UFC 162 Pre Fight Press Conference


UFC 162 is within touching distance, and I’m starting to get that pre fight hype feeling again. With a stacked card from top to bottom featuring Frankie Edgar, Charles Oliveira, Tim Boetsch, Mark Munoz, Tim Kennedy, Roger Gracie and of course Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman for the 185lb. title-UFC 162 is sure to be an epic event.

For seemingly a lifetime, the Lowkick community has bantered, bickered, debated and argued over the outcome of the evening’s main event. So many questions and theories about Silva’s legitimacy and Weidman’s ability, but they will all be put to rest come Saturday.

For the moment, check out the UFC 162 pre fight press conference from Las Vegas and stay tuned to Lowkick!

  • 4.2 million dollar gate….not bad

    Looked like Dana wanted to kill Tim kennedy during the square off at the end

  • This just in : Silva shared his belt with Chris at the end of the conference, sending a clear message. He has been paid to take the fall, so that there can be another high dollar rematch, considering there is nothing left at middle weight to challenge him, without false hype being sold as reality. ( Let the conspiracy begin ) haha.

  • Kennedy better win for his sake. A loss is the perfect excuse to say "later dude"

    • you are so correct, and you know lil hitler. would most likely happen.

  • Lol @ Anderson letting Weidman touch, what he'll never have… That's the closest Weidman will ever get to that belt until Silva retires. It's like letting a starving lil kid hold a Happy meal, they are not allowed to eat… the mental battle has begun!

    • lol…thats messed up man. i tried to put a different spin on it and not be so rude, but you just threw the kid to the wolves. on pins and needles, cant wait for tomorrow nite !

  • I hate to say this but I don't think Chris Weidman is ready yet! It was so obvious in the stare down.

    • exactly. i thought the same that moment. i saw it in his eyes. he just woke up. like thinking in his mind., oh fuch !!! this **** is real. a dream come true for sure for him, but when that cage door closes, reality will sink in quick and all that confidence will question itself for him i believe.

      • Maybe Chris is playing the mind game now lol who knows.
        It's TIIIMMMEEEE!!!!! que: "The Buffer Spin"

  • Since when does a champion let a contender touch their belt? Thats more weird than a male gynaecologist

    • I think that's the arrogance many dislike him for once again, but hey, if it gets into his opponents head…by all means go ahead.