UFC 162 Main Card Results: Chris Weidman Wins The Title With An Emphatic Knockout


UFC 162 is in the books from Las Vegas and we have a new middleweight champion after Chris Weidman scored an emphatic knockout over Anderson Silva. Weidman scored an early takedown, but Silva got up and proceeded to showboat the rest of the round. The second saw more dancing from Silva, but Weidman eventually tagged Silva with a massive left hook and some subsequent bombs on the ground. An unbelievable victory.

Frankie Edgar met Charles Oliveira in his first non-title fight since 2009. Edgar came out looking sharp, landing some crisp boxing combinations mixed with some takedowns. Oliveira ate a ton of shots and tried to fight back with his Muay Thai. “The Answer” landed in the guillotine after a big slam to end the second. Oliveira landed some good punches in the third, but Edgar began teeing off with some absolute bombs to gain the unanimous decision victory.

Roger Gracie and Tim Kennedy made their Strikeforce debuts at 185. The multi-time BJJ champion took the fight to the ground as expected, looking for a choke from Kennedy’s back. Kennedy won the second round by controlling with strikes from the clinch. Both fighters looked gassed in the last round, and Kennedy won via unanimous decision.

Mark Munoz and Tim Boetsch came out ready to fight at middleweight. After an early slam by Boetsch, Munoz scored a few takedowns of his own. The first round ended with Munoz scoring some nice clean power shots. Munoz tripped Boetsch early in the second and spent the most of the round landing brutal shots from top position. The last round saw Munoz dominate with some huge ground-and-pound. Munoz took home the unanimous decision, but Tim Boetsch was an insanely tough combatant.

Cub Swanson and Dennis Siver fought a battle at featherweight. Siver spent most of the first in dominant position on the ground, but Swanson recovered in the second with a great throw. In the third, Swanson came out throwing some heavy leather, felling Siver with a series of right hands before finishing it with some precise ground-and-pound.

UFC 162 Main Card Results:

Chris Weidman def. Anderson Silva via TKO (punches)

Frankie Edgar def. Charles Oliveira via unanimous decision

Tim Kennedy def. Roger Gracie via unanimous decision

Mark Munoz def. Tim Boetsch via unanimous decision

Cub Swanson def. Dennis Siver via R3 TKO (strikes)

UFC 162 Lowkick Fight Night Awards:

Performance of the Night: The nod here can go to none other than new middleweight champion Chris Weidman, who silenced Anderson Silva’s taunting with a vicious combo of power strikes.

Finish of the Night: There were some great finishes on tonight’s card, and Gabriel Gonzaga deserves recognition for his 17-second KO of Dave Herman, as do Cub Swanson and Edson Barboza for the triple nod.

Upset of the Night: Chris Weidman upset arguably the greatest fighter of all time, so he deservedly receives the double award.


  • Wowww!! Weidman just knocked Silva out cold !!!!! WTF Can't believe it

    • Holy **** MAN ITS REAL

      • he got KO because he is a cocky bastard! Weidman is not even a top level fighter compare to other champions and contenders yet he KO Silva! he was never GOAT like i said! fake legacy! always easy fights, 2-3 legit wins and never wanted to rematch any of those 2-3 guys , Hendo, Belfort would smoke Silva in the rematch any day!

        Now its time for Belfort to KO Weidman to become Champ

        • one loss in over 7 years and he has a fake legacy? yeah, seems legit. Weidman won fair and square tonight but this bandwagon jumping after the fight is a little pathetic

          • After tonight I congradulate Chris on his win. I still feel however that Silva is the better fighter and Chris was being the better fighter. I think if Silva was to take the fight like he did against Vitor with seriousness and focus he would have dispatched Weidman like everyone else. But I also felt this had to happen eventually no matter how unlikely it would be. I hope Silva gets his desire back for the belt but I also feel he was being honest about being tired of holding the belt at his age and now he just wants to have fun and leave the pressure of the belt to someone else after such a long time. Congrats to Weidman but I am betting if Silva is not going after the belt anymore that this belt will have a few champs in the next few years.

          • One thing is for sure Weidman beat the worst display of Silva ever and not the best. Even on the ground when Silva was deep in a heel hook he was able to get out quite handily and although taking some punishment on the ground from GNP it was nothing too serious and Silva obviously thought little of what Chris had and that was when it became a big mistake by taking Weidmans attempts as futile and thinking the stand up is a cake walk for him.

        • My turn to be a Diick!

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        • I tip my Gucci hat to Wiedman, Silva clowned so much i think anybody could of clipped him tonight.

