UFC 157 Ronda Rousey and Lyoto Machida Open Workouts


It’s fight week, and it’s a big one as Ronda Rousey steps into the Octagon for the very first ever Women’s Bantamweight championship bout against Liz Carmouche. In the co-main, Lyoto Machida faces off against Dan Henderson in a pivotal Light Heavyweight fight. 

The pre-fight open workouts recently took place, and MMA H.E.A.T. was on hand to capture every minute. Rousey starts off hers with a display of her boxing. Some believe her standup is questionable and if she were to lose, this may be the cause. Rousey also showcased some of her trademark judo skills that got her to the top.

Lyoto Machida appears in his workout to blast the pads with noted striker Melvin Manhoef, and he rounds out his game with his wrestling coach. His wrestling will have to be on point this Saturday to come out victorious over the always-tough Dan Henderson.

  • 6:49 ronda nice takedown need to study this

    • What about that sick throw at 25:14. Perhaps more show than go but very cool.

  • How much money did it take to get that kid to spar with Rhonda? It must have been painful to be put in so many tight armbars and smothering mounts. ; )

  • Wow! Ronda got some speed… Even faster then Machida here..lol…

    • You can joke here at lowkick and get 30 weaks, what a bunch of dooshbags we're surrounded by. 8P 8))

  • Was Rhonda's hands any good in the video, because I only saw her ass ?

  • I thought it would be the same takedown over and over, but she has quite a few different throws, some you wouldnt see coming.

    • She's a Judo Olympian dude.. she got more throws than u can imagine! There are 67 "official" Judo throws.. at Ronda's level, she masters all of them and if you count the unofficial "adjusted" throws, that number will probably be closer to 200. I'm a Judo Brownbelt myself, not near her level and i mastered the 67 official throws, so imagine what she can do… We don't see a lot of it cause usually after the first throw she lands, she's too busy ripping someone's arm off! Lmao…

      • Thnx man, I didnt know there were that many in Judo.

  • Machida training his striking with Manhoef… smart decision. Technique wise, he is better than anyone in the UFC

  • Machida would kill Rousey. It wouldn't eve be close.

    • Machida is twice Rousey's size… but i see Ronda beat ANY man from 135 up to 145, the bitch is scary…

      • @ The Experience

        It was a joke. Not a serious contention.

        • I clicked "funny" before you made the 2nd post 8))

      • Pretty sure she would be destroyed by Aldo, Edgar, Barao, Mcdonald, Faber, Cruz, Mendez and such. She looks amazing and is but the skill and performance of the mens divisions are drastically more dangerous and high level. Granted she is as high a level of Judo as anyone but thats not to be compared to the all around mma expertise of the mens upper level fighters.

      • @thexperience
        Ronda is a machine but you are kidding yourself if you think she stands a chance against Aldo… to many gender specific unfair advantages in Aldo's corner.
        It would end in the first couple of minutes.