UFC 164 Main Card Results Recap: Anthony Pettis Submits Benson Henderson With First Round Armbar


UFC 164 is in the books from BMO Bradley Harris Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and the main card delivered a heart-pounding night of action culminating in a new UFC Lightweight champion. Benson Henderson looked to avenge his 2010 loss to Anthony Pettis at WEC 53, but “Showtime” had the Wisconsin crowd in his corner. “Smooth” dominated the early part of the first round by grinding Pettis against the cage. Pettis landed a sequence of hard body kicks, and then went for a flashy cartwheel-type of move to land in bottom guard. Henderson looked to rain down in top position, but he got caught in a slick armbar to lose the championship with a verbal submission. Pettis said after the fight that he felt Henderson’s arm pop.

Submission specialists Frank Mir and Josh Barnett squared off at Heavyweight, and the two rivals chose not to touch gloves when it began. A slugfest ensued, with Barnett grinding Mir up against the cage. They clinched, and Barnett began to score with uppercuts and knees. “The Warmaster” crumpled Mir with a huge knee to earn the stoppage. Some may think it was too early, but an impressive return to the Octagon for Barnett nonetheless.

Chad Mendes and Clay Guida went to war at Featherweight for important ranking position. The two began a chess match on the feet, with Mendes looking to find his timing against Guida’s unorthodox movement. Mendes looked for a power guillotine and cored a nice takedown to win the first. Guida hit Mendes low with a leaping front kick in the second, but “Money” returned to sprawl a Guida takedown and get his back. Guida continuously stalked Mendes, who fought back with several knees to the body. In the third round, Mendes came out aggressive and landed a huge right hand followed by an uppercut to become the first man to stop “The Carpenter” via strikes, marking four such victories in a row.

Brandon “The Truth” Vera and his opponent Ben Rothwell may have fighting for their job tonight. Vera came out looking to use his speed and agility, utilizing some good punches and kicks to the body. Rothwell wouldn’t stop coming forward and landed some good power shots, slightly wobbling Vera. The two clinched for position to start the second, then traded shots throughout. Rothwell may have won the round with some late combinations. “Big Ben” pushed forward with a flurry in the third, rocking Vera with big uppercuts and knees to earn an impressive TKO stoppage from Herb Dean.

Erik Koch and Dustin Poirier met in a battle of promising young 145 lb. fighters, and it was quite the show. Poirier rocked Koch early with a punch and some ground shots, but Koch countered with a super-tight triangle choke. Incredibly, Poirier escaped to rock Koch with a right and almost finish the fight with big ground strikes, and then nearly got the win with a d’arce choke. Poirier took Koch down in the second, achieving the mount to land some shots. “Diamond” dominated the rest of the round. Down two rounds to none, Koch landed on top in Poirier’s guard during the third. He had Poirier’s back for the most of the round, but ultimately dropped a unanimous decision.

UFC 164 Main Card Results:

Anthony Pettis def. Benson Henderson via R1 submission (armbar)

Josh Barnett? def. Frank Mir via R1 TKO (knee)

Chad Mendes def. Clay Guida via R3 TKO (punches)

Ben Rothwell def. Brandon Vera?via R3 TKO (strikes)

Dustin Poirier def. Erik Koch via unanimous decision 

Outer Photo: David Banks for USA Today Sports Images

  • I blame the hair, Benson never went supersayen. That was one of the oddest tittle matches i've seen in a while though.

    • that was the oddest title match since silva vs. weidman

  • Mother Fuc8in Showtime Pettis!!

    Toothpick Henderson wanted nothing to do with him from the start. I loved every minute of it.

    • I highly doubt he didn't want another fight and I am betting he wants another. Pettis did a great job with that sub and Henderson underestimated his technique and was hoping for a mistake. Benson looked good up until then though and looked like he would be defending his belt. Barnett vs Mir was the most disappointing fight in my opinion as I really wanted to see a ground match.

      • what did he look good doing? Failing to get a take down and then eating vicious body kicks?

        • Pushing fast pace and getting the only shots in before the last 30 seconds. He was many times ahead on significant strikes. He usually does better as time goes on too.

          • Don't get me wrong Pettis was the better fighter tonight and deserves his win. Ben was simply beat fair and square and even he said it. Just Ben looked top notch for the first little bit keeping Pettis off his striking game and it was working until like he said he gave Pettis space.

  • When Pettis came out wearing the little shorts I knew we were in for something special. He's earned them.

  • Vera lands a clean shot on Rothwells chin.
    Joe Rogan "He ate that like a sandwich"

  • Man that's even sweeter…. a f*ckin SUB!!! Showtime is the best LW in the world period!

  • Aldo Should fight Pettis at LW rather than FW…Seems more fair. I'm a big fan of Pettis but it seems like the longtime king Jose should have a chance @ 2 belts first. Probably not though I don't know.

    • Pettis will Whoop Aldo…!

    • D

      I'm not sure if fighting Pettis at 155 is doing Aldo any favors. Aldo probably already missed his best chance to beat Pettis, and at 145, at least he would have the advantage of having fought there before while his opponent hasn't. Aldo may be slightly faster, and have a slight power advantage, but Pettis is more versatile and unpredictable on the feet, and I believe he's the better wrestler and overall grappler.

  • just wow.
    Pettis looked incredible with some crushing body kicks and one of the best armbars in MMA history (considering how quick it was and against the guy with some of the best sub defense in sport's history).

    Seriously don't see anyone having a chance against Pettis, he will probably be champ for a long, long time.

    Honestly… I think he would probably beat Aldo at this point too.

    Top 7 P4P easily, maybe as high as 4 or 5.

  • Barnett / Mir was stopped a lil early but in all honesty, Barnett was all over him and Mir clearly had nothing for him he was getting whooped! No need to take more damage than necessary but especially in an important fight like that the ref should've let it ride out a little longer…

    • Yeah, especially considering that so many of Mir's victories come from getting rocked and then submitting the guy when they follow him to the ground.

  • Pettis Made Look To Easy…The Guy Is A Beast… Yet Aldo Is A Demon… It Would Be One Sick Fight, If Both 100%…. Big Fan Of Both……If Not Aldo, Then Give Grant A Title Shot…..War Pettis…..

  • WTF – I had no clue the card was last night – Wow. I missed everything 🙁

  • Chad Mendes' punches looked very painful. But his built looks like that of a midget.