          Well fella's off to da SKRIP CLUB

          • Oh yeah, Big Shout Out to MUNOZ….YAY AREA TURN UP!!!!!!!

      • I watched the fight online and it was only 10 minutes long, so I thought Anderson won, Then I shitted in my pants.

      • silva just got lucky of belfort. There's no other legit fighter in middleweight except for belfort and weidman.

    • And then Anderson says he doesnt want to fight for the belt anymore.
      Whats up here it looked like he didnt care about this one.

      • We dont want to hear any excuses guys, **** it up, be a man.

        • They won't.

        • Ill bring it real as fuch,no excuses problem is , this old *** out o date site need some **** that sends you a personal message when someone replies direct. That why i dont have to spend miutees searching for comments mae.

          • Im sporting the V mask in defiance to the spies. Thats what people are doing now at protests to keep from being put on a watch list…crazy huh, sad but true.

          • yea, animal is far more fun hahaha

        • If you think it was Weidmans intense skill that won that fight your definitely in his pants.

          • Yea, ok. Chris Weidman is a better fighter than Anderson Silva.

      • Yeah, I watched that KO a dozen times. It was a freak thing that happened due to Silva's carelessness not Wiedman's skill. If Silva wants to he will win the rematch no problem.

    • Trainer of Weidman said: I WANT U TO PUNCH A FACKUNG HOLE IN HIS CHEST.

      Guess he took that one seriously

    • Haters prayers have finally been answered. Anderson lost the way he always lost in the past, to himself.

      Meh…whatever i guess, i really don't think weidman is all that at all.

      • Ill call you a whaaaaambulance.

        • lol…awesome, never heard that word. this site could use email notification of direct replies to your comments. all too many times a thread dies quick and / or something goes un noticed. i was hammered last night, worked today, just now getting around to reading many of these comments. not many go back after it was yesterdays news , so that would be a nice feature / option to implement…the email notification.

          • whew !!! apparently i did drink some tequilla last night, as i just scrolled down and saw that i already bitched about that last night, in a less nice / drunken manner, lol..gonna weak myself for that one.

    • Steven Seagal teached him that move!!

      • Oh well, Bones just took a big breath of relief.

    • BEST well-deserved knockout ever! Weidman is an awesome fighter, but Silva lost to himself…He didn't need to lose in that fashion (ie, like a witless clown).

    • Just wait till I make a gif. image of that wobble, then KO lol

  • Anderson retiring? Wow

    • he said hes not retiring…

      • Yeah I was too quick on the comment, It almost seems like he's happy that he lost? Was a strange interview at the end.

        • Ya Rogan talked about how Hughes said he was relieved when he finally lost the belt and that Anderson seemed to act the same.

          • relieved? let's all buy the Anderson pie and believe that it was his will to pass the belt to Chris. um no, nice act Anderson but Chris took the belt from him via KO.

          • You misunderstand, He was relieved not desired to lose the belt. It's like when your a doctor and people need intense surgery all the time and you don't want to mess up but when someone else who is fresh comes along you are relieved from the pressure of that responsability.

          • He virtually did pass the belt to Weidman and everyone knows that Chris beat a man that beat himself. Chris will have to dispatch every guy at 185 impressively for 7 years to match Anderson.

          • how convenient…..

  • both got what they deserve!!! now give vitor the next shot at weidman :)))

  • ……..

  • imo Silva beat silva in this fight. He let his ego take control and it finally caught up to him. Good win for Weidman but I would feel a bit disappointed beating Silva like that, him not even taking the fight seriously.

    • I'll say it again, Weidman kept his calm waited for the doosh to mess up and BANG Done, dont play it down or say he wasnt trying, be a man about it.

      • Nobody has to play it down, Silva did that. Quit trying to play up weidman like he beat the best at his best. That was Silva at his career worst. Your the type of guy that if Weidman beat Silvas daughter you would be singing the praises of a Silva defeat like it was some cream of the crop brilliance.

      • AJY

        He wasn't trying, his clowning got em rocked, he deserved it. The few strikes thrown showed he's roughly 2x as fast as Weidman, and far more accurate. it's a hard sell to say he met his match in weidman skill wise.

    • He fought like he always fights, except it finally caught up to him against a beast who kept his cool against all the taunting. The ground game was all Weidman as well.

      • Exactly MK. Perfectly said.

        • exactly doubled. reference my other comments about ego and him not being himself. physically, he is a specimen for a man 2 years younger than i, mentally, he was retired. best thing about the mind though, is ideas change in the now moment, consistently. do you want it or do you not ?

