UFC 163 Pre Fight Press Conference: Jose Aldo Wants Another Title


UFC 163 is set to go down this Saturday from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. The event, headlined by Jose Aldo vs. The Korean Zombie for the Featherweight crown, is stacked from top to bottom. Including Lyoto Machida vs. Phil Davis, Tom Watson vs. Thales Lietes, John Liniker, Cezar Ferreira and many more.

The press conference went down as planned, although the sound and and translation was pretty shoddy. Here’s some of the best quotes, or the ones I could decipher.

Phil Davis: “My game is a lot different from Dan Henderson and also from Jon Jones. They’re both wrestlers but we all use our wrestling in different ways. My wrestling is just one part of my overall game that supplements my fighting.”

Although Davis is certainly different from Hendo and Bones, I don’t think that he will present too much of a challenge to Machida, who made clear his future intentions:

“I’ve watched all the UFCs that were held here in Brazil. I really liked the event, the production, the crowd, the positive energy. I wasn’t given the opportunity to go for the title but this Saturday I would like to ratify that I am ready to go for the title.”

On scene were also Jose Aldo and Chan Sung Jung, who spoke about their much anticipated title clash:

Jose Aldo: “They put many fighters ahead of us and it doesn’t matter who’s in front of me, I’ll always be prepared to go over them. I’m very strong and I will make weight on Friday with no trouble whatsoever. I have no problem carrying the weight of the title alone. I hope to get another and carry two of them!”

Very good to see that Aldo still has a great passion for his title. Korean Zombie also chimed in with his two cents:

“I was actually woken up by news of the fight. I was sleeping when I first found out. To come here to Rio is a long task, it’s a tough trip but it keeps my competitive fires going.”

Check out the full pre fight press conference below and stay tuned for updates.

External photo courtesy of Fuel TV.

  • i wanted to watch that live, but the sound is prehistoric!

    • yeah there will be two upsets going to happen in brasil, one is that korean zombie will knockout jose aldo and that phil davis will destroy machida.

  • Ya that's right my boy Aldo letting people know who's time it really is, ha Bendo you got a problem coming your way, of course that's if hes still champ because Pettis is no joke but hey loving the confidence from Aldo just hope he still stays humble very thin line between confidence and arrogance