UFC 160 Main Card Staredowns


It’s Fight Week and UFC 160 is quickly approaching with a monstrosity of a card live Saturday from Las Vegas. The main card fighters faced off for the traditional staredowns today, and our friends at MMA H.E.A.T. were on hand to record it all.

The card has some great fights from top to bottom, headlined by the title rematch between Cain Velasquez and Antonio Silva, and a pivotal heavyweight tilt between former champion Junior dos Santos and Mark Hunt.

All in all, it is hard to imagine there not being a ratings shakeup in many divisions following Saturday’s main card, which features an unheard of right top ten ranked combatants.

Check out the action below:


  • Mark Hunt is a hero

    • mark hunt looks like he's gonna eat dos santos, while bigfoot is so ugly cain looks like a model facing a man who has wake up in his grave and that's bigfoot.

  • I had for some time the weird feeling that Dana stares at the guy that is going to win when they face off….kind of like a poker tell…..

  • I think Jnr Dos Santos will win this fight…Jnr's five round war with Cain proved he has a great chin and great heart. this fight will only go to the ground if jnr wants it there so he will have plenty of opportunity to utilise his boxing. I see Hunt getting gassed in the third round and jnr getting a tko stoppage. I think jnr overtrained and had too much emotional distractions last time round.

    • I also think that JDS wins (via decision) but Hunt hits a lot harder than Cain does and I honestly don't think JDS is anything special on the ground. Hunt can win this fight though and in brutal fashion. He will not gas out and I don't see JDS stopping him. I have JDS because he will out point Hunt and the only way Hunt can beat Junior is via KO which some other heavy hands have failed to do. Nothing will be a surprise in this fight though.

      • I agree with your analysis, but not the outcome. I think as JDS tries to outpoint Hunt, that Hunt will simply walk through it and….bang. I honestly think the road to victory for Jr. is on the ground, not on the feet. I know one thing for sure, JDS will need to employ more than just his hands if he want to engage Mark on the feet. He's going to need a kicking game as well, which is something, like his ground game and wrestling, that he has rarely demonstrated. I think just trading hand with Hunt is a recipe for disaster for Jr.

        All that said, if JDS beats Hunt I won't be shocked. Cigano is a great fighter and he has a lot of talent, heart and drive. That aside, I'm picking my boy…Mark Hunt…by KO.

        Enjoy the bout on Saturday.

  • Is it just me, or does Cigano look like he's put on a ton of muscle?

    • To me, he looks the same. He's always been a big guy. Actually, I think he's deceptively big.

      • You're probably right, it must be his contrast to Hunt.

  • Maynard looked great, but then again so did Grant.
    JDS looked enormous next to Hunt
    Bigfoot looked good next to Cain

    All-in-all, the fighters all looked happy….should be a good show.

    I believe Hunt JDS will be the story of the night. That's my bet for KO of the night.

    War Hunt!

  • What's up with Cerrone? He does not appear to be taking this sh*t seriously anymore. He did the same "buddy" crap with Pettis, and then folded like a lawn chair. Noons is going to destroy this clown.

    • Yup.

    • Yeah, I had a similar thought. I don't get DC. I think he's got all the tools and talent, but he keeps coming up short in the big fights. I remember in his fight with Nate, I had him as a lock to win that bout and he got spanked. I mean Nate just walked him down, man. As you say, he seems to fold in the big fights. I think Noons is a good match for DC @ this point in his career.

      I'll say this for DC though, he looked to be in great shape. As always, I'll pick DC in this fight, simply because I'm a long-time fan.