      • Actually he didn't fight that way with other high calibre opponents like Dan and Vitor and when he kept serious he performed flawlessley. This was the single worst fight of his career, He looked very sloppy and he looked slower by far than when he fought Vitor. Truth is Weidman was just there at the right time when Silva is nearing the end of his career and certainly 2 years past his prime. Weidman has a long road of wins ahead of him to show himself as good as Silva. Next 7 years of his life without a loss and entertaining 205 3 times as well. We'll see.

        • AJY

          I don't think he's really slipped that much in terms of power reflexes etc. Hell he barely threw anything at all, we don't know for sure. In a rematch im sure Silva would do his thing and win.
          If you watch the replay of the ko, he gets hit once, fakes being rocked and ends up on his heels ,leaning back, he thought chris would allow him stand up, but instead he threw a combo silva wasnt ready for. It wasn't super fast, but silva was already in a bad position to dodge it from the start, because of his antics, he still managed to dodge two of em but was off balance enough to just get clipped by the last. His ego got him ko'd.

          • @AJY exactly… as matter of fact i don't think he slipped AT ALL… he was just acting a damn fool! He did not fight. Like @experience said: He does stuff like that but after he dodges he always counters and knocks people out or at least hurts them badly. He just did not fight at all he just kept dancing around and screaming hit me hit me until…………. He got HIT! and he dropped down like bird ****! I'm so disappointed not for the fact that he lost but because he just gave it away. From the minute he got back up in the first round he could've taken Weidman out at WILL!! It was very obvious.. but he wanted to toy around with him for a few rounds before attacking and u just dont do that **** with an elite fighter like Weidman! Silva is superior in skill but you can never disrespect your opponent. This was "ALISTAIR OVEREEM" all over again…… a superior fighter getting knocked out by someone that doesnt even deserve to be in the octagon with them.

          • Ok, Janice, your turn lol, you were saying something like it wouldnt matter because Silva would destroy him hahahaha

          • I agree again.

        • Wow falcon, you are a fvcking douche. Way to take 100% of the credit away from Weidman. What a loser you are buddy.

          • I didn't take away 100% of Chris Weidmans credit. I just won't lie and say he beat the best Silva we know he can be. I gave credit and congradulated Chris on his win as he did what others couldn't but it is not a win that shouts superiority only that one fighter was an idiot and made it much easier to beat him than when he fought other dangerous opponents. Chris deserves the belt without question but do I actually thin k he is better than Silva… No.

        • He didn't fight that way against Dan and Vitor because he had already figured them out. Vitor was done after the 3 minute of the first round. The only reason Dan lasted into the second round was because he got a takedown, and held on tight for the end of the round. Anderson fights that way when he's either A) so far ahead of the opponent that it doesn't matter, and B) when he's confused and trying to force the other guy to fall into his trap. Forrest Griffin and Stephan Bonnar were in the A category. Chris Weidman is in the B.

          Nobody is saying Weidman's greatness level is near Silva's (and in fact is an argument brought on by a sad jealousy of Chris Weidman as it is to air, nobody is arguing differently). The fact is, right now, Chris Weidman is better than Anderson Silva. By age, years of fighting, and Weidman's own skill. It's that simple.

          • AJY

            @evan, when you say he fights this way vs forrest, bonner etc, and that way vs weidman, your saying there's a precedent for "type B" in a previous fight. I don't remember Silva being confused by an opponent before (relentless pressure from sonnen threw him off, thats different), the closest to this type of buffoonery was the Maia fight, and he had no respect for his striking.
            We shouldn't call a quick ko like last night an example of Weidman being more skilled, anymore than we can for Serra having GSP's number or JDS having Cain's. Both those fights have been proven a rematch can tell as much as the first fight.

          • It is not sad jealousy. I am glad for Chris that he is the new champ but i am also sad that Anderson acted the way he did and made such foolish mistakes that his cornermen were telling him not to do.

    • I'm glad he got knocked the f*ck out for that monkey sh*t he pulled today! If he didn't wanna be the champ anymore he could've just retired. This sh*t was just absolutely ridiculous. He should be ashamed of himself. He didn't even FIGHT, like he wanted to get knocked out… Sure it's his style to showboat.. but this was not the same. Silva does that ****, dodges his opponents attack and then counters with an object to kill. He did no such thing. He was just dancing like a f*cking clown…

      Weidman deserves that belt but he knows he did not beat Anderson Silva, he beat a clown with a personality disorder on an ego trip. Good work though… i hope he enjoys it for a couple of months.

      • Thats just it. Nobody has legitimately beat Silva by outclassing his skills.

