UFC 158 Staff Predictions


Georges St-Pierre vs. Nick Diaz:

Mike Drahota: At this point in time, with the hype reaching an all-time high, I just want to see a good fight. Most people are picking Georges St-Pierre in another smothering unanimous decision, and I can’t blame them. Nick Diaz is a great fighter, with awesome boxing, world-class jiujitsu, and cardio for days. I just don’t think any of that will matter here though, as GSP’s takedowns will just be too hard to stuff for him. GSP via unanimous decision is the obvious choice.

Rory Keraghan: I think that this fight is going to be all GSP. Wherever he dictates the fight to go, is where it will go. Diaz is not going to have a choice. He has great stand up but he is no match for the more powerful, explosive style of Georges St-Pierre. I can see this being a one sided beatdown with Diaz spending a lot of time soaking up punishment on the ground. St-Pierre has excellent wrestling control and I expect him to put it to full use as he pins Diaz to the mat. Diaz is tough but very prone to cuts, I think St-Pierre takes this via referee stoppage due to cuts in the third.

Bryan Fontez: As the fight gets closer, I definitely find myself giving Diaz more of a chance. That isn’t saying much however because I didn’t give him a very good chance to begin with. I respect Nick and his abilities in the octagon, but he’s simply not on GSP’s level. Georges is a machine who is constantly shaking things up in his training to give himself one of the best athletic body’s in all of sports. No matter how good Diaz is, Georges is faster, stronger, smarter and much more experienced against top competition. A stoppage might be possible from either fighter, but realistically, as long as Georges can maintain that razor-sharp focus and keep the drama out of the octagon, there is absolutely no reason to think that the results will be anything but a brutally one-sided 5 round unanimous decision for GSP.

Johny Hendricks vs. Carlos Condit:

Mike Drahota: This bout will determine the next title contender at welterweight, and rightfully so. Many think Johny Hendricks should have already been placed in a title shot against GSP, but the Diaz fight has been a long time coming. Regardless, as Hendricks stated yesterday, he can’t look past Carlos Condit or he will lose. But part of still thinks he may be focused on what he doesn’t have. His interviews would suggest that. And Carlos Condit is a very dynamic fighter. If Condit can stay off his back, he will frustrate Hendricks with his diverse striking. I’m taking Condit in another decision win.

Rory Keraghan: A big fight for both these guys and I expect them to come out fighting hard for the opportunity of a title shot. Condit will use his movement to try and negate Hendricks’ power. I think we will see a lot of jabbing from ‘NBK’ while Hendricks tries to close the gap. ‘Big Rig’ is probably going to have to try and score some takedowns and inflict some damage before the round ends. I expect the fight to end in round 2, once Hendricks realizes that he needs to take this fight to the ground. Look for some nasty ground and pound en-route to a TKO victory for Johny Hendricks.

Bryan Fontez: This one is tricky. Condit is no push over and the most interesting statistic to keep in mind, is that he has NEVER lost via KO or TKO in his entire career. His only losses were 3 decisions and 3 submissions. That’s not a stat that favours Hendricks and proves just how durable and crafty Condit is at staying out of danger and away from power strikes and heavy hands. With that said, Hendricks also seems to be a different beast then any other opponent Condit has ever faced. A stunning KO in any round is very possible and completely realistic, but I just can’t see Condit accepting back-to-back losses when his record says otherwise. I won’t be suprised if Hendricks finishes this one fast, but if I had to put my life on the line here, I’d say Condit upset’s the #1 contender with a 3 round Unanimous Decision.

  • Diaz 4th round triangle….naaahhhhh, GSP via LnP decision.

    • There needs to be an "aint that the truth" button for your comment.

    • Looking at Staff Predictions, with a clear conscience I'll go for Nick. 😀

      • haha same here

        lowkick staff are the worst!!

        diaz by tko
        condit by submission

        • Lowkick staff are the worst eh? Way to be diplomatic with your comment.

          Hope you've got a box of tissues close by when GSP wins exactly the way I said he would.

    • GSP via KO.He will do what you'd least expect.

  • Personally for me, the main event is one of the easiest predictions of 2013. Sure Diaz could win if he has the performance of the decade of if he gets a hail Mary submission but I think to actually pick Diaz to win (difference between picking and acknowledging it's possible) you aren't being honest or looking at this logically.
    GSP UD in a similar fashion to Bendo vs. Nate Diaz

    The co-main is the most interesting fight for me, either guy could become the next in line and both are the REAL #2 and #2 WWs.
    I can imagine Hendricks just getting another crazy KO but when I think about it, the more I believe Johny will struggle to land on Condit.
    I'm taking Condit over Hendricks in a crazy war, with NBK either getting a decision or 3rd round TKO.

