UFC 166 Aftermath: Houston Plays Host To An Epic


UFC 166 is in the books, and it really did live up to the hype; The potential barn burners delivered, the epic trilogy between Cain Velasquez and Junior Dos Santos was put to bed and there was plenty of awesome finishes. The card really was very enjoyable from top to bottom, and also gave us some points to consider.

On a night headlined by a UFC Heavyweight title bout between two titans, and filled with so much talent, it was always going to be a great card. So, on to the main points of interest from the evening. First and foremost:

Cain Velasquez is a badass

I know I picked against CV ahead of 166, but I had good reason (kinda); JDS looked stronger than ever since his loss to CV, and I thought he was a solid bet with the KO factor. Alas, the biggest lesson we learn in the aftermath is that you shouldn’t bet against Velasquez, because the guy is a beast. After being stunned in the first, Velasquez went on to put a bloodier beatdown on JDS then in their second scrap. Dominating Cigano in every position, battering him with punches and elbows, and tossing him to the mat at will. My thoughts at the moment Herb Dean stepped in? This guy is unstoppable.

Diego Sanchez and Gilbert Melendez can really put on a fight

‘The Dream’ and ‘El Nino’ went to war at UFC 166, and the result was a thoroughly exciting bout. My early lock for FOTN was accurate and it proved the mass opinion that these two guys are likely to fight on in the UFC for the remainder of their careers. Melendez may still be looking at another title shot too; the decision was clearly in the favor of Melendez and Sanchez’s post fight opinion that the match was a draw is slightly bias. Sanchez is a six-time FOTN winner, and Melendez has kick-started his UFC run very well. Expect to see many more thrilling shows from these two, but I don’t think Sanchez’s idea of a rematch will come to fruition any time soon.

Gabriel Gonzaga is back

Gonzaga has spent a total of 1m50s of cage time in his last two UFC outings, scoring devastating knockouts on both occasions. Moving to 5-1 in his last six, Gonzaga is looking like a new man at HW. After losses to just about everyone in the UFC between 2007 and 2010, Gonzaga was sent packing to the lower leagues and won the reality fighting (?) championship belt. The bout was impressive enough to earn ‘Napao’ another UFC run, and last night was a culmination of his striking advancement and his coming of age as a fighter. His new found standup skills and amazing grappling could see him matched vs. JDS in the near future, in a rematch of their UFC 2010 bout.

Honorable mentions go to Roy Nelson for most predictable fight plan, Adlan Amagov for most like a Hitman performance, Kyoji Horiguchi and Andre Fili for break through performances and Junior Dos Santos for channeling the inner rock and lasting an astounding 4 1/2 amidst an absolute hurricane of fists.

Outer Photo: Andrew Richardson for USA TODAY Sports

  • Congrats, Cain!

    • looks up in the sky shaking fist, Damn You MEXICANS!!! You strive hard to win it all!

  • He's gonna have an interesting test in Werdum considering he can't risk going to the ground with that guy. No easy fights for the champ.

    • Tsaaa! here we go…!
      Werdum is nobody! don't believe the hype!!

      • oh come on… he may not win but to call him a nobody is… i don't have a word for it, if winning an MMA match against monsters like Big Nog, Fedor, Nelson, Overeem, and wining World Jiu-Jitsu Championships is nothing, then how the hell can I look at the mirror every morning from now on.

    • are you kidding me? Cain can go to the ground with Werdum any time he likes. He's an absolute dominant wrestler which means he'll keep constant pressure and give Werdum no room to go for anything. Werdum's improved Muay Thai is actually the thing that could potentially give Cain a semi problem. Those kneeees are the best way to counter a wrestler. I was so upset watching Junior land a punch and then almost give himself up to the clinch against the cage. After every decent punch landed by Junior I knew Cain would look to clinch or shoot and Junior never really had anything against it. Werdum has worked his clinch knees alottt. dropping for a shot and meeting a knee is Werdums best shot. Cain will dominate him

    • Cain will demolish Werdum… nobody in the heavyweight division can beat Cain right now EXCEPT for…. (drumrolls and let the hate start… lol) Alistair Overeem. Alistair is the only one that is strong enough to deal with Cain. His only problem is his cardio (not as much his chin as some might say… he only has that problem when he gets tired and can't keep his humongous arms up anymore). If Alistair works with the right Strength & Conditioning coach he is the one to beat Cain before ANYONE else right now.

      • Cormier should get the shot IMO.

      • Can't say how it would go for sure. I suspect Cain would win, but Werdum is always improving.

  • I'll be rooting for Cain against everyone he'll ever face since i'm a big Cain fan, but I actually think it would be easier for him to keep it standing against Werdum, I think he'll dominate him on the feet, why even risk taking a guy down that's proven to be so dangerous off his back. As for Overeem I think can would just do the same thing to him as he did to JDS, his striking is more diverse than JDS but it's much slower. I don't even see him being able to hang with Cain.

    • Im guessing you didnt see Werdum basically out striking Alistar? Destroyed Roy(though thats not proving hard for top 5-7 guys anyway.)

  • It would be nice to see Cain's pic above mainpage go down a spot, his face looks beat up lol. Hate to see what JDS looks like though.

  • just watched the fight again. Herb Dean didn't tap him to stop anything. Cain was holding onto the cage with his right hand and that's y dean taped him on his right shoulder to make him aware.

  • Perhaps you should have mentioned Hector Lomard. Dude looked scary & disposed of Nate The Great rather easily.