UFC 159 Conference Call: Jon Jones Looks Ahead to Superfights


It’s fight week for the fourth week in a row, and MMA H.E.A.T. has a full live stream of the UFC 159 Conference Call. With main event participiants Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen set to appear, some good trash talk could unfold. Or not, as Jones has seemingly refused to get caught up in the hype of Sonnen’s act.

Jones did, however, look ahead to beating Tito Ortiz’s record for most title defense at 205, and then entertaining some huge matchups in the form of heavyweight or superfight bouts:

“One thing I’ve been contemplating is first tying Tito Ortiz, and then establishing that record of the most wins in my next fight, maybe in November.”

“And after that fight in November, entertaining super fights and heavyweight fights.”

Michael Bisping and Alan Belcher are also set to appear. If Chael Sonnen offers some classic lines but then goes on to get destroyed in another title fight, where does he go from there? Are there truly aome huge blockbuster bouts waiting for Jon Jones in the next year? 



  • Jon Jones has nothing to prove…and if so it will never be with someone like chael sonnen, sonnen is just a disgrace for the sport and the best he can do for it, is to retire.

    • De ja vu?????? I kid. I agree Jones has nothing to prove, but he also has a whole lot to lose against Chael. I personally feel Chael is great for the sport. He is entertaining, funny, marketable and its not like he is some sort of criminal…….*crickets*

  • lol I'm beginning to love Michael Bisping. some of the best **** talk. He's the complete opposite of Chael, not premeditated or rehearsed at all, just quick and witty like most brits.

  • Well Jon Jones has pretty much confirmed, more definite than he has done before, that he is willing to fight Anderson Silva. Like I said before, it stars as; no way would we ever fight, nothings impossible, if we get forced to, we'll see what happens, I'll fight him.

    Anderson has already shown he is willing to fight either the 170 or 205 lb champ and now GSP is given the chance to choose to fight Silva and Jones wouldn't be denied the match up either… a superifght with the GOAT looks likely if he can get past Weidman

    • Anderson has never shown he would fight either. He has said he'd fight GSP at 178 or 185. He has implied he would fight Jon at 192 (a completely unrealistic number), and then never replied to reporters when asked if he would go higher than that.

      He's gunning for GSP. Has been for years. Even leaking to the media that 170 was possible recently (after claiming it wasn't when GSP offered it right after the Condit fight).

      • he has said a few times now he might drop all the way down to 170 to fight GSP and he has implied multiple times he is up for a Jones superfight a 205.

        • He's never said he'd fight Jones at 205. He's said he'd fight him at a catch weight, and the catch weight he's thrown out is 192.

          He's literally said two completely different things in the past 8 or 9 months about fighting GSP at 170. At first he said it was impossible to make 170, then recently he's said he could.