        • AJY

          @falcon, I agree. Obviously still the greatest fighter we ve seen, but boy oh boy did he ever have it comin with his antics, very disrespectful. The mma gods had to strike him down

        • falcon, you're right, he wasn't outclassed- he was knocked out cold, eyes rolled to the back of his head.

          • I can agree with that. Although on the night was outclassed mentally and he lowered his ability with stupidity.

      • AJY

        @thexperience1, well said. Every time weidman landed a hit Silva would clown, as if he's so insulted he got it by weidman, he had to play it off like he didn't care, and that he was allowing chris to hit him. I've never seen em talking between rounds like that either, it was just a poor display all around from him. He deserved that ko imo too

  • Wow just wow i never expected Silva to be that careless i mean first round was enough but that's what he gets but i still cant believe his reign is over and worst part is i don't think he would of had lost had he actually fought and not danced like it was a freaken circus shown going on

    • He's always been a total prick to other fighters, Karma guys.

  • Karma.

    It is very appropriate that Silva should lose because of his clowning disrespect for his opponent. Once hubris sets in–the end is nigh.

    Dana will talk him into a rematch, once he gets over the loss.

  • He deserved getting KO'ed for acting like a freaking clown.

  • wow, look at Anderson trying to act like he willingly passed the torch.

    "Chris is the best. he's the champ now. I got the belt for a while. I'm tired. blah blah"

    He got no respect for his opponent and got KTFO.

    • He's just stating he is mentally not in it any more and Chris has the champ mindset. Chris as good as he is has never showed yet skills at Andersons level.

      • yea, Chris doesnt clown to impress fans.

        • True, Silva was the only one with enough skills to pull that off, any other champs did not even need to clown to get caught.

  • It appears that Silva thought Weidman was Forrest, what a mess. Sure glad I didn't spend money on this garbage.

  • Here comes the Silva haters….All the I told you soo…

    • Must get to you huh? You guys been mouthing off forever thinking he's invincible.

      • Hey my comment went up a spot, not too you wpg….site overload lol

      • Naw man its just entertainment, life is serious enough nothing wrong with come'n on LOWKICK & having a lil fun.

        You good with me Ents

        • That's cool Hate, have fun at the **********, grab an azz for me 8P

      • He virtually was compared to all other fighters and most of us said he is post prime now and cannot hold the belt forever. Not invincible but the very best fighter the UFC has ever seen and very well may still be. Chris did well but long before he got his punch in Silva was willingly allowing punches in. No other champ even dared do that stuff and get away with it. GSP did nothing but try and not get hit and still got knocked out. If Anderson was as safe as GSP he would be champ till 80.


    • In my honest opinion, people wouldn't hate on Silva as bad if all of his fans didn't act like he was invincible. I seen a lot of his fans on here saying how he would own Jon Jones when reality just showed that he doesn't even own everyone in his division. You can tell that Anderson Silva is a very good guy, but a lot of things that he does in the octagon is disrespectful and uncalled for. I know that makes people dislike him. There are a lot of fighters who step in the cage an dput a beatdown on their opponent, but none of them treat their opponents like Anderson Silva does. I don't care if he is(was) the best in the world or not, there is no excuse for it.

      • Reality is not last nights fight in terms of who is better than Silva. Otherwise GSP is also owned by Serra and that was without gifting a package of free shots. You're right though, Silva was retarded last night and deserved to lose with that much ignorance. I think he is still the best and could easily pose problems for Jon but I think mentally he is unfit until he realizes he needs to fight serious everytime like GSP does.

      • Just cause he got KO'd last night doesnt mean he cant beat Bones. If he goes in there with Bones and FIGHTS! its going to be a very very long night for Bones. We might not get the super fights right now but i'm sure Silva will take that belt back by the end of the year and we'll see those superfights in 2014 unless Bones pulls an Anderson Silva and gets knocked out for clowning 🙂

  • Something did not look right in the fight. Silva did not seem to care whatsoever. He gave away that fight, plain and simple.

    I'm very disappointed in him.

    • yeah man, he gave Chris that KO and the nasty bombs that followed like he gave Chael the 4 rounds of control in their first fight. Anderson is a generous guy.

      • He had a cold…..yea, thats it. Face it UDG, you've been condemning Chris for weeks and acting like Silva is a God. That is all.

        • Dude, I watched the fight.

          • I know man, that's the way I felt when Shogun had no cardio and lost to Forrest.

      • He gave Chris about 20 chances to KO him before the KO and that particular one was one he was not ready for. It was stupid of Silva not spectacular of Chris.

  • I had a feeling

  • Garbage? We just saw the "greatest of all time" get KTFO. That's money man.

