UFC 160 Velasquez vs. Silva II Promo


With such a busy month of fights behind us, you can almost forget that the UFC Heavyweight title will be challenged within in a month. UFC 160 will see a rematch between Antonio Silva and Cain Velasquez for the HW strap. Another exciting match on the card is Mark Hunt vs. Junior dos Santos.

‘Cigano’ will look to get back on track after losing a lopsided decision to Velasquez at UFC 155. The challenge he faces is no easy one, Mark Hunt is on fire at the moment. UFC 160 could prove to be a pivotal night for the UFC‘s Heavyweight division.

Check out the UFC‘s official promotional video below and stay tuned to Lowkick!

  • Hmmm, I wonder why there's no clips from the first fight…

  • When I think of this fight, I find myself asking how Silva was deserving of a re-match with The Champ after two wins via blown-out hamstring and came out for the 3rd with my hands down and got KO'd….and Vitor Belfort wasn't deserving of a re-match with Anderson Silva, after being on a three fight win streak within the division and taking a (doing The UFC a big favor, near victory) loss to the 205 Champ.

    Regardless, Bigfoot is going to get stomped on by an even bigger foot. The only thing that has changed since their last meeting (only 12 months ago) is that The Champ has gotten better and more confident. Bigfoot is too slow, for CV. If you want to save $55 bucks, just watch their fist fight again.

    Beyond that, the way fights are being scheduled these days and the apparent lack of any real criteria for earning a title-shot, my prediction is that Velasquez's next opponent will be Chael Sonnen, who will earn the fight by calling out The Heavy-Weight Champ via Twitter and by creating a new pizza @ his restaurant and calling it The Mexican Chicken, which is simply the Jones pizza, re-branded.

    Thinking about it, one almost misses the good old days of Kimbo Slice and James Toney.

  • Im happy JDS lost the belt just so he was able to fight Mark Hunt, cause I doubt hunt was going to get a title shot. More excited about this fight then the blow out title fight. Then hopefully Junior can KO Cain again next time they meet.