UFC 158 Press Conference: Both fighters go off with tension at an all-time high



Words cannot explain how insane, epic and out of hand things got at the press conference today. Never in my life of watching this sport have I seen a press conference quite like this one, but I can tell you this, a bomb is about to go off on saturday night.

With Georges St. Pierre visually agitated and Nick Diaz throwing more trash his way than a waste management company could possibly handle, this fight has now unnofficially become what I believe one of the most hyped fights in UFC history.

At this point, there is no telling what each competitor will do at the weigh-ins let alone on fight night. But you know what? As a fan I’m going to do you a favour and tell you to stop reading this immediately and start watching THIS video below. RIGHT. NOW.

  • i just cant wait what Keith Farrel has to say

    • Jem

      I love how Dana puts Ariel Helwani in his place. Starts at 10:00. Ariel Helwani is the worst reporter in the world of sports.

      • Agree 100% !!!

      • i'm not finding it? 🙁

        • Jem

          This must be a new video or it was edited.

          It now starts at around 3:00 and 3:30 is when Ariel gets his *** handed to him. Enjoy!

        • dude113

          isn't that what your girlfriend was saying last night?

      • ya man I never liked princess ariel much. Nothing about him seems to fit with mma.

      • Wow, you guys are harsh. Worst reporter in the world of sports?

        Clearly you're exaggerating. In fact I think he does a really good job, especially in comparison to most other reporters.

        Name one MMA reporter you think is better?

        • Andrea Calle is better… Looking : ) but seriously Karyn dies a better job in my eyes, Ariel plays dumb too much and he instigate fighters all the time, Dana called his BS and stopped him, BTW I promised Dana that I would stop insulting him if he made Hunt vs JDS happen and he did so I am changing my avatar…

          • Karyn Bryant is better than Ariel Helwani?

            How can you say that a reporter is good when they butcher the Portuguese language in order to seem cool to the fighters, confusing the F*ck out of them in the process and then ironically has to speak English again anyway to clarify.

            Most annoying S#IT ever!! Learn the language on your own time, not in the middle of an interview!!!!!

          • I do not speak the language so I wouldn't know if she is fluent or not, but it does get confusing when someone switches from one language to another even if you are fluent in both, it happens to me all the time, however more than been cool I apreciate when someone tries to speak to me in my first language, it feels like they are showing you respect, and even when she does that I find her more entertaining that Ariel. But that is only my opinion.

      • Jem,

        I disagree he is the worst in the world.

  • GOAT Press Conference.
    Diaz and GSP taking shots at each other was gold but my favourite part was Condit laughing his *** off through it haha

    • really thats your favorite part? kinda gay, i can understand if one gets amused by it but definitely not a favorite

      • then again, so what if you're gay right? peace bro

    • Definitely one of the most entertaining press conferences ever…
      I think people should give Nick a break, not everyone can handle the social situations smoothly. It is a huge pressure to go in front of all the media and fans, answer questions and know that every single word will be quoted. And who really cares about the work-out no show? Nick is someone who's very careful with his body, his diet is tight and he knows exactly what would deteriorate his performance. All that matters is that he'll bring it saturday.
      Pick your side lowkickers!

  • The funniest part was when Nick Diaz was talking about his posters. lol

  • Wolf Tickets…. It's painful to watch Nick speak in public but I get what he is saying. Every fight needs to be "sold" but, as mad daddy Dana said… if he would just play the game a little… things would be much easier. This is going to be an interesting fight for sure. I wonder how GSP felt setting up there with 3 guys who want to give him a beating LOL Tough time to be the champ… lots of talent in the 170lb division.

    Always rooting for the underdog but… I think GSP is going to hold on to his belt a little longer. Wouldn't mind if I'm wrong.

    BRING ON THE FIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!


  • Diaz: "i've never walked away from any fights"
    didnt he ditch out on a charity jui jitsu match?

    • lol yes he did. And never even gave an explanation from what I remember.