    • Maybe for you it's money, welfare money.

      • Ouch my feelings.

        • Thats ok Chaos, I "weaked his azz" lmao…I usually dont do that

  • Silva did that to himself. had he actually been fighting in the match things could have went completely different. i dont see Weidman being champ as long as silva reigned as champion but Weidman will sure leave a dent.

    • Silva did that to himself? No man, Weidman did that.

      • No, I take nothing from Chris, but that was not a fight, that was a man lost in the idea of something in America he could be , ego…outta control, and let his guard down. I totally respect Chris but that was not a win in the sense (I beat you) because he beat himnself…he opened up for an easy straight jaw shot.

        Take your 1 sided opinion home, while i tell the unbiased truth.

  • Have always been a fan of Silva's skills… never liked it when he clowned around in the octagon. This time… he paid for it. Dana looked like he wanted to puke. Good job to Chris… just added a chunk of change to his bank account. The rematch will sell very well…

  • wahaha…That was awesomeeeeeeeee… I admit I thought it was a done deal Anderson winning this one, but that was fcuking AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

  • Nike President…."aww crap"

  • The way I see it, Anderson didn't take the fight seriously and just seemed to want to have fun. It cost him, but man was it fun to watch. Congrats to Chris, the middleweight division will certainly be more interesting without Anderson destroying everyone. Looking forward to Weidman vs Belfort or Silva vs Jones!

  • He deserved to lose for acting like a punk……surprised how he appears not to give a fcuk about it…..

    • That's what a guy does when he's totally ashamed.

  • What the hell silva, ur 38 year old man, stop acting like a little kid while fighting! too much confidence in his chin, too much disrespect for his opponents. I can't say he didn't deserve this.

  • Silva not taking the fight seriously? Ummmmm do you watch him fight? He does the exact same rhing EVERY FIGHT. The only difference in this one is the man he wa sfighting had the skill-set to make him pay for being disrespectful. Chris Weidman earned the championship. He knocked Silva out COLD. In all fairness, Anderson Silva DESERVED to get knocked out for the crap he pulled between rounds. The funny thing he wa stelling Weidman to bring it, and Weidman brought it right to his chin lol

    Weidman won round 1 but the last 2 minutes of the round, you could tell Anderson was in his head. Imo, the fight wa sstarting to turn in Anderson's favor until he got too cocky. Silva fans can make up every excuse in the book to why he lost and say that he wins the fight 9 out of 10 times. Well, I guess this was the 10th time lol

    Im sorry, but Im loving this lol I could go on for days about how happy I am, but I wont. In all seriousness, we have all been very lucky to get to witness the best MMA fighter in the world go on a tear like Anderson Silva has. We got to witness history in the making. Watching Anderson Silva fight is equilvalent to getting to watch Michael Jordan in his prime, Tiger Woods winning all of those majors, and watching Mark McGuire break the HR record. Barry Bonds breaking it wasnt as big since it hadnt been set too long before, imo. It's just unfortunate that we also witnessed Silva's reign end because of cockiness and McGuire break the HR record because of steroids lol

    • Sharp post, man. He likes to taunt his opponents to come in then counter. He did the same to Maia and Maia didn't rush in recklessly and that ended in a boring decision. Not like he would have jumped in Maia's guard if he was taunted.

    • Weidman was keeping his cool and wasnt falling for the bait…obviously

  • ………

  • Fcuking Hell! Time to move on I guess.

  • Twas an empty victory, but a victory nontheless, Good job chris, i never saw that left coming and just like A.S. would have expected a right to follow. Andy did get too cocky though, sometimes hands down is good, when comfortable and used right . but he deserved that honestly .

    • Twas the night before my birthday and cheering in my house, I jumped in the air and stepped on a mouse 8P

  • Vitor is ecstatic I'm sure…

    My thoughts on the fight? Basically mirroring most reasonable people's opinions, Anderson lost to himself. He came in injured…mentally. He didn't have the drive. Perhaps years and years of having fights where he felt way too dominant and not challenged enough have caused him to basically be careless. Props to Weidman for keeping his cool and striking when the iron was hot.

    No more superfight talk please…Jones would murder Anderson. GSP looks brilliant for claiming Weidman was going to win, and being so calm and confident in it, even though GSP wanted nothing to do with Silva either way.

    If there is no rematch it will be unfortunate. Weidman does deserve the title, but I think that an immediate rematch is in order if Anderson will come in mentally right. It would be the biggest rematch in UFC history.

