UFC 160 Post-Fight Press Conference: Forrest Griffin Retires


Check out the UFC 160 Post-Fight Press Conference from MMA H.E.A.T. live below. The Memorial Day event will be a night remembered for some time, as the card delivered some insane finishes in high-profile bouts.

There are many questions to answer after such a ground-shaking event, and it started as such with Forrest Griffin announcing his retirement:


  • He made his money, he fought many of the best, he a primary figure in The UFC's all-time most important fight, he wore The Belt, heck…he even became a best selling author out of it all, the game has passed him by and it's time for him to move on to other things. You could tell he had mentally checked-out when he said, I think after the Rua loss, that he wasn't interested in fighting for the belt. He probably knows he'd take a beating @ the hands of Jones and I don't think he was interested in it.

    I wish him all the best. He was a solid fighter, pretty good guy and one of the funnier guys in all of MMA. On that note, if I could suggest something to Dana, would be to put Griffin and Bonnar together in some kind of a UFC talk show or program of some sort, because the two of them are very funny and together they're great. They have a good chemistry between them.

    Anyway, best of luck to …(dare we say) a Legend.

    • I consider him a legend for his game in any fight. It's too bad he was so bummed over his Shogun fight. He beat Shogun once and some say Shogun was not at his best in that fight but Forrest wasn't at his best in their second fight either and really didn't even want to be in Brasil at all with his baby about due and his dislike of being in Brasil and he didn't even like fighting anymore. He has some big names on his win list and has had some of the best wars ever in all of MMA. His worst loss was a stylistic nightmare for him and has dismantled everyone else anyway.

    • good for him because he just got lucky the first meeting with shogun, i know forrest is not good that much. He is not a finisher fighter.

  • I'm glad, honestly I had completely forgotten about him for a while. I'm sure Forrest could still beat a decent number of guys but he's been in so many wars I'm already worried about how his head is going to hold up 15-20 years from now. Thanks for all the fights, helping putting the UFC on the map. Wouldn't mind seeing him have some sort of segment on a weekly UFC/mma show now.

  • Its cool that Forrest does Charity work…..

    Also, what a shame things won't work out the same for Stefan Bonnar…He really alienated himself after the drug bust….

    • Actually I just learnt that both Stefan bonnar and Forrest will be inducted into the hall of fame

  • Legend, thanks for everything you gave