UFC 157: Ronda Rousey vs. Liz Carmouche Behind the scenes of Primetime


Take a behind the scenes look at UFC 157: Primetime featuring Ronda Rousey and Liz Carmouche joking around with each other.

video provided by Fight Hub TV

  • It's funny to see them doing hair and make-up on fighters and putting them in dresses. When you see it, it really demonstrates, not-so-much the difference in fighting, but the differences in marketing. Not in a single Prime-Time have I seen them put make-up on GSP, BJ Penn, John Jones, Rashad Evans…Condit, Diaz, MacDonald…it's all kind of funny and laughable.

    Either way, Rhonda isn't from Canada and she's not as good looking as Gina Carano, so I don't think she'll go far. And for the first time, I will be pulling for her to lose. I just think it would be funny if the hype train was shoved off the tracks, in this one. As opposed to confidence, I see a great deal of arrogance, now and think she needs to be brought down a peg or two. I hope Carmouche can be the first peg. This division could use a new Champion. One whose actually won a real belt, in a real Championship bout. At least in The UFC.

    Lose Rhonda. Lose.

    • ronda is the best

    • MMA truth the only joke is you and the only thing that must be funny and laughable is you when you look in the mirror. Ronda Rousey can back up everything she says. So what if they market her with make-up in a dress (she's hot) and beats all her challengers in the first round! Carmouche will lose to. Watch some of her fights then watch Ronda. Ronda will beat her in the first round too.So go back to your couch and drink another beer!

      • @ Tristar

        My, my, you're a tad testy. Did you not get Justin Beiber tickets or something? All I was saying was I thought it was funny, the difference between how they market male and female fighters. My apologies if you didn't understand or grasp the point.

        As I don't drink beer I'll have to pass on that command. As to the couch, I'd be more apt to go back to my office and do some work. I'd tell you to go back to your office and do some work, but I doubt you have one. So, what would be appropriate to say here….I guess….Go back to your mom's basement and start playing whatever video game you waste hours a day, week and month playing. Go get the "high-score" and revel in a false sense of accomplishment. However, whatever you do, don't get depressed over the fact that you'll never have her. Why? My guess is that she's attracted to successful people who do not live in their mom's basement and play video games all day long.

        Thanks for commenting in a polite and respectful manner. I always appreciate reader feedback.

        • Iam actually over your mothers house playing with her video games.She told me to tell you to bring home some milk on the way back from the office at the used car lot because you can have it with your fruit loops.

          • damn tristate that was an extremely literate rant you had there… you must be an English Professor

          • I just keep picturing a guy with REALLY long arms 8)) Whats up Hunter bro?

          • @ try-to-hard

            That's pretty weak, son. Can't you come up with something more original? Come on, you're a loud mouth, can't you do better? You did better in your first ignorant post, when you called me a joke. I'm disappointed.

            I'm still trying to figure out why you got upset at my original post. Do you compete in women's MMA? I mean, you are a woman, right? Or is it female? I'm not sure of what is politically correct, here. I'm sure it's not bitch, that's for sure and I'm not suggesting in the slightest way, that you are a bitch.

            Again, thanks for following my posts.

  • Just not a Rhonda fan… would like to see Liz put a beating on her.


    • lets see how the ufc's bet plays out

      • Dana White would have a heart attack if his lovely Ronda lost to Liz.

        Meisha is the best looking one by the way.

      • @ OMR

        Hey, OMR don't feel too badly about try-to-hard calling you stupid.

        She's a troll of a wannabe WMMA fighter, who likes to refer to people that have an opinion contrary to hers as a joke, stupid, etc.

        She's a vulgar little snot and shouldn't be taken seriously. I think in street parlance she would called a skank. Being called stupid by her, particularly in terms of math, is a compliment.

        • Correction: try-to-hard was calling Hatch stupid.

          Disregard that post OMR.

    • Are you high are you drunk well maybe your just crazy. Ronda beat Sarah Kaufman in less then a minute. Sarah Kaufman battled Liz Carmouche in a long dragged out battle and lost to Kaufman. Do the math stupid!!!

      • PM me tristate, I'll teach you how to upload a profile picture 8))

      • Cause MMA Math works so well. Genius. Who the fuck is this dumb ass retard by the name of tristate…

        • Hes new Hunter, I always remember watching a train wreck.

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  • Watch out Rhonda, Cyborg is coming for you.

    • What ever Ronda has more skills than Cyborg anyday. Cyborg won all her fights by being all jacked up on steroids. If she goes after Ronda off steroids at 135 Ronda's breaking that arm!!

  • Hey Ronda, you just cant come in to the UFC and start talking crap on people greater than you will ever be.

  • Def-tac are you smoking pot? Who's greater than Ronda (the Womans Champion) ?
    I think you have been eatting paint chips. Ronda can back everything she said about any of her challengers. Guyborg will get her but kicked soon enough and sorry to say Liz Carmouche "Your Next"!

    • You make friends fast….insert "sarcasm"

    • douche bag