  • Best moment of being fan.
    MMA is a hell of a fun sport, best strikers can be KO'ed while standing Overreem, Anderson Silva by ground
    Best wrestlers can be also taken down by strikers Chael Sonnen, Dan Henderson, Randy Couture
    Best grapplers can be submitted, don't know example now.
    But holy ****!!!!!!!!! AHAHHAAHAHAHA…. AHAHAHAHAHAHA What a emotions!!!!

  • I'm still a big silva fan….when he actually fights but he if was planning on pulling some BS like this against jones, or gsp, i'm not even interested in watching that go down.

  • thats sick fukcinshit man! ….. AS was all right till that one punsh! he was too cokcky…… ….man, i want that rematch – when he loose this as well, then let him go, …… let him g!oo in legacy like fedor

  • For Christ's sake, Silva, really? I mean, losing is fine. I'm okay with that. But he just completely disrespected his fans along with Chris for doing that. I wanted to see you trying when you actually lost. Was like Overeem but heaps worse… He didn't just taunt Weidman, he was yelling at him in between those two rounds, and he wasn't dominant before the KO. Btw, good for Weidman in looking like the taunting wasn't effecting him. That was out of character for Silva, or at least out of what I saw his character as…
    What's worse is that Anderson was stuffing the takedowns and I think he could've won.
    Gosh, imagine what Belfort's (whos supposed to be a better striker with more power) would've done.
    Can't wait to see other fighters and Dana's reaction.

    • That behavior is due to Silva being afraid of Weidman after the first round, it made him over-compensate with the antics. Weidman took him down immediately and them attempted several submissions and Silva stood back up. Gotta respect that.

  • side note: i was loookin this event in germany…. time-diferrence 8 h or something?…..whatever….. i saw this 10 mintues before the maincard starts on wikipedia: https://fbcdn-sphotos-f-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/1000373_600157523349048_2017007688_n.jpg

  • O.o

  • Bob Weavington says, "Anderson Silva, I'm not impressed by your weaving"

  • Please no one talk about silva disrespecting anyone or being cocky he did that with maia, forest, bonnar and rich doing his head weaving thing. Its part of his game. At no point was he winning the fight got beat by a better fighter straight up. How fitting is it to have all those highlight knockouts and get the same done to you! Ok losing the belt is a big deal and all but honestly the swanson siver and Frankie fights were way more entertaining fights then the Anderson fight.

    • Part of Silva's game has never involved yelling at the guy in between rounds, has it? I can't really say because I don't remember all of his fights.

    • Yes he did that with some fighters but not with guys that he thought were truly good like Vitor and Dan and he looked incredible in those fights way unlike this fight. Chris had nothing on Silva but points going into R2 and that is normal for a Silva fight. All the problems were when Silva went mentaly retarded and ignorance placed him in the losing side of the fight. Chris was unable to get the takedown and Silva is used to being able to take hard shots in practice but just because you can take 99 punches in a row doesn't mean number 100 will not get you. Chris will be a better fighter when he beats as many fighters and defends as long that belt as Silva has. This belt will trade a few times in the time Silva had it.

  • The end of the chicken era :)).Got beaten in his own game

  • Anderson KO'd Sonnen with illegal kick.And the rest of his fights were agaist can's.End of his chicken dance

    • ?

      • The knee that landed to the chest with the thigh swiping the face…

        Not exactly illegal (apparently as it is against the rule book), as about 10 of the same were landed throughout the night last night (3 by Munoz on Boestch).

  • I can understand why some of his corner were crying… To think someone is that good, then see them lose in their own game to someone who was just introduced to that aspect not too long ago.
    What was going through Silva's mind?

    • This was a long time coming, MMA is really a game of inches and imperfection – This is going to take a lot out of Silva and now is aura is gone.

    • the usual showboating

  • Silva throw fight to avoid Jones, or did Silva just get caught. That will be the next debate.

    I especially liked when all of Joe Rogans questions were unanswered.

  • Last time Anderson kissed a guy got beaten up.Gay ending

  • Anderson beat himself? Nah, actually Chris Weidman knocked him the F out…

    • true dat

    • Knocked out a chin set on a mantle for him to practice on. Not exactly stellar from either side.

      • on a mantle? it keeps getting better and better. how many times has Silva played around like that? it's his style and it backfired terribly. no one is unbeatable and he needed a reality check. and about Weidman, the guy is still undefeated and the new MW Champ, what you gonna about that?

        • Silva played like that too many times for sure and thats just it he didn't play that with Vitor and he shouldn't with anyone. Silva is not unbeatable, I agree on that as we have seen because every man will make mistakes and Silva has on multiple occassions through showboating and it finally became his first loss in the UFC. I would like to know what would happen if Silva treated Weidman like he did Vitor.

