UFC 156 staredown gets heated, Overeem warns Bigfoot: I’m going to F—ing destroy you


Things got a little heated at the UFC 156 press conference today when Alistair Overeem and Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva walked in for the stare down.

Aldo, Edgar, Evans and Nogueira all remained both professional and respectful, but the heavyweights on the other hand. All I can say that the words “You better start showing respect” were replied to with a simple “I’m going to F***ing destroy you”.

Watch for yourself.

  • Fitting that these two animals are meeting in a cage. King kong vs Giant of Easter island.

  • Oh and you will, Overeem. You're the fvcking man.

  • hahaha… bigfoot has a very bigface, and its gonna be easy target for alistair. i think he is in the movie hansel and gretel, named edward. I think there was no special effects done. ehehehe

  • Yeah, Bigfoot is about to get destroyed.

    • I agree, this is two horrific mismatches he's had in 3 UFC fights imo.

      • mismatches? are you kidding me? he has to fight whoever they put in front of him!

  • It's cards like this, which make The UFC the best fight promotion on the planet. Watching those weigh-ins made me smile. 2013 has truly started off with a big bang and continues to do so / be so for The Promotion, with this line-up.

    Like a good menu in a great restaurant, this card not only reads well, but, also and yet again, for this year, will deliver on what it has promised. Fine dining for the MMA connoisseur. Where 2012 was vexed like a bad wine with (its) injuries, scratches, re-writes and cancellations, 2013 is shaping up to be a very fine vintage, indeed.

    With no fan-fare or recognition, The Promotion has been able to bounce back from, what was, a lack-luster year and put together three cards in a row, plus launch a new a new season of TUF, without a single (significant / none-that-I-can-think-of) problem or scratch. Good for them.

    As Bellator plays in the background on SPIKE, this is good news for The UFC.

    • Just a clarification, the weigh-in is not what this this was, but a press conference – which for some reason was not aired live anywhere from what I could find; disappointing. Anyway, I agree with your comment, 2013 is looking like a fresh restart for the UFC, hopefully we can see Anderson fight more than once or twice.

      • @ Moots

        Yes, sorry. I misspoke. You are right, it was not a weigh-in. I stand corrected.

  • wtf where is Jon Fitch and Damian Maia? Fitch vs Maia both fighters fights for higher rankings in ww division. Sugar vs Lil nog if Sugar will win he will go anywhere, its only will be huge win for Lil Nog

    • Beating Lil Nog will be good for Sugar… if (i mean when) he beats Lil Nog he'll probably move up to Nr.1 contender status with 1 more win….

  • …hope reem wins so we have a new guy for Cain to fight….

    But how can you not like bigfoot…..a big brave monstor.

  • Big Easter Statue got under Reems skin quit clearly! What a huge mistake, no more underestimating from Reems side for sure, all new different reason created right there to Demolish the idle statue.

  • Edgar looks like he is falling alseep while they are posing for the media.

  • I have Overeem in the picks and I truly believe that he will get a first round TKO win. That said, Big Foot can win this fight and those of you who are totally writing him off are not being realistic. He has had two bad showings against top 5 HWs. Before that he beat Fedor. Before THAT, he dominated Fabricio Werdum for one round and lost a fairly close decision to him. He out boxed Arlovski for three rounds. I know Andre has no chin but his boxing is top 5-10 in the HW division. Antonio Silva is a legit top ten HW. On a good day there isn't a HW he can't beat. I will be surprised if he wins but not shocked. You guys need to give the giant more credit.

    • I agree with what your saying to a point but he beat fedor who was like30-40 pounds lighter than him, to say that arlovskis boxing is top 5-10 in the HW right next to the statement Andre has no chin just shows how much of a can arlovski is these days. You can't box well with a chin like arlovskis in the HW division not in mma anyway, not with the size of their gloves, Arovski cant box as aggresively these days as he knows if he does against a big HW he will get KO'ed. Big foot is the luckiest fighter i know he has beat the big names as they hit retirement. He is slow in every aspect, sure hes strong but i think wrestlers of the division will have no problem, and damn i dont think overeem is gonna struggle with strength, remember the way he just tossed a 265 brett rogers around? He striking is light years ahead of big foots, hes faster and for more explosive. I think first round massive KO via reems dangerous knees.

      • I really can't find anything wrong with what you said. The one caveat I will throw on it though is to do with Fedor. If that guy came back today and trained properly I would still pick him to beat anyone. Hell, I had him winning the first round against BF 10-9. BF is slow but he is also a beast. I agree 100% with you that he is probably going to get stopped in the first. That said, he can win.

  • big foot has faced tougher compitition than overeem. I see him pull the "upset". I will not be surprised if he ko's overeem.

    • I don't know about that. Fedor might have been tougher but BF also lost to Werdum and Overeem beat him.

      • he faced cain…and just beat overreem 😀

  • simply if big foot (the easter Island giant head lol) gets it to the ground he wins, if not he loses he knows that lets wait and see, btw the bigfoot 325lbs double leg is no joke.

  • Looks like Overeem's switching from horsemeat to Bigfoot meat tomorrow.

  • Wow you guys are right!Bigfoot=Easter Island head.Mind blown

    • Yep.

    • Yeah, The Doctor and Antonio are actually BFFs. He took him back in time and the Islanders thought he was a God. True story.

  • Destroy WHO?