    • personally?

      • Yes personally, because not everyone will share my opinion

    • why do people think its so crazy choosing nick diaz? the only thing GSP is better at is wrestling which was nicks weakness 5 ********years ago. Its like saying GSP still ***** at BJJ or has no chin because he got stopped half a decade ago. Both guys have worked on their skills since then. Last 2 times nick was taken down he got right up in one fight and in the other secured a submission within seconds. No way is this fight gonna be as one sided as bendo vs nate. Nick is on a different level than his brother. Picking him to win is no crazier than the thousands who are choosing weidman over silva.

      • @griffin Nick isn't going to learn wrestling well enough in 5 years to deal with GSP's. Koscheck has been a world class wrestler all his life and he struggled with the champ's takedowns.

        Weidman vs. Silva is COMPLETELY different to GSP vs. Diaz.
        Diaz has always shown he can be beat and there isn't a lot of secret to it while Weidman is unbeaten and looks like a force in every area.
        Mainly though, Weidman's strength is Silva's weakness, while Diaz's weakness is GSP's strength,
        Totally different fights

        • FE4

          BJJ is the best counter you can have for wrestling beside better wrestling. I think if GSP had a choice he would want to make the fight look like the Bendo vs Diaz fight, but Nick's a better fighter. I'm excited about the fight. I think that Condit and Diaz are the best competition he's had to date as champion. I'm also excited to see what Hendricks does because he's a hell of a wrestler and apparently likes to land heavy strikes. I think his fight with Condit will be his hardest yet and give a good look at how he deals with that level of competition especially now that they know what to look for.

      • Seriously?
        i mean, come on.

      • gm1

        Would you honestly go into a fight and fight the type of fight Diaz like to fight or would you implement your style to your advantage. Don't be a fool bro……everybody, everybody who Diaz has beat, has come into the octagon and fought him head to head….idiot fighter who get sucked in by thinking they can beat Diaz at his game. Bendo did it to Nate and dominated him…..

        GSP has all the tools to DOMINATE….
        Nick does not have all the tools….his wrestling is sub par…..

    • I thought the easiest one was Reem-BigFoot, and the year before, we had JDS-Cain… 🙂
      Well… we had some more easy to predict fights in the last couple of months

    • I've got over it logically 100's of times. I'm extremely confident in Diaz pulling out a W. He has every ability to do so. He's never fought anyone with the skill set like diaz. None have been better more aggressive strikers and all have been wrestlers (except shields) that diaz's Jits could really be the deciding factor. Diaz will be fine with GSP's jousting style of throwing jabs and getting back out. His wrestling is the only thing thats going to work against diaz and i think diaz can manuver about him.

      • I think leg kicks will be a major factor in GSP's strategy as well.

  • Im ride'n with Nick 100%, i hope he chokes the feces out of Boring Boy George & bring the belt to The US, Stockton & The Bay Area where it belongs because you Canucks finucks been having it too long….Yea i went there!!

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  • I have GSP in the picks and I think that ultimately he will pick up a UD victory. That said the presser yesterday made it clear that Diaz is in Georges Head. It isn't enough to make me change my pick but it makes me very interested in seeing how this plays out. It is entirely possible that GSP is too emotional and will be prone to mistakes.

  • or is so emotional he forgets to play it safe and knocks nick's block off via superman jab upper cut cyborg machine kill

    • As much as I like Diaz I hope that happens. I miss the GSP that destroyed Hughes twice and KOd Hieron.

  • This main event might become the one where the old GSP returns and finishes. Sure, its a long shot to finish Diaz, but you just never know. GSP is too smart of a fighter to fight "emotionally", he may however, fight to utterly destroy and make a huge statement. Lotta talk about GSP these days, maybe its time to show the world why hes the best.

  • If Nick Diaz is perfectly prepared, both mentally and physically, he could win.

    But I think GSP just has to show up, be GSP and he'll win. If he loses his cool, Diaz could pull off the upset, but when does that ever happen?

    But most likely George won't fight angry, he'll just take his anger out of Nick's face, the same way he did against BJ and Kos.

  • I'm picking GSP and Condit. GSP should win. Regarding Condit, I hope he wins. Of the two, I think CC has the tougher bout. That's not to say that Nick is not a threat. He is. It's just, that I believe Rush has the skill set to win this, even if it is, yet again, another decision victory and not a stoppage.

    What I would love to see would be GSP stop Nick. Not, because I dislike The Stockton Bad Boy, but simply, because The Champ needs to do something more than the same-old-same-old.