  • I think Anderson was showboating thick because Roy Jones and Mike Tyson were at the event.

  • Bizarre fight -Silva never clowned so much in a fight before. I honestly believe that Silva is borderline madness to go along with his brilliance. It seems that he does not care to get knocked out and this fight was looking eerily similar to the Maia fight. Silva's arrogance is off the charts and it almost felt Silva was so angry in the cage that he wanted to make it a train wreck. Silva's arrogance is extreme – he really felt the need to humiliate Weidman in the worst way and the arrogance is what will make him want an immediate rematch, regardless of what Silva is saying now.

    Anderson is similar to Lennox Lewis, when he feels threatened he will easily smash an opponent like Sonnen (2nd fight ) Belfort, Henderson – But can put himself at risk when he feels at ease with opponent. Good for Weidman, but this is quite the example to reflect on for Silva and this will hurt his legacy.

    • much of my friends felt the same. we dont mind seeing him get beat, but we wanted to see a fight. take nothing from weidman, but he got a free shot, because of silva clowning. if he beat him, i want to see it for real. also, yea, seemed like is was and is tired of the pressure of being on top, almost like he wanted to lose.

  • Anderson got wath he deserved for long time fighting can after can

    • Got what he deserved: yes, definitely.
      Cans?… not sure about that.

  • I think thats the first time anyone he fought had a reach advantage on him. A.S. was used to dropping hands and didnt realize Weidman's reach, it cost him dearly. We cant say Weidman doesnt have KO power thats for sure.

    • Actually he has fought 4 or 5 guys with reach advantages over him. GSP and Jones however have always had reach advantages. People think its Silvas reach but he has defeated fighters with bigger reaches unlike GSP and Jones.

  • well that was the end of the monkey dance…
    congratulations Chris!!!!

  • karma is a biatch. Karma hit anderson hard tonight.

  • "Last time he touches the belt"
    Where is your God now, haters?

    • Dana is shitting his pants right now, LMFAO

      • No Dana is doing his happy dance and dreaming of the rematch $$$$$

  • come on people silva got caught with a lucky shot he was winning the fight. i would bet my life that silva will win a rematch. so don't hang on the nuts yet.

    • Where exactly was he winning that fight. He was on his back, got hit with a few shots to the head,then taunted…..then was avoiding 2 strikes, one connected, he fell back and got pounded out. Then he tried to take down Her Dean, but Dean was to agile and escaped the incoherent takedown. Props to Herb Dean hahaha

      • This. At no point was Anderson winning. At no point was he controlling the match.

        People are confusing playing mind games, with actually having them work.

      • I don't think he was winning on points but he never comes out R1 at his best and R2 was a costly retard moment. Weidman proved very little last night except that he can KO a chin that is on a platter for him. Weidman could not take Silva down after the first one just like Sonnen 2. Chris got an easy version of Silva. Even that is hard to capatalize on so props to Chris.

        • Weidman did more than score points in that first rounds, those shots that landed on Anderson hurt him (even the ones that Anderson played off standing). The ones on the ground were rough, and him giving up position for the kneebar might have been as stupid as Anderson fighting with his hands down.

          Weidman proved he was the better fighter, period. Weidman missed on one takedown in the second, and that was shooting from about 6 feet away (which is partly why Anderson fights with his hands down from distance, so he can grab hooks).

          Again, the plan worked against Sonnen and the other men Anderson has used it against when he didn't put them away in the first. The problem is, Weidman is simply not those guys. He's a different breed.

          • No Weidman tried another takedown but Silva used the cage to stuff it as well. There is no way Weidman has proven yet to be the better fighter. Like I have said before I believe Silva is the better fighter but Weidman was being the better fighter that night just by doing everything in his power to fight to the best of his abilities.

  • Congrats Weidman. That's all I'm gonna say on that fight as ya'll have covered the bases already. Edgar still p4p material for me, brilliant performance. Barbosa and Aldo would be a good match up at some point in a p4p kicking war, his kicks are BRUTAL!!! Great card, great fights, let's hope Silva learns from this.

    • Edgar should have started bangin like a madman after he wobbled Olivera in the 3rd. He could have got that KO.

