UFC 159 Medical Suspensions: Jon Jones Out Indefinitely


With UFC 159 in the rear view mirror, its time to assess the damage. The event claimed quite a few casualties before it had even commenced so lets take a look at the full medical suspensions courtesy of the New Jersey State Athletic Commission:

Jon Jones suspended indefinitely pending orthopedic clearance of left foot

Alan Belcher suspended indefinitely pending ophthalmological clearance of right eye

Phil Davis suspended indefinitely pending orthopedic clearance of left knee and X-rays of left thumb

Jim Miller suspended indefinitely pending CT head scan; minimum suspension 60 days for recovery

Yancy Medeiros suspended indefinitely pending orthopedic clearance of right thumb

Gian Villante suspended indefinitely pending ophthalmological clearance of left eye and X-rays of lower leg and ankle

Johnny Bedford suspended 60 days for facial laceration

Kurt Holobaugh suspended 60 days for lower lip laceration

Chael Sonnen suspended 45 days for facial laceration

Pat Healy suspended 45 days for facial lacerations

Steven Siler suspended 45 days for scalp laceration

Cheick Kongo suspended 30 days due to knockout loss

Sheila Gaff suspended 30 days due to TKO loss

Brian Caraway suspended 30 days for rest period

The news that Alan Belcher is facing is certainly not good. The long time UFC fighter already has had trouble with his eye, in fact it almost cost him his career. I certainly hope we can see him back in action soon. Also noteworthy is Jones’ gory foot. If Jones is out for a lengthy period, I’m wondering how the division will shape up without him. This could certainly be a game changer.

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  • I felt so bad for Belchar when I saw him go down.

    • My immediate thought was his career is over. Same eye he's already had loads of trouble with.

  • If fighters can't be protected through the use of open hand gloves then its time for the UFC to fix the problem. As a sport you can't keep ignoring this. If the sport is serious on protecting the fighters than it needs to act.

    I'm sick of seeing guys get gouged….its bull-****. its only a matter of time before someone loses their eye.

    Guys are fu-cking measuring throughout the whole fight with open hands. refs are standing their and everytime a guy gets poked they say 'watch your hands" like its some type of remedy

  • I think the first step they can take which can be implemented immediately is give a fine if this happens, it is not done on purpose but you can control yourself to have a closed fist and not push off on their face with an open hand.

    Also, make it a foul for a fighter to stand with fingers pointing out towards their opponent, guys are just standing there with an open hand and it prevents fighters from coming forward in case they get poked in the eyes… and yet sometimes that still happens and the person who did the poke gets nothing except an injured opponent.

    Do this first while they work on the glove problem

  • can they not just treat it like a low blow or even more harshly?
    instant point reduction might help.

  • Every sport has evolved to add in rules that ensure players safety. Look at high sticking in hockey. On the surface its to ensure the game stays on the ice. When in reality it keeps players from getting their faces slashed by the hockey stick.

    Open handed pawing and range checking should be a penalty. Just like kicking somebody in the balls. warning, then 1 pt deduction.

    They can change the gloves as well. Not sure if anybody ever took martial arts before, but i always like a certain type of karate glove I saw at comps etc. Their like boxing glove cups that sit over fingers so the top side is hidden with the top mitten of the boxing glove but the palm and fingers are free to grip and do throws under that boxing glove mitten hood. Think boxing glove on top and mma glove under it but with the boxing glove padding sitting over the free fingers. If they can get them so they don't tear when you sink in hooks. They would be much better.

  • Props to Jones for having his big toe bone practically sticking out and still demolishing Sonnen….. True champion grit right there……that sh*t had to hurt.

  • Alan "I can't back up sh*t" Belcher.