    In terms of Condit, I'd like to see this fight go to the ground. I'd would love to see CC submit Big Rig, from of his back. What I really don't want to see is a Hendrick's "flash" KO. As pretty as they are, I actually want to see a fight. If he gets a KO in the second or third, great, but I want to see some rounds in this bout.

  • Win, lose, or draw, I am taking the crazy man in this one. I have a feeling this fight is going to be another Georges' non stop action kind of fight for 25 minutes.

  • Johny Hendricks by close Unanimous decision- Johny will look to land big early, but when he does he will realize Condit's chin is extremely tough and his striking level is no where near the natural born killer's. After a 1st round where he rides out position, he will attempt to do the same in the second, but get beat up a bit in hte process. In the third he will be target practice for Condit, and Condit will probably take him down (or reverse position) and rain down punishment until the bell sounds. It could very well be called a 10-8, but it won't be. And Johny will walk away with a decision that gets booed. Which will make his title fight chances slim (even with the great record of late).

    GSP by one sided decision- He'll be close to stopping a Nick a few times, and as fans we'll be wincing at the shots GSP starts to land in the 2nd 3rd and 4th rounds. But he'll play it safe rather than spending all his energy trying to knock Diaz in to never land. Diaz will be checked by the doctor 2 or 3 times during the fight from cuts (and just to see if he's still coherent), but he'll make it to the score cards.

  • Agree with Mr. Fontez on GSP/Diaz fight. GSP won't let Diaz breathe and will dominate him for 5.

    Hendricks/Condit tougher to call. Arguments both ways but I'm taking Bigg Rigg via shocking first round TKO.

  • George St Pierre is doomed. He's gonna get his face smashed up like never b4-no dizzout I can't wait! Diaz all day

  • Lil Cee, I don't agree. Not only will GSP take this, it will be a TKO due to strikes in 3.

  • If anyone thinks Diaz will be able to tee off on GSP like he did against BJ Penn then they are in for a rude shock.

    GSP moves better on his feet than Diaz, and can get any fighter to the ground. If Gsp loses this fight it will be that lucky punch. Other than that there is no way GSP would lose to a decision.

  • GSP via first round KO!

  • I think Nick has this one, but in a rematch GSP will get his tittle back, however win, lose or draw, something is for sure Diaz is going to slap George a couple of times and he is going to call him a beotch and is going to be awesome to be watching it seating on a Boston Pizza in Calgary laughing my *** out

  • As a veteran MMA fan, I see GSP winning, but I hope Diaz kicks his asp!

  • Where you at Georges!

    Diaz takes this in the later rounds. GSP will be afraid to stand after eating some crisp hooks and body shots from Nick. GSP will use his wrestling and take rounds 1 and 2. He won't get much striking done other then leg kicks while Diaz taunts him.

    Round 3 and 4 GSP will start to try and finish Nick with GnP. Nick will sweep and end up in a good position. Advancing to mount and tearing GSP's arm off. KABOOM

    Georges will then go on to apologize for his performance. Diaz will say good things about George and explain all the trash talking was a strategy and mental warfare is part of the game.

    Montreal will be stunned. Bryan Fontez will be sad. And i'll be yelling "STOCKTON 209 WHAT!" in my neighbourhood… even though I live in Canada.

    Oh and then Diaz tests positive for Marijuana metabolites again, is stripped of the belt and fight is declared a no contest.

    That's my prediction. EIther that or Georges holds Nick down for 5 full rounds like Benson did to Nate. Keep ******* that leg and whispering "this is my dark place" to Nick while he lands a few short elbows.

    Screw that. I'm going for the upset


  • predidction`s a spot on!

  • What I find to be B.S is the way the lowkick writers have this site set up to favour all their comments. Has no one else noticed that if you are a lowkick writer and you have an equal amount of 'sharps' and 'weaks' attached to your comment that any additional weak votes are automatically cancelled out by another sharp vote? Come on fellas take it on the chin- that's pretty lame…

  • Degenarate is going to test positive for metabolites for sure… wanna snack buddy?

  • Diaz is a custom made opponent for GSP. Diaz really never throws leg kick only punches and according to fight metric most of Diaz's punches are jabs and straight shots to the head.DIaz's takedowns are the weakest part of his game so this goes to ground only when GSP wants to.
    GSP has a very good kicking game (watch out for some spinning ****) and good regular boxing but not as unorthodox as Nick but the kicker is GSP has the best (or second best) head strike defense in the UFC its like 80%! 1st and 2nd rnd GSP legs kicks slow down NIck, 3rd round some superman jabs and knees slow him more add some GnP, 3rd round spinning back kick stops Diaz at 2:55 Bas Rutten jumps up and yells "Liver Kick" !!

    I collect my cash merci beaucoup GSP 🙂