  • I can t believe how Silva can lose hist belt and his legacy like that he got the level yo destroy Weidman and contrary he play and do a shitt we all know the end of this shittt
    Lesson:"respect your opponent"

  • Hej! I have some things to say:
    After Weidman took Silva down and start to pound on him with quite vicious shots, i fought it might get over, but Silva still looked very composed and indestructable.
    After getting on the feet , I think Silva got better in exchanges. And it looked like the fight could continue for a longer time
    2nd round it was too much of the mind games…
    And Weidman saying that he was not concerned about Silvas mind games is A LIE, he looked very confused after the 1st round for sure!
    Ehhh, but ANYWAY this fight was BREATHTAKING!!!
    A rematch with composed SILVA in Brazil would be interesting , but before that i want The fight with Belfort, it hink this is the real moment – now or never!!!

    • Oh, and legkiks and stopped TD were fanstastic, WHY so fast – ARGHH – I wanted to enjoy the fight longer!!!

      • Weidman was probably thinking the same thing I was…"What the h3ll are you doing? We came to fight and your screaming at me like my ex-wife, time to KO your silly azz"

      • By the way, if you work for Google, quit spying on me and you're FIRED!

  • Anderson lost a fight. Chris won the title. It happens in MMA quite a lot.

  • Vitor is gona destroy Weidman …

    • What BS…

    • Have you see Vitor's record against wreslters? And Anthony Johnson doesnt count.

  • The one thing that was strange is that this didn't happen sooner. Silva is a great fighter but it almost made me angry when Rogan was talking about how SIlva represents what is possible in MMA in 2013, talking about the only current Champion with HUGE wholes in his game, if anything Silva was the last relic of an otherwise dead an buried generation of limited fighters.

    • He has no huge holes in his game. Chris nor Chael nor Bonnar could take him down after their first TD and anyone that got him there was dispatched. You have a strange perception of a hole in someones game. What about all the holes in GSP like finishing ability which is the most needed ability in a real fight.

      • MMA isn't a real fight. If it was GSP would be able to headbutt people to death while he's on top.

        The only reason Anderson got up in the first round was because Weidman went for a stupid kneebar. Anderson would have taken about 3 more minutes of punishment if he didn't.

        • GSP doesn't have the stomach to headbutt people. He can't even finish an already finished fighter because he won't commit.

      • Falcon – Capitalizing on GSP not being able to finish you off, while you're being controlled and dominated? I guess it's possible at least. I kind of agree with the thing about Anderson. But, his ground game isn't the very best, so someone can exploit that.
        Evan – That's a good prediction, but nothings for sure imo – Silva got knocked out by a guy who hasn't even been training with striking for half as long as he has.

  • Respect to AS, but I have to admit it was satisfying to finally see him get cracked while showboating and disrespecting his opponent. Yes, I know its part of the psychological aspect of the contest… but its about time he caught a smack for that s**t. Hopefully he's learned his lesson.

  • Good stuff Dana! the rematch will make you more $$$ and then the trilogy even more,way to fix fight bud!!!

  • If you throw a punch and mean to hit him in the face, it is not luck. He simply used his right to guide him in to his left and he executed it perfectly.

    Anderson Silva is my favourite fighter in the world, probably of all time and I think he is the GOAT without question but he lost fair and square to Chris Weidman.
    The closest I have felt to this devastation is when Chuck was viciously retired by Franklin but that doesn't even compare to this.

    I don't take anything away from Chris, it's not like Anderson knocked himself out he just took the wrong approach to the fight… that mental warfare and luring style (not cockiness) apparently isn't effective enough against Weidman, while it has been perfect against past opponents (Bonnar, Belfort).

    I think more of this fight as Serra v GSP 1, Cain v JDS 1 – One fighter did exactly what he wanted to do and got a unbelievably brilliant win, winning the fight as fairly as you can, yet it doesn't mean they are the better fighter or will win the second fight.

    I think if he was more aggresive and took anappraoch like he did against Okami, really going after the finish, then he could've won and hopefully he will be more like that in a rematch if it ever happens.

    Until then, Weidman KTFO out of the GOAT and my favourite fighter… Weidman is brilliant!

    • Props to you Keith, good assessment
      I would have been fine with Anderson winning, but I have NEVER respected that clowning crap, it pizzes me off to even see it..

  • Okay off topic with this whole upset and stuff…
    Nothing really important, but has anyone noticed Anderson's physique changing a bit over time? Looking back at the Belfort fight or even before that, he looked far more slim at middle weight. Now at MW, he looks like the same as he did when he fought Griffin at LHW… maybe even a tad bit less trimmed. I'm pretty sure that its just his aging body… Just want to know that I'm not the only one who has noticed it. Just a slight detail, I guess. Might be a sign that the age is actually slowing him down, not sure at all though (if I'm not just crazy O_O lol)

    • I have noticed a change in his reactions and speed over the past 2 years and yes he did not look his best at this fight either.