UFC 164 Lowkick Staff Predictions


Benson Henderson vs. Anthony Pettis

Mike Drahota: This is as good a rivalry as the UFC can deliver right now (outside of Anderson Silva-Chris Weidman, that is). Pettis won their last battle at WEC 53 with the help of quite possibly the most spectacular kick ever seen inside an MMA cage, but I don’t think “Smooth” will fall into that trap once again. Although Pettis is most likely the second best Lightweight, I can’t help but think Henderson has become far and away the best. He won’t get a finish, as usual, but I’ll go with Ben Henderson via unanimous decision.

Rory Kernaghan: The fight between Pettis and Henderson at UFC 164 could mark the beginning of a new era at 155lbs. if Pettis is able to repeat history. Bendo is a great athlete with amazing cardio, but Pettis has some of the craziest striking in all combat sports. Bendo is a smart guy, I don’t expect him to stand with Pettis at all. Look for Smooth to go back to his wrestling roots, and dominate Pettis just like Clay Guida did. Benson Henderson retains his title with a dominant five round decision win.

Brian Cox: Henderson / Pettis could be a toss of a coin. Both are incredible fighters. I think of the two fighters since their last meeting, Henderson has grown more, but when considering Pettis, other than improving his wrestling, I don’t know what could be improved. I think Bendo has a workmanlike attitude. Pettis is more dynamic on the feet, but it could also land him in trouble, should he force another highlight-reel moment. If I have to pick an “X” factor for the fight it would be that Henderson’s desire to hold onto his belt and avenge his 2010 loss will be greater than Pettis’s desire to re-prove a point. For that reason, I’m picking Ben Henderson to win the fight by unanimous decision. 

Frank Mir vs. Josh Barnett

Mike Drahota: This battle of arguably the two best submission artists the Heavyweight division has ever seen has me excited. Hopefully both Mir and Barnett, who aren’t getting any younger, show up in great shape and put on a war for the fans. I think that both men have enough confidence in their ground game to look for the submission. Mir has the better standup, but Barnett may be able to smother him against the cage like Cormier did. I going to say Josh Barnett wins a decision.

Rory Kernaghan: Frank Mir and Josh Barnett will battle to prove they are still a reasonable force at HW. The two long serving MMA veterans will also fight to prove who is the better grappler. In my opinion, Mir has the advantage on the feet, and on the mat. The biggest advantage he holds over Barnett is that he can submit him from the bottom or top control, whereas JB is a catch wrestler and likes to dominate using position. I don’t really want to see either guy lose, but I think Mir will submit Barnett in round one with a nasty armbar.

Brian Cox: Mir / Barnett are a fight that I’m really looking forward to. I like and appreciate both fighters, but as a big Mir fan, I have to say that I’m anxious to see what Mir has been able to achieve under Greg Jackson’s tutelage. Both fighters are great grapplers and both men are tough. I see this fight as really being about who’s hungrier. Barnett could really benefit from a (debut) win over Mir, while Mir himself, needs a win to not only stop a 2 fight losing streak, but to also stick his name back in the title-mix conversation. For reasons of faith and fan support, I’m going to pick Mir to win this fight via 2nd round TKO.  

  • Pettis, and Mir

    • Yeah, I like the sound of that David.

    • I'll lock myself in right now as if I were betting a friend's $500, lol.

      Mir by submission, round 3.
      Pettis by TKO round 4.
      Chad by submission, round 3. Guillotine choke.
      Ben TKO's Vera, round 2.
      Terminators vs. Mankind? I'm going with the T1000s- it's impossible to beat liquid metal (BJJ doesn't work on that model). Besides, I feel that they're due to win now. No way they're going to fall for being lured to any more industrial, metal working plants anymore, IMHO.

      Thanks everyone.

  • Bendo by sheer boredom, and WarMaster by vicious foot stomp to Mir's head.

    • i wouldn't call it boredom,…but im going with your picks!

    • Your crazy man not all decisions are boring. At least in virtually every fight he has come close to a finish. The guy has a very exciting style as does his even more exciting opponent.

  • Mir and Henderszzz…zzz…zzz…oh

  • I hope you guys didn't put your money where your mouth is… !! Lol…
    On the other hand, i hope u did !! cause it's going straight to my bank!
    PETTIS all day and Barnett should take it too even though Mir "could" pull it off…

    • you are always wrong with your picks, dude. henderson by **********!

      • domi-nation is censored?

      • Always wrong?… interesting.. to my knowledge i've only been wrong 3x,
        I would know cause i'm actively betting and "winning" but go ahead and pick Bendo my friend… 😀

        • I believe you backed Reem on both his losses?

          • Yeah, I remember that. I think he the documentaries seduced his brain to the "dark side" LOL. Those Blackzillians need to call it quits before they ruin any more careers, lol.

        • i jused to bet on fights for a few months… but i quit, after some major misbettings. at least i was good with 200 €.

          so best luck to your betting-career.

  • Very surprised it is a unanimous vote for Bendo. Unless Ben gets this down quick and keep it there or keep clinched up for pretty much the whole fight, I think Pettis is going to wipe him out.

    Ben still needs to improve big time in his hands but can usually disguise or at least make up for that with a decent advantage in kicking.. something he doesn't have here.

    I predict Pettis to stick and move but being very aggressive with his attacks, eventually finding a opening and getting a TKO.

    Either way, whoever wins this fight will become a big name. Pettis winning will make him look virtually unbeatable and pretty scary as a champion. While Ben will finally have that signature title defense (Diaz was that until the close fight with Gil took it out of mind) to make him one of the more respected champs, also adding to his growing list of defenses.

    Been waiting for this rematch since Dec. 16th 2010.

  • I am a fan of Bendo and Mir and am rooting for them but think Petis will KO and Barnett will grind out a decision.

  • I'm calling it here, the body kick that slaughtered Cerrone will be Benson's undoing aswell. As long as Pettis comes into the fight healthy I have him stopping Bendo at some point. But I really think this will be a cracking fight!

  • I'm going with Showtime and Mir on this one.

  • One thing about Benson is that it will take a lightning strike to make him quit. For me Pettis has to KO Benson to win this fight and Benson has to get this down. If either fighter gets their way as far as where the fight happens it will be their night. On the ground as slick as Pettis is Benson is a beast there and is unlikely to be phased by sub attempts and on the feet as good as Benson is he will likely get run over by accuracy and volume.