Weidman vs. Silva-Wrestler vs. Striker


When Chris Weidman faces Anderson Silva at UFC 162 he could be facing a potential car crash if Silva is able to land one of his infamous knees.

In 2010, National geographic released some fight science statistics showing that the power of a single knee is equivalent in force to a 35-mile-an-hour [or 56.3-kilometer-an-hour] car crash, delivering nearly two inches of chest compression after a single blow.

According to Dana White, there has never been a serious injury or death in the history of the UFC. This is a very proud achievement, however, try to explain that to the Maxillofacial surgeon who had the task of reconstructing Rich Franklin’s face after Anderson delivered a series of devastating knees in the clinch.

Anderson Silva’s knees have been responsible for finishing Chael Sonnen, Stefan Bonnar, Carlos Newton, Jorge Rivera, Chris Leben, and Rich Franklin. If Anderson is not finishing his opponent with his deadly knees, then a front kick, reverse elbow, or punch will soon find his opponent according to his impressive record sheet.

What separates Anderson Silva from many fighters is that he is not known as a one trick pony and has the ability to finish his opponents within the first round. You will never hear anyone describe Silva as the guy with the “overhand right”.

George St Pierre has publicly backed Chris Weidman to defeat Anderson Silva, while other UFC fighters are not so sure. Chris Leben, who has an intimate knowledge of Anderson Silva’s ability, recently stated that “Weidman is an amazingly tough kid who has put away some fantastic opponents”…, but Leben feels Weidman doesn’t have a tonne of experience and has been on the fast track to greatness compared to Silva who is a proven veteran.

So fight fans, are the wheels falling off the Chris Weidman Hype train or is Anderson Silva going to get blasted by a Shinkansen high speed train driven by an elite wrestler?

  • More proof that Franklin is a warrior. Not too many guys would have facial reconstruction and step back in the cage with him for another shot.

    • good point, Franklin would have had months of pain and discomfort after that fight.Alot of fighters would have pussied out for sure

  • Oh…Enjoy, you spread terror in my Chris Weidman loving heart. You are as a character on Game of Thrones; living beyond "The Wall".

    Dude…what are you trying to do this close to a fight? Ruin it?

    Don't be throwing any…ewwww…Chris is going to be the first man to die in the Octagon…. bad mo-jo Silva…voodoo statistics and facts on this fight. It's a drag, man. The hype train is not so easily derailed.

    Man, you really are a monster with the stats. Again, I commend you.

    I must ask though, did you come up with this off-hand or is there an agenda, here, which is to say…are you picking Silva in the fight?

    If so 321 and as a Chris Weidman fan, I "demand" equal time of your brain and copy and formally request a countervailing article telling and dissertation, regarding how many people die every year as a result of being hit by a train or the numbers that perish per annum as a result of a lack of oxygen, paralysis or sudden loss bone structure failure.

    Bizarrely, I'm confident that you can have or can produce, the relevant data.

    As a Weidman fan, I look forward to reading the actuarial evidence that your correlate, which empirically proves the case that the All-American will exit the building with the belt.

    Great article by the way…if you're a Silva fan. 🙂

    • @Brian…

      I was hoping to go under the radar here for any sensationalism, hype, or propaganda. But it appears that I have been exposed like a rat in a sewer for being the mastermind of treachery and psycological warfare against Weidman before the fight has even commenced. I promise however I am not poking any blunt needles into a voodoo doll of Weidman.

      Truth let it be known, I am rooting for Weidman to win.

      • Then…the article was a eulogy, of sorts? 🙂

      • Both my voodoo dolls are full of needles, may the best man win!