Lyoto Machida: Phil Davis Has Never Experienced Someone With My Style


Former Light-Heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida will look to extend his win streak to three when he squares off against Phil Davis at UFC 163. The Japanese-Brazilian (or ‘Japilian’) karate master will look to use his elusiveness against the wrestling whizz ‘Mr Wonderful’.

The Pennsylvanian native, Davis, will also look to improve his win streak to three against Machida. His recent wins over Wagner Prado and Vinny Magalhaes have put Davis in good standing at 205. The winner of this fight will arguably be right in the middle of a busy title mix.

A lot of people think this will be a squash match for Machida against Davis, but there are no easy fights at the top level, and Machida is well aware of this. Check out The Dragon’s pre fight interview, courtesy of, and stay tuned to Lowkick!

  • Machida gets this fight done in my opinion.

    • agreed. Phil is cool, but a less dynamic fighter than Shad was when Lyoto KO'd him. Lyoto stuffs any wrestler, last time Dan only took him down one time, when Machida was already leaning in the direction he fell. He will stuff Phil all night ( no homo pun intended ) and out strike him easily. Probably decision, but a KO would be nice.

    • Has ANYONE ever fought anybody with Machida's style?! Haha

  • Well why do I have the funny feeling we will see an upset ? Davis by knock down and GnP TKO. Sounds crazy !? But I will trust in my gut feeling this time and bet some cash.

    • No way. Davis' only chance of a win is through lay-n-pray. Lyoto is way too slick from the bottom for Davis to GNP out. The only guy at LHW I see beating Machida that way is Jones. That said and adding the caveat that I am taking Machida in the picks, Davis can win, I just don't think it is likely or that he can do it in an impressive manner.

    • …you're thinking about Chris vs Anderson too much.

      • Chris? …..Chris Leben? – why would I ? Seriously…..

        • You think his red hair is ****!

          • S,e,X,Y! my God this censor krap makes me punch my refrigerator!

  • I think Davis is better at putting people on their back than he gets credit. Lyoto will have to run backwards to avid the double.

    Of course, we all know he can do that.

    • Doh. Avoid not "avid".

      • Thats a pretty avid description of the fight. 8))

    • Agreed. That said Lyoto's Sumo background gives him excellent TDD as well. He is very hard to get on his back and wily once there.

  • Lyoto is going to Rung Away with the win! If ya know watimean!

    • He's gonna run away with it too!

      • damn, too much alcohol, i meant run, not rung, or did I meant rum?

        • Thats why I like coming here, it puts a smile on my face.