      • I don't think Nick explained the reason but someone in his camp did. It was a money grab from the other guy if I remember correctly. So Nick decided against the match.

        • Not only a money grab, but the money from the proceeds (mostly ticket sales) was being shadily handled by the promoter. On top of that the weight of the match changed last minute.

          • Regardless of the financial aspect, I still think Nick was also worried about getting his *** handed to him by someone as skilled as Braulio Estima.

          • See, I think that has some logical reasoning behind it. I just don't think its likely. He signed the fight knowing well who Braulio is, and what he's capable of.

      • Nick no showed because Estima told nick he had no interest in mma and nick didnt want be used to launch Estima's career 2 months after Estima had his first mma fight

  • Worst part about everything is Dana saying Diaz will be cut with a failed test, and Diaz saying he's not sure if he will pass it or not.

  • Nick WTF is a "wolf" ticket brah? Dana going off on Ariel was burning,kinda like STFU and sit the f down! lol! look up random in the dictionary and it says=see Nick Diaz!

    • Dana shutting down Ariel was hilarious. I think Ariel has been getting a little bit high on himself this past year so it was kind of refreshing to see him shut down and get told. I wonder if he cried later.

  • Let this also put to bed the thought that Ariel is some type of incredible reporter. He's Dana's lackey. Whenever he goes too far for Dana's standards, he gets ***** slapped.

  • diaz was high, george was scared like ****

    • jaj what were you smoking homes?

      • kun, diaz will beat scared ****** george odds are 3,75 for diaz. everyone smokes.

        • Looks like we got ourselves a weak sandwich

  • hands down best lead up to any fight i have ever seen. beats out chaels BS easy. Chael just say dumb but funny comments for attention but diaz actually throwing some real **** at GSP and you can clearly see it has truely gotten under his skin. Cant wait. no way this will be a usual GSP lay n pray fight

    • "no way this will be a usual GSP lay n pray fight."

      Then you'll be disappointed.

  • Man this is a fight I don't mind paying for it! I really think that Nick got into GSP's head.
    Somebody is going to get KTFO or chocked out in Montreal!!!!!

    • GSP looks intimidated and I see upset in Montreal! War Diaz!!!!!

  • War Diaz…..

  • Nick grew up in a violent place and has social anxiety why doesn't the UFC pay for Nick to see the best Dr's money can buy? bc Nick's problems sell tickets and the UFC doesn't care to cure him.

  • Personally the whole thing makes me sick

  • According to Diaz, Georges is on "plenty of steroids" and the UFC won't do anything about it.

    Wow – I'm not sure if it's true or not, but It wouldn't surprised me if he was either. I love this ****.

    • Wouldn't be the first time he cheats right?

  • Happy gay or homo gay??

    • @Sonny

      Sounds like a question your mamma has been asking you for a loooong time hommy/ homey.

      • @Sonny,

        Sorry man that was my little nephew writing that comment.

  • hoehel to the rescue :
    wolf tickets 283 up, 108 down
    1)To speak aggressively to someone without intending to back it up with violence.
    2)to do a favor which is redeemable by a favor.
    1)"He's selling wolf tickets", meaning he's barking but not going to bite.
    2)"i'm calling in all my wolf tickets to get this guy", meaning all people who owe will help me out.

    • Nick has a kind of genius that is hard to understand for some people. Wolf Tickets? I mean it's like a kids in the hall or portlandia sketch. Nicks a decent human being and all the kids and fundraising events he and his brother do are real. So when a lady pulls up and insults him it bothers him in a way a lot of people fail to see. What we get to see is a stream of consciousness improv that prob only he understands but is still entertaining.

  • nick is as real as they come. I don't even see what it is people don't get about him…? he is simply honest about everything. and he definately gets under gsp's skin.

  • I think Diaz was wrong about GSP selling wolf tickets – more lie frog tickets.

  • GSP —- WAS scared, you fvcking faggss