UFC 166: Gilbert Melendez vs. Diego Sanchez Full Fight Video Highlights


UFC lightweights Gilbert Melendez and Diego Sanchez put on a show at last night’s UFC 166 that’s not likely to be duplicated any time soon. Although “The Dream” was unranked, Melendez knew that Sanchez was going to bring everything he had to the Octagon in Houston.

Melendez showed a decided advantage in the boxing department, but Sanchez was an undeniable warrior in his return to 155-pounds. The bout was a no-brainer for “Fight of the Night,” and it even being named one of the best all-out wars in UFC history. Do you think that Melendez vs. Sanchez was one of th best MMA fights of all time?

Check out the full fight video highlights from Fox Sports and weigh in with your opinion below!


  • This is how you scrap b*tches…… Pay attention.

  • To bad Cain will never fight like this or the main event could have been just as good.

    • LOL for someone to think Cain, or anyone for that matter, should try to fight like this against JDS.

  • The big difference in this fight is that Melendez actually went OUT for a second… !! If Diego would've just continued striking instead of going for the RNC, he could've finished the fight! He jumped in and that gave Gil enough time to recover…