UFC 160 Main Card Results: Cain Reigns Supreme, Cigano Takes Out Hunt In A War


Well UFC 160 is in the bag and we were treated to a really exciting night of fights. On the main card Gray Maynard was knocked out by rising star TJ Grant. Donald Cerrone reasserted himself at 155 with a dominant win over KJ Noons. Noons looked like badly painted portrait of himself by the end of the fight, Cerrone’s elbows really did a number on him.

Moving up to the Light-Heavyweights and we saw Glover Teixeira solidify his status as a top contender with a slick submission win over fellow rising talent James Te Huna. The Brazilian prospect was far too fast and diverse for the game Te Huna, ending it by choke in the first.

Junior dos Santos and Mark Hunt put on a solid three round war for the fans, both men were bloodied up and swollen by the third round. Hunt was trailing badly and was looking tired, Cigano had beaten him to the body and head with ease at times, although Hunt was very game and landed some huge shots on JDS. Cigano’s chin and athleticism showed out as he landed a spinning wheel kick and some GnP to finish Hunt by KO in round three.

In the main event, champion Cain Velasquez squared off in a rematch with Antonio Bigfoot Silva. The only difference from the first match is that Silva stuffed a couple of takedowns. He then ate a huge two punch combo and about 10 more on the ground before the ref stepped in. Pretty much a shorter version of the first fight. So it is surely going to be Cain Velasquez vs. Junior Dos Santos, right?

  • I picked Cain to win it but the ref let him get about 9 strikes to the back of Bigfoots head for the stoppage in which seemed a bit early to me. Since when were you allowed to finish with purely back of the head shots? Refs and Judges did a terrible job tonight, screwed up Holloway vs Bermudez decision, stopped Gray too early by far and Gave Cain the okay for an illegal win. Dos Santos is like I said, capable of KOing Hunt just not likely.

    • If your opponents only defense is to turn his head away from you then it should probably be stopped. The strikes started off from the side and bigfoot only turned, no attempt at flipping on his back into guard or anything. I do agree it was a bit early though, I would have liked to see the fight continue.

      • I hate that when the guy intentionally puts the back of his head in front of the strikes

      • The strikes you say were on the side were behind his ear on the back of his skull and neck. Only one punch was in front of his ear and that one only grazed his nose.

    • I agree with you about the Cain/Silva fight but there is no way Gray was stopped too early. The guy was one or two punches from full loss of consciousness. That was a good stoppage.

    • Listen… as long as part of the hand (even if its just 1 knuckle) touches the ear, the strike is legal !! These monsters have GIANT hands. It might look like an illegal head shot but it's not! Maybe 1 out of all of them were illegal and that's cause Big Foot turned into them. You're not in the octagon with them so it's hard to see if his hand touches the ear but the ref is right on top of it and can see it clearly! Big Foot was DONE either way…. cry me a river!

      • One of the punches was just a strait down punch to the middle of the back of the head. Bigfoot turned into nothing. Cain just went ape and got lucky with a ref. I picked Cain to win and wanted him to as well just not in a dirty way. What are the rules for I wonder? Oh I see, because the guy you wanted to win won you don't give a sh*t. Bet if Bigfoot landed an illegal strike you would be callin for a rematch. I actually was on the side of Cain for this fight but how dare I backstab him by calling out his foul, I am such a jerk.

        • Clearly u don't know or understand the rules…on top of the fact that i just explained it, which makes me think you don't want to know or just ignorant to the fact. So again for the record… "AS LONG AS THE GLOVE TOUCHES THE EAR ITS A LEGAL STRIKE"…!! The fact that Cain's hand is so big that even if his glove touches the ear he still reaches the back of the head is NOT his fault! He's simply following the rules. Clearly when they made that rule they didn't take heavyweights with giant hands into account…… the average size hand does not reach that far back.

          • Clearly you are not reading what i wrote. There was one of the punches that was just strait down on the back of his head, he couldn't of touched an ear if he had squid tentacles from that shot. There were at least 3 strikes that never touched an ear my friend and One was simply so at the back if you drew a half way line it would have split it. Watch it again if you have to. Take your own advice and understand that those are rules being broken.

          • I will excuse your visual impairment and write this senseless argument off as a lost cause. Have a nice day…

          • Of course I understand, you have no answer for the strait right down the middle of the back of his head punch. You seem to think I am on some sort of hate trip against Cain who I think is as good and fun to watch as anyone in the heavy division and therefore get offended because I critisize a performance which I haven't done to Cain ever before.

          • Your eyes are being ignorant and need a slap.

          • theexperience1- You entertain me man. You come on here repeatedly and pretend to know so much, and that I can't help but read your comments.

            No matter how much bullshit is in them.

  • ian

    Ok. So what happens when Cain beats JDS again?

    • Then Cain gets a win or two and gets another rematch with JDS.

      It will be an epic rivalry, without any smack talk or disrespect from either fighters.

    • When Cain wins again (which i believe he will without a doubt) JDS will move down the ladder and will probably need 4 SOLID wins to get back. The title shot won't be coming as easy as it did now. Especially is Cain really beats him up again.

  • JDS will get his belt back.

  • Man that JDS Hunt fight lived up to every bit of the considerable amount of hype

    • As a Hunt fan, I just wonder if he'd gone out there and gone after Cigano's front leg and just kept after it, whether or not he might have been able to win.

      That said, JDS looked freaking great tonight and in doing so, he even survived some good shots from Mark, so…buddy can take a punch, too. Good for him. A re-match between CV & JDS is going to be an interesting scrap, man. I'll be curious to see what lessons JR will have taken from his first encounter with the Champ.

      One thing is for sure, JR has been working on his kicking game. This should be a great fight, when it happens and as CV too "zero" damage and JR not taking much either, there is no reason as to why the fight can't happen in…5 or 6 months. Should be great.

      • PS – For Mark…I wouldn't mind seeing Hunt / Barry. As a big fan of both, it would be a blast to see the two sluggers duke it out.

        • You mean what lessons JR have taken from his second encounter with the champ, right? ….. I was thinking Hunt vs. Bigfoot, but after reading your comment, Hunt vs. Barry is much better i think. I would love to see that too.

          • @ akiey

            Yes. You are right. My bad.

  • I really enjoyed watching Colton Smith get beaten up after all those boring TUF fights.
    That Wittaker guy has some nasty striking

    • Reply 7 hours ago Comment: Yea besides being super boring and uninspiring, he s a cheap fighter. On his fight to get in the TUF house he faked to touch gloves with his opponent at the start and went under for a shot. Even Lauzon tweeted last night that's what he gets.

      Whittaker surprised me I knew his striking was great but didn't expect the Send

  • Man… Is there anyone out there besides Cain and JDS who can beat each other? Both are sensational.

    Cain stoppage wasn't the fairest but couple of seconds later would have the same conclusion.

    Grants taking that belt

  • JDS with a spinning head kick are you kidding me!!!

  • I know. Awesome