UFC 160 Main Card Live Play-By-Play And Discussion Starting At 10PM ET


We are so close to the fights of UFC 160 that I can nearly taste it, I am so pumped that I woke up in the middle of the night armbarring my girlfriend. I kid, but seriously, this is a huge night of fights for the UFC and more so for the Heavyweights. Mark Hunt will look to prove his worth against his biggest challenge to date-Junior dos Santos.

Cain Velasquez will square of for the second time against Bigfoot Silva in the main event, also on the card-Donald Cerrone, KJ Noons, Glover Teixeira, James Te Huna and many more. So join me here, on Lowkick, from 10PM ET Saturday May 25th for the live play-by-play and discussion of UFC 160’s main card. It’s going to be AWESOME!

A great night of fights so far! Stand by for the main card! Wow JDS has been working on his English! Anyone wanna bet that at least 80% of this main card ends in knockout?

Donald Cerrone vs. KJ Noons

Noons walks out to ‘All Eyez On Me’ while Cerrone has chosen ‘Cowboy’, ironically

Round 1: It’s on! They come out swinging, noons with kicks, Cerrone pushes and lands a huge knee, KJ misses and pays eating a left. DC is looking sharp. A kick by noons and two in retur from DC. Noons is cut above the eye. KJ lands to the body and head, then a leg kick, and a high kick! Cerrone to the body, KJ is throwing with the lowkicks. Left hook from DC and a knee to KJ’s body. Good work DC as he lands a big uppercut off a scramble. A jab from DC who is looking great. Kicks exchanged and Cerrone is finding his range here. Some scrappy punches and a knee again by DC to the ribs. KJ jabs, a 1-1-2 by DC who lands a big right and KJ wings a spinning back kick. They wing punches to the buzzer.10-9 DC

Round 2: Jabs by KJ who is taken down but gets up and is kneed to the nugget. DC is throwing great combos and mixing it up. KJ misses and eats another knee to the bread basket. DC jabs and moves, KJ looking to land a right but eats a nasty knee again and a right hand to the chin. KJ looks weak and tired. Jitters? Cerrone lands to the legs again, KJ is plodding. Elbow by Cetrrone and KJ is busted up! Kick to the body by DC KJ is hurt but lands a kick of his own. They trade boxing and KJ lands some left hooks. Spinning back fist by KJ and DC takes him down and starts unloading some gnp. he passes to half guard-more hammerfists, this isnt looking good for KJ he is cut up and swollen. side mount for DC big elbows to end round 2. 10-9 DC.

Round 3: the crowd cheers as they touch gloves, inside kicks by both guys, and a 1-2 knee bu DC who is looking to run away with this. KJ wings a left and a kick his hands are low and dc lands a kick. KJ wings again and is taken down. Elbows from the guard by DC to a bloody KJ’s face. they scramble and DC pins him down. OOOO this is nasty KJ looks kinda like that sweet chilli relish. Cerrone is just smashing him with elbows. DC goes to half guard and lands some more. KJ’s face looks painted with blood. hammerfists now, For some reason the ref is talking to KJ, more punishment and the buzzer goes. Cowboy dominated KJ. 10-9 for DC.

I call it for DC and …..so do the judges. 30-27 across the board.

Here comes Gray Maynard vs. TJ Grant

Round 1: Did bruce buffer just call him GJ Grant? Grant jabs. GM looks huge at 155. big left from bully, they trade gloves, a right from maynard but TJ answers and hurts GM with a big right, and again, Maynard guts up but a HUGE knee and some right hands put MAYNARD OUT!!!! wow, TJ looked awesome. Round 1 TKO for Grant and it all started by a right that sent Maynard flailing then some big knees and that is it!

Glover Teixeira vs. James Te Huna

Round 1: Mike Tyson is ringside. Wow they come out clubbing, big right by GT, and a left hook. they trade like lunatics. lowkick from te huna who lands an uppercut. GT takes him down and elbows him. half guard now. big elbows by GT. Back to full guard GT stays active as Tehuna ties up. GT passes guard now he is standing, but GT sinks in a Guillotene, and it is over James Te Huna taps out in round 1! just like that! And Mike Tyson is in the ring with Teixeira (possible paralell universe alert) and Teixeira is looking like way more than hype. Teixeira says having Mike Tyson here is better than winning.

