UFC 162 Video Blog Featuring Backstage Footage Of Anderson Silva Following Loss


Anderson Silva was dethroned at UFC 162 by Chris Weidman, the young prodigy took the Middleweight title with a forceful knockout in round two. Silva did his best to be respectful and calm post fight, but it becomes obvious how hard the loss was on Silva in this backstage footage.

He is comiserated by pop star Usher, before talking with Roy Jones JR and Ronaldo (the older one). Brazilians around the world were shocked and saddened by the loss, understandably considering that Silva is a national hero. I personally think that this is the best thing for Silva, it should help him re acquire his hunger for the fight game.

He lost his hunger after Pride FC and, with some help from the Nogueira brothers, found it again and took the UFC by storm. Weidman is an awesome fighter, and deserved his win at UFC 162. He was the better fighter. Something tells me that the rematch will be a very different affair.

Check out the video below, courtesy of UFC.com, and stay tuned to Lowkick!

    • Most inapt comment ever….

      Moving on…

      Sheet almost had me in tears…

  • i blame usher for the lost

  • Love Anderson Silva! You can't say Weidman didn't do anything because Silva was dropping his hands like that, because he's done it to plenty others who couldn't connect. At the same time I do think he went a little farther than usual with it and next fight will be different. Wayyyy before this fight I said I believe Weidman will have a pretty long run as the MW champ BUT after Silva decides it's time. I have Silva in the rematch by K.O.

    • Pretty much. I see the rematch looking very similar to the first fight but with Anderson winning in the second or third via KO. He will still use his normal style but he won't do stupid ****. That said, Wiedman could catch a sub. He didn't do much more damage to Silva on the ground than other wrestlers have but he did come close to sinking in a few subs. He has good flow. I think SIlva is pretty close to him in BJJ but I think Wiedman might have enough of an edge that it is possible. Still going with Anderson but you never know. The only thing I am fully sure of is that Chris won't get another standing KO.

  • cool video. anyone that thinks he is a disrespectful fool should watch. a true martial artist. his psycho game is a part of him, although i do think he took it too far that night, and should have fought more. for that he got caught. take nothing from either, great humble champions.

  • A very different affair? This time no excuses for Anderson when he loses?

    Silva is, by the numbers, the greatest MMA fighter in history. History, is not the same as currents events.

    Could the Spider win the rematch? Of course. Dominate? Less likely. Will he be the favorite? No.

    • Ah, always good to see rampant insecurity among the Silva "true believers" hitting the weak button for any thing less than total adoration.

      Everyone gets old. Deal with it.

      • It's not a matter of "true believers". You are a good analyst in most cases and I respect your opinion but you are wrong on a couple of counts. I have watched that fight a few dozen times trying to see what makes some people so sure that Chris has the answer and it just isn't there. The first round looked like a typical rd 1 Silva V Wrestler. Round 2 was all Silva until he got caught. What we need to look at is the why of Silva getting caught. The only thing I saw that differentiated that sequence from all the other times Silva has gotten away with stupid **** is that he really wasn't paying attention to Chris. Had he gone through rd two just using normal Silva tactics and not done that stupid faux rocked dance it would have been his round. I saw nothing in that fight to make me think that he won't destroy Chris in a rematch. All he has to do is keep his eyes on Chris. I don't adore Silva. I do defend him a lot because there are a lot of people who attack him for silly reasons that have nothing to do with who he is or what he does. I also admire him because of how much I have learned from watching him. Watching that fight makes me think he will absolutely dominate Chris. He just made a mistake and it is an easy one to avoid.

  • Still somewhat upset with the G.O.A.T for allowing this to happen, but, hey, I'm sure he'll take things a little more seriously the next time around if he indeed decides to ever fight again.

    Props to Roy Jones and Usher for being there for the champ when he needed it the most.

    As for Weidman, well, enjoy your 15 minutes of fame while it lasts, Sir. I'm sure you're very grateful for such friendly gift by A.S. Good Luck!

    • Silva did not allow this to happen any more than all the fighters he has beaten allowed Anderson to win. Weidman's standup looked great from the start of the fight. Silva had his moments where he landed some shots later on. But if he was light years ahead of Chris Weidman in striking, Silva would have knocked him out by the time he got knocked out himself. They spent plenty of time standing. They both were throwing strikes but Weidman was not allowing Anderson to land those perfect shots that will knock people out.

