don't judge people. Do you even speak two languages?

          • English is not my first language and i have learnt alone…by myself 😉 apart of that, I can speak perfect German, Spanish and Italian…how about you?

        • Oh that´s nice of you man…thanks!! 😀

    • I think… I think… I think… It doesn't matter what you think…Cain will whoop Junior's A$$ soon, and their nothing anyone can do about it.. All you can do is watch it happen… War Cain….

    • Yes… JDS looks ready!.. Ready for CAIN though? I doubt it… maybe it will be a little more competitive this time around and he "might" catch CAIN with something big… I just don't see it happen and surely wouldn't put money on it. I got my house on AKA… CAIN and DC for the win.

  • ian

    Btw Cain takes this and I don't wanna see JDS fight for the title again in at least 2 more years.