UFC 158 Medical Suspensions: Johny Hendricks good to go for title shot


With UFC 158 in the rear view mirror there are a number of medical suspensions that have arisen. The main concern for many fans are the reports that Johny Hendricks may have sustained a broken hand in his welterweight bout against Carlos Condit. If this were true, it might hinder Hendricks’ chances of competing any time soon against Georges St-Pierre for the title. Judging by the list of medical suspensions, and a recent update by ‘Big Rigg’ on twitter, it would seem as though the injury may not be too severe:


7-day suspension: Jake Ellenberger, Darren Elkins, Jordan Mein, Rick Story, T.J. Dillashaw

14-day suspension: Johny Hendricks, Carlos Condit, Chris Camozzi, Nick Ring, Mike Ricci, Colin Fletcher, Patrick Cote, Bobby Voelker, John Makdessi, George Roop

28-day suspension: Georges St. Pierre, Nick Diaz

30-day suspension: Antonio Carvalho, Dan Miller, Quinn Mulhern

45-day suspension: Daron Cruickshank, Issei Tamura, Reuben Duran

60-day suspension: Nate Marquardt

It is surprising to see that Nate Marquardt only received a 60 day suspension after his brutal knockout loss to Jake Ellenberger. The former Strikeforce welterweight champion could be back in action sooner than we think. Rumours surrounding the number one contender suggest that an August title shot is in the works.

It will be great to see both St-Pierre and Hendricks in prime condition for their title fight. If that is the case come August, who will you pick to win? Will it be Hendricks with his heavy hands or St-Pierre with his grinding wrestling style?

  • Good to hear.

    Once again, nice turn-around time for The Champ. This will / would make his third fight in 10 months. Love him or hate him, GSP (at least) defends his belt with frequency. If the fight does happen in August, it will be a nice treat for the fans, coming off the heels of Anderson Silva's long-awaited return, to 185.

    Should be a great summer for the fans.

    • I usually give GSP **** for being a bit of a boring fighter but you made a good point in him defending his belt with good frequency. GSP possesses the skill-set to be the P4P king I'm truly hoping he starts taking more chances in his fights and becomes more aggressive!
      That is spoken as a fan, he's there to win fights after all…

      • 7, 14, 28, 30 day suspensions for fighters? for what? this wouldn't mean much for professional fighting sports like boxing and MMA. maybe for basketball, baseball, football it does. but in this case its just another way for the commission to have some reason to tax the US citizens…

      • @ Dare

        And I'm usually defending GSP as not being boring, but with the decisions mounting and the same fight plan executed, fight-after-fight, it's becoming progressively harder.

        I don't know about taking more chances, because I believe in ceasing and creating opportunities. Taking chances is or makes it sound, too random. However, you're point about aggression hits home.

        He lays back too much in a fight. Many is the time I've sat there screaming at the TV for him to take advantage of the damage or the situation he had created. The Koscheck fight is a great example. How on earth Rush failed to finish that fight in the 5th, is beyond me. It was there for the taking and he didn't take it.

        For me, I think the problem is his camp. I've seen no evolution in GSP's ground game or his stand-up (with the exception of Roach's help on GSP's jab) in years and, to me, it shows in the number of decisions he's racked up over the years. IMO he needs a new stand-up and BJJ coach.

        He at least needs an aggression guru.

        He certainly needs something, because I don't believe the same-old-same-old is going to work with Hendricks. I think that could well-leave GSP face down on the canvas.

        I say that as a fan.

        • I agree with everything you say but the problem is, if it ain't broke don't fix it…as long as his boring gameplans keep winning him fights the chances of him mixing up his game are slim to none. The only thing that will get him to change his ways will be a loss imo.

          • @ JM

            I understand your point about, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

            Perhaps, I'm wrong and we'll see GSP repeat his performance against Koscheck. However, if Rush could improve his front-snap, focus on his flying knees (Big Rig didn't like those, at all) and start using a (Cung Le style) side-kick, then I think he'd have improved his game and without much effort and with tools, he already possess.

            I do know one thing, if GSP's game relies so heavily on a ground fighting, then he should become better at it. For a fighter who has so much advantage on the ground in terms of getting people there and keeping there, he has few stoppages to show for it. What happened to all the knees GSP threw @ Matt Serra? GSP could have thrown a lot of knees @ Diaz, yet he only threw a few.

            And GSP's BJJ isn't exactly striking fear into the hearts of the 170. Demian Maia is the master of that domain. My humble opinion is that GSP needs a new BJJ coach. John Danaher is a great guy, a very knowledgeable, bright, articulate and funny fellow, but he may have taken Rush as far as he can, take him. I would love to see GSP bring in a world-class, top-shelf, innovative and aggressive BJJ coach.

            Danaher, for as great a mind as he may have, is not a fighter. He has no record. He's never been in The Octagon or had an MMA fight. I haven't even seen a record for him in grappling matches. Practice and teaching are great, but it's not the same as being taught by someone who actually does it. JD is an academic. He is not a fighter. GSP needs a world-class BJJ coach, who is not only current, relevant and innovative, but he needs one, who actually practices the preaching. One who actually fights.

            GSP's next three fights are potentially as follows…Hendricks, Maia, Silva. Rush would well benefit from an improved ground game, for that crew.

            I love the guy, truly. I want to see him win all his fights, beat Silva and retire with his legacy intact, but he could use some updating or tweaking, of his game.

            Always…as a fan.

      • I understand that GSP's recent fights have been very predictable and quite honestly boring. 'Taking chances' is something I do not agree with. I would rather see a change in his style of fighting.

        That being said, I do not see JH winning against GSP. no reasons, just a feeling!!

        • @ Grand

          I agree with you, I would love to see a change in his style and it wouldn't take much. He possess the tools, he's just no using or been shown how to use them, effectively.

          An interesting striking coach for GSP….Chuck Liddell? To bring Chuck into camp for the Big Rig fight, would / could accomplish a number of things. The both come from a Karate background, so they would have that in common. Chuck has KO power, a killer overhand right and is the most effective counter-puncher while backing-up and with KO power while doing so, that I have ever seen. All of that, he could teach GSP. Food for thought, at any rate.

          In terms of your feeling, I hope it bares true.

  • Hope he breaks his hand on GSP's chin….but gets the K.O. and title. Ready for a new WW champ with fresh skillz.

  • Ahhh! So thats what Johnny looks like.