      Long story short, if Chris Weidman had KO'd Silva in 15 seconds and Silva was jivin' the whole 15. Then there's a case for it being a fluke or Silva wasn't doing his best. But he had ample time and when he wasn't playing around he still wasn't knocking anyone out.

      • better give Silva's balls some space, I'm sure he wants to have more children. Crazy nut-huggers.

      • Chael. What fight were you watching? Chris's stand up looked amateur next to Silva's. The only standing strikes he landed before the final sequence were the ones Silva just stood and took. He caught the guy sleeping. KOs don't come that easy. Damian Maia ate a lot of perfect strikes in rounds one and two.

      • Silva just messed up, and Chris won. That is what happens in combat sports at this level; someone messes up, and their opponent capitalizes on that mistake. It doesn't make Chris's win anything less, imo. Now, is Chris's striking better than Silva's? This fight is the only thing that disagrees with Silva's striking being on another level. That's why people say it was a mishap.
        I still think Chris beats Silva, but only the rematch will tell. Like this fight has shown us, nothing is certain in the octagon. Having better skill doesn't mean you can't lose.
        Just wanted to put my view out there.

  • Great video, great fight, definitely stoked for a rematch. As much as I think Dana White is childish kid with his new big red tonka toy, I think he was on the ball in the press conference.

    Wideman got the best of AS, and if he didn't in the second I don't think he would have in the later rounds as you could tell AS antics were getting in his head.

  • Usher comforting Anderson and giving him advice…LOL! What a joke. With that clown around, no wonder he lost.

    The only thing worse than having Usher on your side, would be having either Chris Brown or Justin Beiber as you buddy.

    Go back to lip-synching, you talentless ****.

    • I was waiting for usher to break out in some dance moves and a love song.

    • Damn, your girl must have all of Usher Raymond cd's BUT anyways to all you Silva haters/Weidman lovers/Bandwagon riders,like the Late Great Mike Jack song goes "Enjoy Yourselves".

      He's coming back (Vitor Belfort kicked 2 the face) focused….please let him be the underdog, PLEASE!!!!!

      • @Hateocracy, Sharp'ed you mate. Well said.

        • 4:51 is a very touching moment. Even as a Weidman fan, I felt for The Spider and his team.

          He was an awesome champion and may well again be, but it was Chris's night.

          God Bless Anderson and his team. Even in loss he's a classy guy.

      • Well, we'll see how this upstart challenger does against the champ, should he elect to take a rematch.

  • I always think Usher is the one that peed on that girl but I guess that's R. Kelley. I have my doubts that Anderson really trains very hard. And I have doubts of if that will change even now. I think he may be more interested in having fun and hanging out with celebrities. Even if he never trains hard and stays in shape only enough to make weight, he could probably still remain in the top 3 at 185 for a while.

    I'm more interested to see how much Weidman can improve in this amount of time. The Chris Weidman that we just saw was coming from a long layoff and an injury. It will be interesting to see if he keeps getting better at such a high rate. Usually a fighter's improvement slows down as he gets better and they begin to just tighten little things up here and there. Weidman might have neglected his grappling training somewhat, just to make time for more standup training for this fight. If his standup and grappling keep getting better at anywhere near the rate they have been, then Chris Weidman might be a totally new fighter all over again when we see a rematch.

  • Can't wait for Siva to come back and get his belt back. 4.51 says it all.

  • I think it's so funny how the secret to FAILURE is always the same recipe- no matter who is in the kitchen! Recipe: Surround yourself with the wrong people who tell you that you're greatest thing ever, that you're super-human, unstoppable, etc… Add 3 cups super-premium carelessness and forget about all the basics you've learned (i.e., keep your hands up, respect your opponent, etc.) and 4 cups ego (purified, for best results) and then let it bake for a few months. The results are what you see at 4:51 of this video. Celebrated chefs include Mike Tyson, Over-roid and now Anderson Silva. Change your recipe, change your result. The law of causality really is what makes both miracles and disasters possible, and this my friends, was a freaking disaster. Hope he puts his feet back on the ground, trains hard and changes his recipe. Kudos to Chris Weidman for his win.

    • interesting take on it, Green.

    • Dude, he lost one frickin fight! I think it is a little early for a Tyson comparison. Also, who are these "wrong people"? His corners have been telling him to cool it with the clowning. They are telling him the right stuff.

      • Hmmmm…. If I had Usher "counseling" me in a reality TV style session after I got my A$$ handed to me in front of millions of people, I would immediately think that I was surrounded by the "wrong people", LOL. Was that a real question? HAAAAA HAAAAA