Up next is

Junior Dos Santos vs. Mark Hunt

Round 1: Here we go! Junior jabs, moves well. Hunt looks calm, and they start trading, this is a war, a big right from JDS and Hunt is down, Hunt wings a left hook and a right, JDS slightly wobbled but he lands a good jab to the body and a right to the nut. JDS lands a nice right. hunt kicks. wow they trade rights. left to the gut from JDS and spinning back fist from jds. body kick by JDS and a right hand. a left hook and a right hand JDS looking dominant there. 10-9 cigano.

Round 2: Jab from MH, JDS sticks and moves. Left hook and a huge right from MH. A huge right from JDS. Hunt is cut. body jab again by JDS and a leg kick/left hook combo. Kick by hunt but JDS stings him with hooks. left hooks by both, a jab from MH. JDS is so sharp. Hunt with a body shot, and JDS jabs. A Huge right left from JDS and Hunt is hurt what a chin though. Hunt rushes JDS slips, they ttrade jabs and a kick, big rights by hunt, Hunt is starting to land right hands and he starts to unload on JDS, JDS is swollen. JDS scores a takedown in to half guard. knees and elbows from jds, hunt stays calm. the crowd boo’s obviously. Side control now mounted crucifix for junior and hunt escapes at the buzzer. what a great war. close round could go either way but it is 10-9 JDS for me.

Round 3: They touch gloves, They jab, hunt wings a left, JDS with a right and a body shot, Hunt answers with punches. JDS is moving so well. jabs hunt and avoids. big left hook by hunt, and a right. MH wings a kick. JDS jabs the body and the dome, Hunt is throwing big hooks, JDS with an uppercut and he jabs again, MH is also landing though, more jabs by jds and now lowkicks. JDS wings a huge right, head kick by hunt, JDS jabs at will, and a right by cigano. Hunt is throwing but not landing flush. Come on Mark! JDS lands a huge left hook, and Hunt is HURT, but he replies with hooks of his own, JDS circles. Junior dos santos lands a huge spinning head kick and oh my god!! HUNT IS OUT!!!!!! JDS by KO in round 3. I’m crushed but he deserves that win and what a crazy kick!!! Reminisent of last weeks Vitor Belfort KO kick. and Hunt was out cold.

What a crazy event !

Cain Velasquez (C) vs. Antonio Silva

Round 1:It’s Heavyweight championship time! CV jabs and shoots, stuffed, cv lands a jab, BF shakes it off. Cain with a kick off a stuffed TD attempt. Silva looks calm. CV jabs and weaves. Lands a huge right hand and swarms silva, takes his back GNP and it is over the ref steps in and ends it. JDS vs. Velasquez 3 it is then!!! I hope you enjoyed it tonight , UFC 160 was AWESOME!!



  • where is play by play?

  • ahh main card lol my bad im watching prelims

  • kj gassed 🙁

  • Kj noons tired, ceronne dominant!

  • Ceronne winning the stand up in the first and second round, third round ground and pound by ceronne!
    It's not over yet, but ceronne gonna win on points!

  • I don't see a play by play, so i ll type some up dates!

  • did you guys watch froch v kessler boxing tonight by any chance?

    • I did

      • best boxing fight ive seen in years…david haye should be ashamed of selling " wolf tickets " lol, froch n kessler are true warriors

  • Cerrone 30 – 27!

  • blood bath

  • AAAh sorry!

  • I got almost all my perdictions wrong!
    This one could be fight of the night, i'm expecting a war!
    (maynard! to win! maybe TJ gonna steal his shine and become top contender!)

  • There it is wrong again!

  • **** YOU GRAY losing me money ***** 😀

  • I picked Maynard…..bad picks coming all night for me

  • I got all the favorites next!
    Maybe Hunt gonna be the true new cinderella man!
    If one of these next 3 underdogs wins, it's a big upset!

  • had lots of money on a accumaltor khabib. cerrone maynard dos santos cain

  • had doubts over cerrone and gray thought to be honest

  • Disappointment for Tehuna…I think most people got that pick right though

  • do santos by sub !! yeah you heard it 🙂

  • Cain won by 9 out of 10 of his strikes being to the back of the head. Also Bigfoot was completely cognitive and alert just taking a few seconds to gather himself. Bad stoppage and bad reffing allowing all those strikes to the back of the head and then granting a finish with only one grazing strike to the front of the head and about 9 to the back all clearly behind the ear and even right down the middle of the back of his skull. I picked Cain to win it but not like this. Disappointed. Also Maynard fight stopped too soon and Holloway Robbed by far.