UFC 166: Cain Velasquez vs. Junior Dos Santos III Full Fight Video Highlights


UFC 166 delived on all fronts last night, with Cain Velasquez proving that he is the one and only true undisputed heavyweight champ in the UFC. The fight was another one-sided beatdown for Velasquez, who may have made a strong case for a spot atop the all-time rankings of MMA heavyweights.

Check out the full fight video highlights of Velasquez’ trilogy-ending win from Houston, courtesy of Fox Sports


  • If Cain punches like a girl as Jr. says, then that girl must be some biga$$ motherfcuker, the way she re-arranged his face like that, I thought the fight should have been stopped at the end of the 4th, that was some girlie punches beat down.

  • Mike – just a little OCD/semantics – I know what a full fight video is. I know what highlights are. What are Full Fight Video highlights? 😉

  • You know Mike, I always wondered that too. I guess they're just the full highlights on video. Which is totally up to interpretation. One man's full highlights may not be as full as another's. Now I'm confused myself. Hope this helped Mike.

  • In Mike's defense, it's highlights from the full fight lol