UFC 158: Dana White’s Post-Press Conference Media Scrum


UFC President Dana White answered on a wide array of questions about some of the hottest topics in the world of Mixed Martial Arts, such as the upcoming clash between Georges St. Pierre and Nick Diaz, Rampage Jackson‘s future inside the Octagon, and Ronda Rousey‘s Twitter. UFC 158 fight card announcement press conference took place in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, with local media attending the event to cover the long-anticipated face-to-face encounter between St. Pierre and Nick Diaz.

  • haha, I knew Barnett was coming to the UFC. Im glad Dana tells it like it is. That guy acting like his neck was hurt, or head, was faking that shiit. Dana says he wont be coming to the UFC…good call.

  • @ 15:55 Dana talks about a site that where judges and refs could be judged and rated. Does that already exist?

  • at 15.43 i just watched the girls small butt the whole time, then i hear a metal gear solid ring tone like 2 times. Snake and Otacon conversation!

  • Love the media scrum videos with Dana, good video for hardcores fans to get some behind the scenes info