UFC 159 Press Conference Video Highlights


Fight night is approaching and the hype train for UFC 159 rolls on with a press conference from New Jerssey. In two highlight videos from the UFC, the main fighters are on hand to discuss their latest thoughts on the bouts.

Jon Jones appears to discuss how he views Chael Sonnen‘s style as rigid, predictable, and non-evolving. Sonnen focuses on his deiscipline and ability to multi-task.

Alan Belcher and Michael Bisping then appear to speak up about their heated battle Saturday. ‘The Count’ notes that he’s looking to make a statement with a first-round knockout. Belcher states that this is the most high-profile bout he’s had in terms of media exposure, and will look to amplify that tenfold with a KO of Michael Bispng.  

  • Lol

    • Chael hasn't lost a round?! So if you get finished in a round you have not lost it, Chael? Ok…lol

  • alan belcher is very funny, i think he can be a tony stark for the iron man 4.