UFC 159 Post-Fight Interviews with Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen


Check out UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones‘s post-fight interview with Joe Rogan, the first man to recognize Jones’s brutal toe injury after his easy victory over Chael Sonnen at UFC 159. The conversation has once again begun over whether Jones is the better fighter than Anderson Silva, but a win over Chael Sonnen will not settle that debate.

Sonnen also appears to give his take on the GOAT situation. While Jones recently stated that a bout with Anderson Silva will definitely take place, there are still a ton of questions up in the air. Silva will take on Chris Weidman this summer for the UFC Middleweight crown, while Jones has to have his toe reattached. What are your prospects for the potential of MMA’s biggest fight ever?


  • He looks like he wants to vomit when he kept looking at it. lol

    • True but pretty badass that he manned up and gacve us that interview, I don't think I could've

  • I was like for ffs sit him down you can put your self into shock really fast by looking at an injury on your own injury like that.

  • think Chael was getting beat but stoppage was to fast and after seeing Injury would of won most likely wow that stoppage is huge so huge……….. wow………..if Chael would of been balled up ok but he was blocking by punch by punch i mean bring his blocks up as they were being thrown and doing a great job at it not sure who the ref was but wow ***** for Chael..lol
    maybe carma for being a douche….. either way Jones got lucky it was called… dont really care for either… but bad call…. champ fight let them fight like champs

  • If you put yourself in a fetal position and get beat on for quite sometime, not moving the fight should always be stopped. And thank god it was, wouldn't it have sucked to have Sonnen as champ due to freak injury.

    • Plus it would have just wasted everyone's time. Chael said it himself. If he did win by doctors stoppage it proves nothing and they'd just be post-poning the inevitable.

      He admits he'd get beat again, and it would clog up the division so thankfully that didn't happen.

      In fact I'm sure Chael would probably forfeit the title and just give it back to Jones if he could. Chael would never want to win a title that way.

  • That must've been a horrible situation for Jon, really impressed and almost proud of him that he pushed through it mentally and gave us a memorable interview.

    I had pretty much the same injury but on a finger, which is much less intimidating and it takes the words out your mouth.

    Big props to Rogan as well – being the one to actually get Jon the chair and help him out and asking if he can do the interview, even asking where the doctors are (where you at doctors, where you at MFs). Doubt there are few TV guys that could've done as good a job as Rogan.